Book reference: Hawdon, J., Ryan, J., & Lucht, M. (2014.) The Causes and After-effects of Accumulation Violence: From Bullies to Terrorists. Lexington Books.  This week, we ability a axis point in the advance as we accomplishment the Hawdon book on the causes and after-effects of accumulation violence. Chapters 14 and 15 in the book are actual thought-provoking, so let's use this altercation appointment for absorption on those.  Hawdon gives us several altered explanations for what causes accumulation violence. They administer in altered combinations depending on the situations, from the genocide in Darfur or Nazi Germany to the use of agitated abandonment in Sri Lanka to action adjoin the accompaniment to bullies in schools and abhorrence groups about the United States and abroad in the world.  So for this altercation forum, booty a bearings of accumulation abandon -- any situations you accept seen, heard about, or apprehend about -- and administer the theories that Hawdon gives us summaries of in Chapter 14. Acquaint us what the bearings was, and acquaint us what you anticipate the cause(s) was(were). Feel chargeless to use any of the situations discussed in the Hawdon book, any of the videos we've watched, or annihilation you've either alone accomplished or apprehend about. The key is to administer the theory. Don't aloof acquaint us what happened. Acquaint us why you anticipate it happened. 

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