Narcotic decree drugs are now clearly the best abused biologic (after marijuana) by aerial academy age-old youth---why do you anticipate this is so?  What sociological factors are influencing this epidemic?  They are killing ~10 bodies a day in my home accompaniment of Florida alone, and deaths from decree drugs accept angled in Colorado over the aftermost decade, yet bodies assume to still assume they are safe for them, alike admitting the boilerplate artery sample of heroin now clocks in weaker than Oxycontin!  Afterwards all, these decree drugs accept absolutely been about for a continued time, so why accept they become so accepted now, with this generation?  Do you anticipate it's notable that millennial's biologic use habits assume to accept focused on quasi-legal substances (prescription pills, booze binging, steroids) which backpack bottom bent after-effects than alternative drugs (LSD, cocaine, MDMA), but which may backpack added all-embracing physical/addictive accident to the user?  Alike admitting some of these pills are as strong/stronger than heroin, do they accept the aforementioned amusing stigma for use that heroin carries?  Accept you witnessed individuals alpha by application analgesic pills, but again move on to heroin?  Those of you that accept been assigned them before, were you tempted to try demography added than what was appropriate to feel the furnishings stronger, or to mix booze with them; or do you apperceive individuals that do?  Regarding the added account on diversion, did bodies analyze about affairs your extra meds off of you, or accept you apparent that in convenance with others?  What accept your adventures been like with opiates in general, including heroin?  

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