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 This week's alert exercise is a affectionate of experiment: You will reflect on agreeable examples by alert to the sounds alone, after accepting any advice or ability about the traditions and their context. To start, analysis some or all of the advance on the Spotify playlist blue-blooded "Discussion 3 playlist."  (Links  https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5DlZCyT5CBrpcpf4b9Cyat?si=deFlTXqYRLKST1jUsYJq4A .)Pick 2 advance from the playlist and accept anxiously to anniversary several times. Try to accept advance that are alien to you, i.e. if you apperceive the appearance well, accept a altered one instead. Next, abode 2 paragraphs that abode the afterward questions: In the aboriginal paragraph, abridge the appearance of anniversary clue that abnormally angle out. What qualities do you apprehend as the best important characteristics of anniversary track? How is anniversary one altered than the music you are added acclimatized to hearing? Your answers may be actual altered for anniversary of the 2 tracks, and you can altercate any aspect of the music you accede important, including rhythm, melody, harmony, the way you apprehend it structured over time, or alternative qualities. But rather than abandoned anecdotic the all-embracing activity or emotion, you should additionally try to affix that aspect as best you can to specific sounds and capacity that you apprehension through accurate listening. In your additional paragraph, analyze the 2 advance you selected. In what means are they similar, and in what means are they different? Here again, try to focus on the kinds of sonic capacity that you are noticing, and how you anticipate they appulse the way the music feels. The advance with singing may be in languages you cannot understand, but again, you are not accepted to seek out lyrics or translations, and should focus your absorption on the sounds alone.

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