Janine Antoini is an artisan who creates non-traditional carve with a array of abstracts and processes. She is not affiliated to one specific media, but uses whatever actual is best ill-fitted to her concept. Watch the afterward Art 21 video which briefly introduces several of her works and again apprehend the all-embracing account about the artwork, Lick and Lather.  Answer the afterward questions and again column them to the altercation board. Your absolute appointment should be no beneath than 400 words, not including the questions.  AFTER you accept accounting your acknowledgment to the artist, apprehend the responses of three of your classmates and animadversion on their posts. Your comments to your classmates charge be anxious and specific. Plan to use 50 words or added back responding.  1) Describe Lick and Lather and how it was made.  2) What concepts about delicacy is Antoni aggravating to acquaint with the eyewitness with this allotment Lick and Lather?  3) Why is it important for Antoni it use her own anatomy to actualize art? Think about the allotment in the video area she is application her beard to acrylic the floor. How would the estimation of the allotment be altered if she was application a mop or ample brush?  4) Write about your claimed responses to the artwork. 5) Apprehend three of your classmates posts about this artisan and acknowledge carefully to them. These are the links to the video and the interview.  Please cut and adhesive the links into your browser.  If I articulation anon to them some acceptance accept agitation loading the video.  To cut and paste, highlight the text, appropriate bang and again baddest copy.  Art 21 Video: http://www.pbs.org/art21/watch-now/segment-janine-antoni-in-loss-desire Lick And Lather Artisan interview: http://www.art21.org/texts/janine-antoni/interview-janine-antoni-lick-and-lather

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