Developing Autonomy Erikson’s additional psychosocial stage, freedom against abashment and doubt, describes the child’s charge for freedom at a time back abounding adorning milestones are occurring.  Early adolescence caregivers and parents can assignment calm to abutment children’s development by allegorical accouchement with freedom and developing socially and culturally adapted behaviors.   For this discussion, accept one of challenges to affected in allowance accouchement advance autonomy: Doubt/fear Mistrust/insecurity Tantrums Control/power struggle Unregulated emotions Separation anxiety Stranger anxiety Compose a sample letter to parents that accommodate the following: Characteristics of the behavior(s) A action to accord with this accurate challenge Socially adapted responses and accomplishments to advice the adolescent advance autonomy A advocacy for one ability to advice parents apprentice more Your acknowledgment should accommodate at atomic one alfresco ability to allotment with parents, with advertence formatted in APA style.

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