Discussion Read Chapter 6 scenario, and abode the afterward question "What affectionate of a banking accident administration action would you actualize to break the affair in Kilgore?" Instructions for Initial Posts: After account the scenario, alpha a new altercation cilia to abode the altercation topic.  Discussion Requirements: Must: Be 4 paragraphs in length Be accurate by the appropriate arbiter and at atomic two added references Points deducted if the submission:  Does not use the appropriate arbiter as one of the two advertence sources  You CANNOT use Wikipedia, LinkedIn articles, blogs, paid vendors, acceptance websites, or agnate sources in bookish writing. You CAN use reputable industry accessories from publications similar to ComputerWeekly, PCMag, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, or agnate sources. Bookish journals and popular industry accessories are attainable in the university’s library databases and Google Scholar. All references should not accept a advertisement date earlier than 2005. Does not acknowledge to the question(s) thoroughly acceptation with at atomic 4 paragraphs Primarily consists of ammo points Uses statements such as “I accept gone through your post,” “I accept gone through your discussion,” “adding a few added points,” “based on my knowledge,” “according to me,” “as per my knowledge,” or similar Contains acknowledged phrases, as an archetype “shouldn't" "couldn't" or "didn't,” or similar Uses ambiguous words or phrases such as "proper," "appropriate," "adequate," “it is obvious,” “it is clear,” “in fact,” or agnate to call a process, function, or procedure *As an example, "proper adventure acknowledgment plan," "appropriate IT professional," "adequate security," or similar. These words are abstract because they accept altered meanings to altered individuals.

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