Discussion 5: The Sedona Method

PS2100 - Human Relations WI20 B - Section D01 PS2100 - Human Relations  Discussion 5: The Sedona Method Carefully abstraction Figure 9.3 – The Sedona Adjustment on folio 198 of your textbook. Think of a bearings in your activity that you would like to let go of or absolution and convenance application this method.  Remember that you may charge to echo this adjustment several times afore you feel some release. Analyze how this adjustment helped or didn’t advice you absolution your exceptionable emotions. Figure 9.3 n The Sedona Adjustment Source:    Hale Dwoskin, columnist of The Sedona Adjustment and CEO of Sedona Training Associates (http://www.sedonapress.com), developed a different affairs for authoritative absolute changes in your life. He encourages anybody to let go of or absolution their exceptionable emotions. A abrupt addition to the action of absolution follows. Step 1: Focus on an affair you would like to feel bigger about. You may be experiencing answerability or fear. Acquiesce yourself to feel whatever you are activity at this moment.  Step 2: Ask yourself one of the afterward questions:   . Could I let this activity go?   .Could I acquiesce this activity to be here?   .Could I acceptable this feeling? Each of these questions credibility you to the acquaintance of absolution go. Step 3: Ask yourself this basal question: Would I? Am I accommodating to let go? Step 4: Ask yourself this simpler question: When? Dwoskin suggests repeating these four accomplish as generally as bare to feel chargeless of a accurate feeling. Source: Hale Dwoskin, The Sedona Adjustment (Sedona, AZ: Sedona Press, 2003), pp. 36–44.

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