This week’s appropriate multimedia “Women in Greek Theatre” tells us that ball in age-old Greece was accounting by men, played by men, and performed for men. Although we see able changeable characters in the plays, in reality, women lived in chains with their key roles actuality wife and mother. According to advisers of women’s acknowledged cachet in age-old Greece, a alliance arrangement defined that both bedmate and wife were appropriate to be austere aural the ambience of the household. Nothing, however, prevented the bedmate from accepting relations with alternative women or men alfresco the home while the wife could not leave the abode for best than a few hours after the husband's permission (Lefkowitz, n.d.). In the easily of the abundant adverse poets, the tensions and affections consistent from these inequities were formed out on stage. For this assignment, accept one changeable appearance and altercate the conflict(s) that stemmed from the assigned gender roles in age-old Greece. How were the conflicts resolved? Would adequation in alliance and association accept resulted in a altered outcome? 

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