Discuss the impact industrialization had on American society between the end of the Civil War and the end of WWI.

Hint: Think broadly actuality as you scattershoot/concept map your article afore writing.  Are  there authentic amusing or indigenous groups that acquired or absent out? What  types of laws did the government advertise that impacted society? How  did family, work, and association change? How did abstruse  advancements bigger or aggravate American life? What new activities did  Americans booty up? What civic activities achromatic away? How did  Americans acknowledge politically to civic changes?  How did association  change over time amid 1865 and 1918? Does geographic area or  urban/rural accomplish a difference?  Note that you charge not acknowledgment all of these questions in your essay,  they are aloof questions to accede as you put alternating your best acknowledgment to  the prompt. Requirements for the Midterm Essay     Must be in Rule of Three architecture with a addition and able  thesis statement, 3 paragraphs of the anatomy (each with their own apriorism  statement - one for anniversary of the three key credibility of your all-embracing  thesis), and conclusion. So a minimum of 5 paragraphs. This is a actuality based essay, you charge accommodate specific and abundant affirmation for your hypotheses. You charge advance a minimum of three primary sources from the assigned abstracts as affirmation in your essay You charge advance a minimum of three accessory sources from the assigned abstracts as affirmation in your essay You may abandoned use abstracts assigned in this advance for your article  (we accept vetted all the abstracts activated in this course, alternative  materials may not be adapted or accurate) DO NOT adduce accessory sources You may briefly adduce a primary antecedent (a byword or a  sentence) afore anon allegory the appliance of the adduce - a  quote cannot angle abandoned as annual or evidence You charge accede change over time in this essay You charge accede cartography in this article (where article takes abode matters) You charge use Turabian citation appearance in this essay; all citations  must be comment appearance citations (no parenthetical cites allowed, no  endnotes/works cited at the end, you charge footnotes).  Be abiding to assay  how to appropriately adduce a primary antecedent that may be independent in addition  work and be abiding to use folio numbers area possible. 12 pt type, 1 inch margins, double-spaced How the Appointment is Graded    The appointment is annual up to 50 points.  The afterward factors are taken into annual back we grade: RULE OF THREE THESES -  Do you accept a able-bodied anticipation out and bright all-embracing apriorism in your  introduction? Do you accept a apriorism annual for anniversary of your three  paragraphs of the body? Do the paragraphs of the anatomy chase the all-embracing  thesis statement? EVIDENCE -  You charge accept solid affirmation for anniversary point you accession in the thesis.   Evidence is not artlessly a statement, there charge be an annual of how  that affirmation supports the apriorism statement.  Example:  If you were autograph a branch on the causes of the Cold War, you ability use the Baruch Plan as an example.  Artlessly autograph "the Baruch Plan  was a account of the Cold War" in your branch would not be abundant and  would not be analytical. However, the afterward sentences do accommodate a  good assay of this allotment of evidence: "One  cause of the Cold War was the abortion of the United States and the  Soviet Union to accede aloft a plan for nuclear disarmament afterwards World  War II.  The Baruch Plan,  presented by the US, would advance the American diminutive weapon  advantage for the accountable future.  This played into Stalin's  suspicions of the Americans' accurate motivations against the USSR." Did you use the minimum cardinal of primary sources? accessory sources? HISTORICAL ACCURACY, CLARITY, AND LOGIC Is  your altercation bright and does it accomplish sense?  Is it historically  accurate?  Does your affirmation prove your point? Does your assay  answer the prompt?  Have you advised change over time and geographic  differences in your essay?  PROPER CITATION Have you appropriately cited? Accept you acclimated Turabian/Chicago?  You charge additionally FOOTNOTE.  Parenthetical cites are NOT allowed. GRAMMAR, SPELLING AND MECHANICS Is  the article up to academy standards for grammar and spelling? Is it an  analytical essay? Does it accommodated minimum breadth and formatting  requirements? Grade Scale:  A = 45-50.  Exceptional in all aspects acclaimed above B = 40-44.    Above boilerplate in best of the aspects acclaimed above C = 35-39.    Boilerplate work D = 30-34.    Below boilerplate work F = 0-29       Unacceptable academy akin appointment or does not accommodated minimum requirements

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