PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW. YOU HAVE TO USE THE ATTACHED FILES TO ANSWER 1-4. PLEASE USE THE ATTACHED FILES!!!! Cultural Competence Sharing and Reflection Reflect on your ePortfolio by summarizing the capital concepts and why they are important to you as an educator.  The four capital capacity are: 1. Culturally Accordant Methods 2. Anti-Bias Curriculum 3. Diverse Family Structures 4. Multicultural Education USE THE ATTACHED FILES!!!!!!!! BELOW IS AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT THIS DISCUSSION SHOULD LOOK LIKE. THIS IS AN EXAMPLE ONLY DO NOT COPY!!!!! Cultural Accordant Methods Utilizing culturally accordant methods is important to all educators because it incorporates a abreast compassionate of educational and culturally relevant as it applies to the way we advise children. Anti-Bias Curriculum Providing an anti-bias class is important to educators because it ensures that all accepting are accepting an candid apprenticeship that is afflicted by the understanding that alone assumption ideologies pertaining to accepting has no abode in the classroom. Diverse Family Structures Each adolescent comes from their own bearings and needs to be approached as an individual. It is important that accouchement are apparent as individuals who appear from a ambit of backgrounds, cultures, lifestyles, and bread-and-butter standing. As educators, we charge consistently account this diversity and advance assets to advice these accouchement to the best of our ability. Multicultural Education Including ability into the classroom is important because it teaches our accouchement accepting and tolerance, as able-bodied as, provides accouchement an befalling to feel included in their education. Encompassing ability in apprenticeship encourages others to accept the assortment they will, and are, apparent to throughout their education.

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