Discussion 1

  Discussion 1: Patterns of Abomination and Punishment In the aeon aloof afore the American Civil War those in the U.S. bent amends arrangement were focused on the adeptness to handle those who had been accounted aberrant and incorrigible. With the accelerated arrival of immigrants and rural Americans to the close city, abomination began to accurate a new reality. Given that abounding of today’s abomination challenges are bound to the burghal context, it is anytime added important to accept the roots of this problem. As such, there are two questions that charge be discussed: What were the patterns of abomination and abuse during this period? What fueled the Civil War? For this Discussion, you accede abomination and abuse afore the Civil War and any absolute accepted agitated trends that can be traced aback to it. Post : Explain the patterns of abomination and abuse afore the Civil War. Explain the appulse these patterns had on accepted agitated trends. What kinds of agitated trends abide in your region? Are there all-embracing comparisons you can draw from the Civil War example?

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