the columnist states "several practice-oriented agent-based simulation models accept been developed that are aimed to abutment action making". Research two of these and altercate them, allegorical how they are "agent-based", what their bold entails, and how they tie into policy-making. You'll charge two references with citations for anniversary advertence to do this correctly. A) Create a new thread. As adumbrated above, find two examples of agent-based games. B) Select AT LEAST 3 alternative students' accoutrement and column absolute comments on those accoutrement by Sunday at midnight, evaluating the pros and cons of that student’s recommendations. Your comments should be agreeable and extend the chat started with the thread. ALL aboriginal posts and comments charge be absolute and accommodate APA support. (I'm attractive for about a branch - not aloof "I agree.") NOTE: These discussions should be breezy discussions, NOT analysis papers. If you MUST anon adduce a resource, again adduce it properly. However, I would abundant rather artlessly apprehend your words.

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