****NEED THIS ASSIGNMENT DONE BY 8PM EASTERN TIME TONIGHT!!!**** Must address at atomic 300 words and accommodate at atomic 3 citations in accepted APA format.  Acceptable sources accommodate newspapers, periodicals, journals, textbooks, aboveboard account websites (NPR, BBC, etc), and the Bible. Sources such as Wikipedia, About.com, thebalance.com, book reviews, and blogs are prohibited.  Topic: Activity Force Participation Question/Prompt: “Because  of the abbreviating activity force accord amount of youths and the  prime age group, the all-embracing activity force accord amount is accepted  to decline. The accord ante of earlier workers are projected to  increase, but abide decidedly lower than those of the prime age  group. A aggregate of a slower advance of the noncombatant noninstitutional citizenry and falling accord ante will lower activity force advance to a projected 0.5 percent annually.” (Labor Force Projections, 2013) In your thread, complete the following: Discuss bread-and-butter approach accompanying to the adduce above. Be abiding to  include a analogue of Activity Force Accord Amount (LFPR) aural  your discussion. Locate and absorb alfresco analysis that gives affirmation and  explanation as to the accessible causes of this decline. Provide an  example of the changes in activity force accord ante over the aftermost  decade. Integrate biblical insights into your thread. In what way does Scripture access your accommodation to work? Labor force projections to 2022:  the activity force accord amount continues to abatement (December 2013),  Monthly Activity Review, retrieved from http://www.bls.gov/opub/mlr/2013/article/labor-force-projections-to-2022-the-labor-force-participation-rate-continues-to-fall-1.htm.

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