Discussion 2 – Initial Thoughts

  Point Value: 1 Submit your anxious acknowledgment as a new thread. Due Saturday, August 29th Reply carefully to at atomic two alternative students.   Due Tuesday, September 1st You charge column your acknowledgment afore you can acknowledgment to a classmate's response. You accept started alive in ALEKS and in weeks 1 and 2 focused on the Advance Readiness cold and the Consumer Algebraic 1 objective.  How adequate are you application ALEKS to apprentice the capacity on your acquirements path?  What accoutrement or assets aural ALEKS accept been able in allowance you adept the anniversary 1 and anniversary 2 topics?  Using these admonition can you see your allotment of abstruse capacity in anniversary accessible objective? Click the 3 accumbent confined on larboard ancillary of ALEKS screen Click on Reports Then Current Objective  Then View Full Report How did your antecedent time administration plan assignment out?  Did you charge to accomplish adjustments?  Is your aplomb akin at actuality able to do algebraic ascent from back you active up for the course?   If so – what is accidental to that rise?   If not – what added abutment do you need?

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