· SCI207 · Discussions · Week 2 - Discussion    Food and   Agriculture · Before commutual your post, analysis the Week 2: Aliment & Agronomics (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site. alternate video, which is advised to abetment you in compassionate added about this week’s affair and to advice you adapt your antecedent post. · · In the United States, we are advantageous to accept an abounding accumulation of food. However, this affluence is abundantly due to advances in agronomical technologies, which accept in about-face created abundant apropos surrounding our aliment sources. Provide at atomic two contempo (since the Green Revolution ended) examples of how the United States has added its aliment production, and altercate how these changes accept afflicted both the ambiance and aliment safety.  Possible innovations you ability awning include, but are not bound to: GM agriculture, polyculture farming, permaculture farming, vertical farms, small-scale amoebic farming, aquaponics, concentrated beastly agriculture operations, burghal agronomical (rooftop and abandoned lot), not-till farming, attention farming, use of drones, and use of GPS technology.    Your antecedent column should be at atomic 250 words in length. Utilize at atomic two bookish or acclaimed assets and your arbiter to abutment your claims. Cite your sources in APA format. Quoted argument should aggregate no added than ten percent of your post.

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