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 Describe the analysis catechism you are advancing for your final project. When cartoon a statistical conclusion, what would a abeyant Type I absurdity be? A abeyant Type II error? Why is it important for advisers to accept these errors?  This is the analysis you did    Research question: “Does self-disclosure of the therapist advance bistro ataxia treatment.”  Hypothesis: Self-disclosure of the therapist improves bistro ataxia treatment. The key variables for this analysis are self-disclosure of the therapist and bistro ataxia treatment. This analysis will focus on online analysis whereby participants will be recruited from an bistro ataxia alms database. The participants will be asked about the cachet of their action and how they feel about accepting the disorder. The aloof action will be that the therapists will acknowledge their female and their animosity appear the patients’ altitude and personality (Marziliano, Pessin, Rosenfeld, & Breitbart, 2018).  When responding to your classmates, altercate the admeasurement to which you accede with the Type I and Type II errors they identified, and additionally accommodate your angle on why compassionate these errors is important for researchers. 

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