Week 3 6446 Fears and Phobias  You charge use the Readings here · Burnham, J. J. (2009). Abreast fears of accouchement and adolescents: Coping and resiliency in the 21st century. Journal of Counseling and Development, 87(1), 28–35.  · Flatt, N., & King, N. (2008). Building the case for abrupt psychointerventions in the analysis of specific phobias in accouchement and adolescents. Behaviour Change, 25(4), 191–200.  · Liberman, L. C., & Öst, L. G. (2016). The affiliation amid fears and all-overs in accouchement with specific all-overs and affectionate fears and anxiety. Journal of Boyish and Ancestors Studies, 25(2), 598-606.  · Kane, E. J., Braunstein, K., Ollendick, T. H., & Muris, P. (2015). Relations of all-overs sensitivity, ascendancy beliefs, and affectionate over- ascendancy to fears in clinic-referred accouchement with specific phobia. Journal of boyish and ancestors studies, 24(7), 2127-2134.  · Document: DSM-5 Bridge Document: Fears and Phobias (PDF)  · Boyatzis, C. J., & Junn, E. N. (2016). Annual editions: Boyish advance and development (22nd ed.). McGraw-Hill Education. o Lee, P. C., “The Human Child’s Nature Orientation” (p.  183).  · Document: Boyish and Boyish Counseling Cases: Fears and Phobias (PDF)  · Document: Analysis Plan Guidelines: Fears and Phobias (PDF)  Fears, Phobias, and Anxiety ·  a abrupt description of a accepted boyish or boyish abhorrence or all-overs alternative than abhorrence of the dark. Then, explain at atomic three abreast factors (environment, culture, society, family, or media) that may accord to the development and chain of the all-overs and explain how. Finally, explain one way you ability advice the parents/guardians abutment their boyish or boyish to affected the abhorrence or all-overs and explain how. Be specific.  · Be abiding to abutment your postings and responses with specific references to the week’s resources. 

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