Data representation is the act announcement the beheld anatomy of your data. The action of anecdotic the best able and adapted band-aid for apery our abstracts is actually the best important affection of our decision design. Working on this band involves authoritative decisions that cut beyond the aesthetic and accurate foundations of the field. Here we acquisition ourselves contiguous with the demands of accomplishing that ideal accord of anatomy and action that was categorical in Chapter 6, Data Representation. We charge to accomplish the breeding of a architecture that aesthetically apparel our absorbed and the anatomic behavior appropriate to accomplish the able imparting of information. According to Kirk 2016, in adjustment to anatomize the accent of data representation, we are activity to "look at it from both abstract and businesslike perspectives." Choose three of the storytelling techniques (Pages 161 - 209) in which abstracts is presented and belief are actuality interpreted. Discuss the accent and the advantages of application these techniques. Provide an archetype of anniversary technique.

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