· ECE101 · Discussions · Week 5 - Altercation 1    ECE Careers and Dispositions Wadlington and Wadlington (as cited in Estes & Krogh, 2012) explain, “Because of the able affiliation amid dispositions and teaching styles, it is adorable for individuals in the bosom of acceptable agents to reflect and advance self-awareness of their own dispositions” (p. 33). Subsequently, alive which career you appetite to accompany is an important aboriginal footfall to arrest your job chase and career goals. Exploring the requirements for your abeyant career path, assessing your accepted accomplishment set, and anecdotic what activity accomplish you can booty to accomplish your career goals added accessible is the purpose for this discussion. To adapt for this discussion, reread the account of dispositions associated with able agents discussed in Chapter 2 (Table 2.1) and Chapter 10. Also appearance the video or apprehend the description beneath the video, I Am a Teacher (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site.. Lastly, apprehend the Career Planning Step-by-Step (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site. commodity to bigger accept the accent of developing a bright career plan. Once you are prepared, use the My Dispositions Ambition (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site. (Figure 2.1) from your argument to adapt and almanac the antecedent assay of your dispositions. · Describe which of the dispositions from your ambition you already display on a approved basis. Also, altercate which dispositions are still arising for you. · Based on the altercation of career options in Chapter 10, analyze at atomic two accessible careers that absorption you and that are a “good fit” based on your claimed disposition reflection, as able-bodied as the abilities you already possess. Explain why you would be a acceptable fit for both of your called careers. · Analyze your abiding goals. Where would you like to be professionally, one to bristles years from now? · Reflect on the following: o What new skills, dispositions, knowledge, certifications, or trainings ability you charge to be successful? Analyze the added activity accomplish you will charge to booty to be alike added able for the position you would like to pursue. Set reasonable deadlines for these activity steps. o Are there any able obstacles you may charge to affected to be successful? Are there individuals in your able arrangement who can advice you?

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