As discussed aftermost week, Portfolium is the e-portfolio that we use.  Here is addition video on Portfolium. Portfoilum- Apprentice Overview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7lSMhPPbAk&feature=youtu.be E-portfolios are advised the authentic work-products of acceptance and adapted for self-assessment and peer-review (as a agency of convalescent apprentice learning).  Why is this so, in your opinion?  Why are e-portfolios added authentic representations of your work, for example, over a graded absolute assay or a thesis?    Instructions:  Your antecedent column should be at atomic 250 words. Lesson: Lesson Topics Benefits Review and      Findings Outcomes Responsibilities      of the Associate Reviewer Introduction Last anniversary we abstruse about creating an e-portfolio and pitch. This anniversary we’re activity to altercate the critiquing of a peer’s e-portfolio and angle by accouterment effective acknowledgment with admonition from a rubric. You’ll apprehension that there is some overlap in the admonition presented in the two lessons; however, the focus in this appointment is on peer-assessment rather than self-assessment.  The appointment is afar into four sections advised to admonition you accommodated advance Acquirements Cold #6: Critique a peer’s e-portfolio and angle by accouterment acknowledgment application the assigned rubric. The cold of this lesson, therefore, is to advance a peer’s e-portfolio and angle through critical, but constructive, associate analysis. Benefits Early on in the bookish process, the apprentice acquirements breach is set almost narrowly; for example, on affair forums (feedback) and appointment requirements (research, analysis, and amalgam of information); and not on his or her career objectives. Acceptance are absolutely focused on outcomes such as grades and graduation and beneath on the action of learning. Apprentice acumen (and the consistent adeptness to administer such insight) into his or her own different action of acquirements is ultimately added admired (Acker, 2005). Over time, an antagonism occurs whereby the student’s focus becomes added cardinal and beneath tactical. The e-portfolio development action helps approach this new-found focus on a final bookish aftereffect (graduation) or what ability appear abutting – a new job, a career departure, alertness for post-graduate study, etc. Review and Findings Structured e-portfolio associate analysis is a advantageous agency of both administration and self-assessing one’s own bookish almanac and accouterment effective acknowledgment on addition student’s bookish record. The University has developed an e-portfolio associate analysis explanation to adviser associate appraisal and acknowledgment and has congenital both self-assessment and peer-assessment as allotment of the explanation requirements. A acute aspect of e-portfolio self-assessment and associate analysis is the acclimation of the presentation such that antiquity and metadata affiliated to an antiquity enhance both the development and self-assessment of the e-portfolio by the apprentice and the associate analysis of the e-portfolio by others. The University of Wisconsin (2017) developed a account of analysis belief and admirable allegation that adapt the analysis action (i.e., what to attending for) and set ambition findings, for use in self-assessment and associate acknowledgment of e-portfolios. E-Portfolio Analysis Rubric Outcomes Now that we accept added about the apprentice allowances of developing e-portfolios as able-bodied as their amount in the self-assessment and peer-review processes, how to analysis an e-portfolio, and what our ambition allegation should be, let’s analyze acquirements outcomes associated with the e-portfolio curriculum. According to Kuh, Jankowski, Ikenberry & Kinzie (2014), as cited in Eynon & Gambino (2014), from 2009 through 2013, e-portfolio use by college apprenticeship in outcomes appraisal grew by over 300%! The challenge, not aloof to this University but for all universities application outcome-based appraisal e-portfolio programs, is how to use the affairs to access success and chain ante and to advance the apprentice acquirements experience. Eynon & Gambino (p.1) begin identifiable accoutrement in acknowledged e-portfolio programs. Data accumulating was structured based on models and frameworks. Increased adroitness assurance was prevalent. E-portfolios were advised added authentic appointment of students, and appropriately the adjourned after-effects were bought-into by acceptance giving and accepting feedback.  Best Practices Through their University of Illinois study, Eynon & Gambino begin that acknowledged programs affianced stakeholders in processes guided by the afterward three best practices. · Inquiry · Reflection · Integration A structured analysis and appraisal process, which focuses on apprentice acquirements and improvement. By facilitating inquiry, reflection, and integration, i.e., “closing the loop,” the e-portfolio affairs can apparatus changes that advance apprentice learning. Responsibilities of the Associate Reviewer The appointment of self-assessing and peer-reviewing e-portfolios avalanche to you, the student, to accomplish the assessment/review action effective and value-added (for the almsman of your review). Sarah Brash, in her Arizona State University blog on e-portfolios, aggregate this acumen she acquired through the self-assessment and peer-review processes. I abstruse to absolutely apprehend my own work. If I advised my own words as the words of addition else, I begin that I had added admonition to accord on how to edit. Also, I had a difficult time critiquing others works as well. I would alone aloof attack to accord them acceptable advice. What I lacked was accordant acknowledgment to my peers. Sure, it was acceptable advice. But why was this admonition good? Why was I advising my aeon to this advice? Those are the questions that I now acknowledgment aback critiquing. Acquirements how to accumulate my acknowledgment accordant as able-bodied as abacus new admonition was a adamantine abstraction for me to grasp. I would consistently go aback to the teacher's aboriginal column to accomplish abiding I was answering all the questions accurately (Brash, 2017, para. 1). One aftermost teaching point on peer-reviewing a adolescent student’s e-portfolio. Be effective in agreeable and tone. Budget your time to accomplish the analysis relevant, accurate, and complete. Conclusion This anniversary we abstruse about the benefits, analysis and findings, and outcomes associated with critiquing a peer's e-portfolio and pitch. Standardizing the associate analysis acknowledgment is capital to the success of both the appraisal action and the student’s development. APUS has created and implemented a explanation to facilitate this appraisal and acknowledgment process. References Acker, S. R. (2005, March 14). Overcoming Obstacles to Authentic ePortfolio Assessment. Retrieved from Campus Technology https://campustechnology.com/articles/2005/03/overcoming-obstacles-to-authentic-eportfolio-assessment.aspx Brash, S. (2017, March 5). Sarah Brash's E-Portfolio. Retrieved from Arizona State University https://asu.digication.com/sarah_brashs_eportfolio/Critiquing Eynon, B., & Gambino, L. (2014, April 16). Catalyst for Learning: ePortfolio-Based Outcomes Assessment. Retrieved from University of Illinois https://illinois.edu/blog/view/915/111700 University of Wisconsin-Stout. (2017, March 5). EPortfolio (Digital Portfolio) Rubric. Retrieved from University of Wisconsin-Stout https://www2.uwstout.edu/content/profdev/rubrics/eportfoliorubric.html

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