discussion 2 response

can you acknowledgment to my chic acquaintance :    Based off of antecedent acquaintance and added research, I accept the nurse-patient arrangement is actual benign to nursing practice. This law requires that a assistant charge affliction for no added than six patients in a psychiatric unit, bristles patients in a medical-surgical unit, four pediatric patients, three patients in a activity and commitment unit, and two patients in accelerated affliction units (Yoder-Wise, 2019). Appropriate assistant staffing helps accomplish analytic and bread-and-butter improvements in accommodating care, including a abridgement in medication errors, accommodating mortality, hospital readmissions, and breadth of stay. It has additionally been apparent to abate assistant fatigue and burnout. Currently, California is the alone accompaniment to accept adopted a binding nurse-patient ratio, but comparing the pre-post differences in anatomic affliction and abrasion ante amid California and the blow of the United States, it was begin that accomplishing of nurse-patient arrangement standards were associated with a statistically cogent abridgement in abrasion ante amid both registered nurses and accountant applied nurses (Leigh et al., 2014). By agreement a absolute as to how abounding patients a assistant can affliction for on a accurate unit, nurses are able to focus on the alone needs of their patients and accommodate patient-specific affliction after activity clumsy to accomplish assertive nursing tasks due to time restraints and alternative demands.  References Leigh, J., Markis, C., Iosif, A.-M., & Romano, P. (2015). California’s Nurse-to-Patient Arrangement Law and Anatomic Injury. International Archives of Anatomic & Environmental Health, 88(4), 477–484. https://doi-org.ezproxy.hsutx.edu:4443/10.1007/s00420-014-0977-y (Links to an alien site.)  Yoder-Wise, P. S. (2019). Leading and Managing in Nursing (7th ed.). St. Louis , MO: Elsevier. Edited by Lexie Kramber on Feb 19 at 5:30pmCalifornia's Nurse-To-Patient Arrangement Law and Anatomic Injury.pdf  the catechism was   Staffing is such an basic allotment of arch and managing in nursing.  There are abounding factors to accede back chief how abounding nurses are bare to accommodate safe accommodating care.  Look at the models in your account in Chapter 13.  Find an commodity acknowledging a model's staffing ability and altercate key credibility of how that model takes accommodating safety into consideration.    the acknowledgment should be      150 words minimum. Discussion posts charge accommodated appropriate belief to accept a casual score. you should  AND should accommodate at atomic one bookish advertence in accession to arbiter citations (in APA format).  my book is arch and manging in nursing 7 th edition 

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