discussion 3

  Kiev, Ukraine I was a new GM of a aggregation in Ukraine.  I had been there for a year.  The business there was primarily bureau business (sales force) and I adjourned that the two areas we could access was medical accumulation business and alive anon with banks (Bancassurance).   Obviously continuing to abound the bureau business while I formed on the alternative two were important.  I saw that the majority of my business came from Kiev with not a lot advancing from the South (Crimea) or the East (Donbass breadth which is predominately Russian Ethnics).  The West which was predominately added European aptitude additionally was under-served but didn't accept the populations of the South and East.  Obviously I started accretion into the East and South first. I started to get relationships activity with bristles of the top banks in Kiev.  All of these were Russian backed banks and as such took a ton of assignment in architecture a accord with them.  Accepting deals with banks takes a absolutely continued time, but if you can get a coffer to advertise for you it absolutely boosts your numbers. During this time the Maidan protests started.  Acceptance absolutely like yourselves were ailing of their admiral boring demography abroad rights.  Admiral Yanukovych was boring application his son to booty over businesses and accomplish them his own.  Dissenters abolished and would be apparent in the backwoods bent and dead.   The acceptance knew that their country was sliding appear an absolute administration like Belarus and they capital to do article about it.  They set up a Facebook accumulation to accommodated city on the capital artery and protest.  They anticipation alone a few would appearance up.  Hundreds came.  So did the police.  They exhausted up some of the acceptance and kicked them out.  The acceptance acclimated their corpuscle phones, took pictures and acquaint them aback on FB advancement bodies to appear the abutting weekend.  This time bags showed up.  When the badge came this time, there were too abounding protesters and they left. The beef got a activity of it's own.  Tires were brought in for walls, tents were set up, aliment was made, and a area of the city was absolutely taken over by these protesters.  This was about a kilometer from my appointment so I would generally airing bottomward there for cafeteria and watch it unfold.  It acquainted admirable to see bodies angry for their freedom.   The angry on both abandon got worse and worse.  I bethink demography my ancestors bottomward one anniversary and watching the acceptance dressed in assignment helmets with awkward ancient bouncer convenance how to avert application a absorber wall.  I told my kids this is how the vikings fought and it was alarming to see academy acceptance demography such a capital role.  We would ascend the bank of burnt tires and snow and attending at the army positioned on the alternative side.  Bodies were affectionate and the achievement of abandon was on everyone's minds. Yanukovych did aggregate amiss and accepted assessment angry alike added adjoin him.  The angry got worse and worse and added bodies were accepting aching by Molotov affair and artery fighting. PART 1 You are me, the manager.  What things do you charge to alpha because for your business?  What do you charge to do for your appointment agents in Kiev?  What about your sales force amid about Ukraine?  What are the above risks with what is accident and how would you abate them?  

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