PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW 1-6 COMPLETELY!!!!!. I HAVE AYYACHED CHAPTER 7 PLEASE USE TO HELP. SEE ATTACHED FILE ON THE CASE STUDY ALSO!!! 1. Entering a classroom that is agreeable is important, but entering a classroom that is aesthetic and advisory is additionally important, both for the acceptance and the parents.   2. Think about this week’s case abstraction and what the parents and accouchement accomplished during the morning bead off routine.   3. Based on the advice presented in Chapter 7 apropos behavior, use Microsoft Word or addition affairs of your allotment to actualize a classroom affiche apropos to behavior that examines accepted adorning behaviors, as able-bodied as strategies to animate prosocial behaviors.  4.  Be abiding your affiche includes: a. The behavioral and affecting expectations characteristics  for accouchement at your called adorning date (Toddler, preschool or primary) b. Account for auspicious prosocial behavior in the aboriginal adolescence classroom c. Account for allegorical accouchement back their behavior is abnormally arduous and difficult 5. Be artistic with your poster, but additionally be abiding to advance your agreeable in a able classroom manner.  6. Be abiding your affiche includes a advertence to the arbiter to abutment your ideas.

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