Discussion 1

Time ManagementRuben is a new apprentice at New Bedford College. He is aflame about his new adventure, but has problems befitting on task.Recently he had a history cardboard due on Tuesday and waited until Monday to alpha alive on it. While he was alive on the paper, the buzz rang and it was his acquaintance Joyce. Joyce arrive him to an ad-lib affair at Maria’s house. Never one to absence a party, Ruben bound shut his computer off and went to the party. He ample he would accomplishment the cardboard on Tuesday. On Tuesday, Ruben over slept until 1 p.m. and absent algebraic class. He absitively to alpha assignment on his history paper, but his Internet affiliation was not working. He alleged the cable aggregation and appear the trouble. Figuring he would delay until the account was working, he took a jog through the park. While in the park, he sees his accompany arena basketball. He stops and joins in. Ruben does not get aback to his accommodation until 7 p.m. He forgets about alive on the cardboard until midnight and now the cardboard is overdue.What are some of Ruben’s time administration issues and what do you acclaim for advantageous them?

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