Also for allotment of this altercation it is appropriate a reply to one classmate.

Support answers with two cited associate advised journals

Nurse practitioners accept been accustomed the authorization of acceding drugs and prescribing medications afterward the challenges that are adverse the commitment of healthcare. Examples of such problems are the abbreviating cardinal of medical providers, dearth of able bloom affliction casework in rural and underserved areas as able-bodied as the accretion specialization amid the professionals. The able convenance affair of a assistant practitioner as a prescriber is that prescribing is done in altered contexts of practice. Thus no regulations are administering the process, the convenance is outdated, and there is abridgement of abundant funds for the apprenticeship of the nurses (Sabatino et al., 2017). As a result, painkillers end up actuality assigned in best cases.

Nurse practitioners accept been begin to appoint drugs with the aim of announcement biologic companies that sponsor their apprenticeship after relying on acceptable affirmation in their prescriptions. This is according to the analysis conducted on a sample of assistant practitioners who were about called from the American Academy of assistant practitioners which is the better anatomy of assistant practitioners in the United States. In conclusion, therefore, the role of a assistant practitioner as a prescriber needs to be adapted and actively advised to ensure able prescriptions are done.


Miller, E., Balmer, D., Hermann, M. N., Graham, M. G., & Charon, R. (2014). Sounding anecdotal medicine: belief students’ able character development at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Academic medicine: account of the Association of American Medical Colleges89(2), 335.

Sabatino, J. A., Pruchnicki, M. C., Sevin, A. M., Barker, E., Green, C. G., & Porter, K. (2017). Improving prescribing practices: A pharmacist‐led educational action for assistant practitioner students. Journal of the American Association of Assistant Practitioners29(5), 248-254.

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