Please apprehend the two added accessories afore answering these questions. Use these two accessories as able-bodied as the arbiter and/or claimed acquaintance to acknowledgment the questions below. 1. According to Cheek (2015), motivation, self-confidence, and all-overs have important psychological influences on action performance. While all-overs is generally anticipation to be alone bad, many studies advance that there are "optimal" levels of all-overs that ability absolutely enhance achievement (in sport, academics, etc.). What do you anticipate - is some bulk of all-overs good? How would you call the accord amid anxiety, motivation, and self-confidence? 2. Someone who has a advance mindset believes that abilities can be developed over time through adamantine assignment and practice, while an alone who has a anchored mindset believes that abilities are innate, or aloof allotment of a person's nature. Where do you angle on the advance mindset vs. anchored mindset debate? Why? Do you anticipate an alone is built-in with one affectionate of mindset or is it shaped by bodies and the environment? http://believeperform.com/performance/the-relationship-between-motivation-self-confidence-and-anxiety/ http://believeperform.com/performance/the-growth-mindset-not-just-for-sports-stars/

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