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  Reflection Discussion For this week's forum, accomplish an aboriginal column acclamation at atomic two of the afterward absorption prompts by Thursday at 11:59 pm, and acknowledge to at atomic one of your classmates' posts by Sunday at 11:59 pm. Your aboriginal column charge be at atomic 100 words long. 1. Observation of cocky and/or others - Throughout the time this advance is appointed you will bolt yourself or addition being accomplishing article that exemplifies or anon relates to account you are account about or we are discussing in class. Accomplish agenda of these as they action so you can call the acquaintance and altercate how it relates to the affair for that week. 2. Quote ambition - As you apprehend the assigned texts accurate passages will abduction your absorption as abnormally absorbing or alone meaningful. Accomplish agenda of these, autograph bottomward the access accurately and accouterment a bright advertence as to area it may be begin (author, text, and folio #s). Then call the acceptation of the access (e.g., what is notable about it? why did it abduction your attention? what bearings at assignment or home exemplifies the columnist s point?). 3. Thoughts on readings and responses to absorption questions - Record your alternative thoughts/reactions/ questions as you assignment your way through the readings. You may adjudge to focus on a case abstraction or exercise, article from this week's chic meeting, or alternative claimed affiliation of advance concepts. 4. Claimed discoveries - Record your alternative thoughts/reactions/questions as you assignment through the readings and assignments. What case study, reading, chic affair discussion, or claimed affiliation of advance concepts best afraid you? Why? How were you challenged to see things differently? What was your belief/perspective afore the discovery? What is your belief/perspective afterwards the discovery? What change(s) will you accomplish because of this discovery?

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