discussion 2

Please apprehend the absorbed accessories to acknowledgment catechism 2 We've apprehend some absorbing accessories this anniversary as able-bodied as the Appendix in Pete Simi's book about authoritative acquaintance and acquisition advice on the groups he has studied.  For this forum, I'd like you to anticipate about the kinds of analysis methods you would use for a accurate analysis question. But here's the rub: you accept to appear up with the question. Don't get too afraid up on this, but anticipate about what interests you in the abstraction of abhorrence groups and accumulation violence. For example, do you admiration about how bodies are recruited into abhorrence groups? Do you admiration how abounding abhorrence groups there are in the U.S. (or about the world), and whether that cardinal is growing? Perhaps you admiration how the accepted American political arena influences abhorrence accumulation membership. Task 1 for this appointment is to appear up with a catechism agnate to any of these or that relates somehow to what we're studying. You don't charge to get too in abyss with the question. Just acquaint anybody what's on your mind.  Then, task 2 in this appointment is to call how you would analysis that question. Two of our readings this anniversary gave us the pros and cons of application qualitative or quantitative methods in criminological research. What affectionate of method(s) would you use to acknowledgment your question? Would you analysis respondents? Interview them? Use absolute abstracts from the FBI's Uniform Crime Report or from the Southern Poverty Law Center? Remember, you can amalgamate methods if you anticipate that would be helpful.

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