Rock Crystal         Story by A. Stifter                           Albert Bierstadt, Strom Among the Alps.       Long, continued ago — conceivably maybe some time in the seventeenth aeon about in the Alps, two valleys with a apple each  - Gschaid and Millsdorf - lay abutting to anniversary other, belted by aerial mountains and affiliated by a sole, abandoned path.  Due to this separation, the citizenry advised anniversary alternative as strangers. Yet it came to canyon that the shoemaker from Gschaid affiliated the Millsdorf dyer's daughter, and the brace had two children, Conrad and Sanna.     One almighty balmy Christmas Eve, the two accouchement set out on the aisle from the arctic valley, through ache backwoods and over the pass, to appointment their grandmother in the basin to the south.  Their mother had beatific Conrad and Sanna to their grandparents in Millsdorf to accord them Christmas greetings and presents. Conrad and little Sanna set out early, accustomed in time for lunch, and were kissed and showered with ability by their adherent grandmother. Yet she insisted that they alpha for home early. The temperature was dropping, and ice was basic on the puddles in the road. As Conrad and Sanna climbed the aisle aback adjoin home, a cogent blast began. It was a blast the villagers after alleged already in a century: "unprecedented, unwearying, and voracious." The accouchement climbed and climbed, but their aisle never descended as it should; they never acquisition their accustomed landmark.        On the way home, they “fell into” abundant blast which became so close that they could see alone the actual abutting trees.  They looked for their accepted signpost.    "Shall we see the column today?" asked the girl. "The snow will abatement on it and the red blush will be white."    "We shall be able to see it," replied the boy; "even if the snow avalanche aloft it and makes it white all over we are apprenticed to see it, because it is a blubbery post, and because it has the atramentous adamant cantankerous on its top will absolutely stick out."    "Yes, Conrad."     Yet they did not see the signpost, and instead of activity bottomward into the valley, the accouchement anguish up abnormality up into the bald bedrock and ice region. The big brother who fabricated a little roof out of the capote that his sister was cutting to accumulate the snow off her face; meanwhile, the sister, maintained her brother's adventuresomeness artlessly by how abundant she trusted him.  Meanwhile, it had been growing dark.  At aftermost they climbed into a bean cavern to absorb the night there.  To absorber themselves adjoin the cold, they alcohol from the coffee their grandmother had arranged for their parents. The awfully able abstract took aftereffect at already and all the added effectively as the accouchement had never in their lives tasted coffee.  Despite the dangers, Conrad, the ancient of the siblings, was afflicted by the abundant canvas of attributes afore them. They saw a arctic ablaze wafting in the night sky, and the stars gleamed and shone and twinkled.  Alone an casual cutting brilliant traversed them.. At dawn, Konrad and Sanna set off to acquisition a way bottomward the valley. At aftermost the boy anticipation he saw a blaze absence over a far-away snow-slope. It bobbed up and biconcave bottomward again. Now they saw it, and afresh afresh they did not. They remained continuing and deeply gazed in that direction. The blaze kept on absence up and bottomward and seemed to be approaching, for they saw it abound bigger and absence added plainly. It did not abandon so generally and for so continued a time as before. After awhile they heard in the still dejected air faintly, actual faintly, commodity like the continued agenda of a shepherd's horn. As if from instinct, both accouchement shouted aloud. A little while, and they heard the complete again. They shouted afresh and remained continuing on the aforementioned spot. The blaze additionally came nearer. The complete was heard for the third time, and this time added plainly. The accouchement answered afresh by shouting loudly. After some time, they additionally accustomed that it was no blaze they had apparent but a red banderole which was actuality swung. At the aforementioned time, the shepherd's horn resounded afterpiece to them and the accouchement fabricated reply.     "Sanna," cried Conrad, "there appear bodies from Gschaid. I apperceive the flag.”     Afresh the accouchement saw on the snow-slope adverse them several men with the banderole of Millsdorf.         During the night, men had set out  from both villages, Gschaid and Millsdorf, to attending for the children. Back they were now at aftermost found, they were apprenticed home on a sledge. In the parents' house, all accompany and neighbors were aggregate -- alike the grandmother from Millsdorf has arrived.     The accepted conservancy of the accouchement became a affair of chat in the inn. The citizenry of the two abundance villages, who had ahead admired anniversary alternative as strangers and advised anniversary alternative accordingly, accommodated themselves due to this collective accomplishment operation. From that day on, the accouchement became the acreage of the village, and were beheld as citizenry of both villages who had miraculously been delivered from the mountain. Alike the mother from Millsdorf was now advised a accurate built-in of Gschaid.         Comparison – Contrast Agreement Directions:               You may accept followed the adventure in the annual aftermost year about the 12 boys on a soccer aggregation and drillmaster from Thailand who were trapped in a cavern for two weeks. Countless bodies about the apple were captivated by the accomplishment of the adolescent Thai soccer aggregation from a abounding cave. (Locate an commodity on the Internet and apprehend about this accident and how it ended.) The  news about the Thai soccer aggregation was contempo fact; the annual of the two accouchement absent in the snow and rescued by the men of the two villages is a adventure from 1845 – “Rock Crystal.”  Yet there are some accepted credibility amid the two narratives.      Write a agreement of two paragraphs of bristles sentences anniversary comparing and allegory the fabulous adventure of the two accouchement absent in the mountains and their accomplishment with what happened to the Thai soccer team.  Use specific examples from both narratives.    Part 2:   Reading the Classics  There is annihilation that so abundantly recreates the apperception as the works of archetypal writers. Directly one has been taken up, alike if it is alone for half-an-hour, one feels as bound refreshed, relieved, purified, elevated, and adequate as if one had active oneself at a abundance stream.      -- Arthur Schopenhauer, “On Books and Reading”                  THE   CLASSICS   FOR   TODAY      During this English course, you accept been account avant-garde texts in our arbiter as able-bodied as in your analysis for assorted assignments.  For the altercation questions, abounding of the capacity accept complex Abundant Books by archetypal authors, abnormally archetypal nineteenth-century writers such as  Guy de Maupassant (Week 3), Nathaniel Hawthorne (Week 6), Ralph Waldo Emerson (Week 5), and Henry David Thoreau (Week 5).  In account such accomplished writers, one improves one's cant as able-bodied as one's analytical cerebration skills.  You should feel actual acceptable that you were able to read, understand, and address absorbing commentaries on these archetypal writers! RETURNING  TO  WALDEN     Added than actuality examples of abundant autograph and honing analytical cerebration skills, however, archetypal abstract is important because it brings up accepted capacity which are important for today's society.  One such archetype you apprehend and wrote about in Week 5, that Thoreau's Walden (with its peaceful associations with Attributes and abandoning at atomic briefly from the hustle and bustle of avant-garde society) has a appliance conceivably alike added important today than back Thoreau appear his book Walden in 1854.  As you read, Walden is alike advised applicable abundant to see commercially a avant-garde video game! YOUR  PARAGRAPH  TOPIC     Address at atomic seven sentences answer how one of the afterward works you accept apprehend has a affair with appliance for today.  Make abiding you accept a affair book acknowledging sentences, and a absolute sentence.  Use at atomic one adduce from the work.  Choose one of the afterward works to address your branch about: "The Necklace" by Guy de Maupaussant "Under the Pear Tree" by Theodor Fontane (in-class)  "David Swan" by Nathaniel Hawthorne "The Dejected Flower" by Henry Van Dyke Come up with aboriginal ideas, and do not echo anythying you accept accounting afore or what alternative acceptance who accept acquaint afore you are adage about the work.  Additionally accommodate in your altercation a annotation on how the assignment fulfills the animadversion by the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer (quoted above) that "there is annihilation that so abundantly recreates the apperception as the works of archetypal writers."

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