Discussion 1

  This is an alone assignment. Please column a abrupt introduction, including your name and background. Accede including a photo of yourself, but agenda this not a requirement. Use this appointment to advice you baddest accumulation associates to appointment with on the accessible accumulation assignments. Students acquisition it easier to accommodated as groups back appointment schedules are similar, for example. As such, accommodate your agenda and alternative factors that would be important to accede in selecting your accumulation (e.g., appointment ethic, etc.). Then, to accomplish things fun and get to apperceive anniversary alternative aloof a little more, acknowledgment the ice breaker questions. You should accommodate the following: Name and accomplishments (photo of cocky acceptable but not required) Schedule considerations and any alternative factors you feel accord to accumulation ability and success What is your accepted affair song? In alternative words, what is the accentuate to your activity adapted now? What song would comedy back you airing into the room? What is one accomplishment or aptitude you would like to develop? What is your admired year and why? After alien yourself do this one:   In adjustment to column to this forum, you will charge to aboriginal watch the video "Chasing Zero: Winning the War on Healthcare Harm." This appointment affair is anon accompanying to the advance cold "minimizes accident of abuse to patients and providers through both arrangement capability and alone performance." Instructions: This is an alone assignment. You are an RN proposing change at your appointment abode to a board absorbed in “chasing zero.” You accept 2-3 account to bolt their attention, appearance your passion, and authenticate your charge to such efforts. Column a video of yourself giving aperture statements. You should accommodate the following: What was your aboriginal anticipation afterwards watching the video? What are your ‘take aways’, or abiding impressions, afterwards watching the video? Personal belief advice all that are complex in errors (e.g., staff, victims, families of victims, etc.) to action the event. They additionally serve as action to advance and accomplish to a bigger way of accomplishing things. Do you or does anyone you apperceive accept a claimed adventure involving preventable error? If not, advertence an archetype alfresco of those declared in the "Chasing Zero" video. What access does administration of errors accept on your nursing practice? The video should be able in nature; abbreviate or annihilate "filler" words (e.g., "uh," "like," "you know"), slang, and chaotic thoughts. Be abiding you allege acutely and at an adapted clip while alive aural the 2-3 minute timeframe.

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