Discuss How This Play Might Reflect On Elizabeth I`S Decision Not To Marry

By the time Shakespeare wrote A Midsummer’s Night Dream during the winter of 1595-96, Queen Elizabeth I was able-bodied able her bearing years, able the age of sixty and had not called an heir. Given the antecedent several decades of English history, this fabricated her capacity understandably apprehensive. The actuality that she was a able adjudicator who had able abundant and was almost amiable elicited admiration; however, the actuality that she was an bachelor woman would accept aloft abounding questions in the minds of bodies active in and during what about was a patriarchal, male-dominated abode and time. The antecedent achievement of A Midsummer’s Night Dream may accept been abounding by Elizabeth. Were this the case and it was accepted that the Queen would attend, it would not accept been absurd for Shakespeare to absorb elements advised to adulate her. On the alternative hand, Shakespeare’s plays were accounting “for the masses” as well. It is not above the branch of achievability that some attenuate anatomy of political or amusing criticism ability accept begin its way into the script. In some ways, the anatomy of the comedy (one of the few that Shakespeare created from his own acuteness afterwards relying on a primary source) is emblematic of the history of England during the agitated years of the 16th century; the Duke of Theseus and Queen Hippolyta represent adherence in what is about a anarchic plot, and this adherence is present alone at the alpha and the catastrophe of the play. Likewise, the 16th aeon had opened with the administration of Henry VI, who had adequate adherence afterward the War of the Roses; back his son, Henry VIII bankrupt with the Roman Catholic Church over the affair of his annulment from Catherine of Aragon, he accidentally lit a socio-political blaze fanned by the apprehension of the Reformation, arch to civic upheavals over which he had little control. Following the casual of Henry VIII, three added Tudor monarchs came and went in quick assumption (Edward VI, Lady Jane Grey and Mary I), anniversary one bringing a change of official religion; Elizabeth I adequate adherence to English association and began the action of axis the British Authority into a superpower. Elizabeth’s angary was in catechism because of her Protestant faith, but she was actual accepted with her subjects. Nonetheless, the catechism of her alliance came up anon afterwards her ascent to the throne. Rumors at the time appropriate that she was in adulation with the 1st Earl of Leicester, Robert Dudley, but back her board would not sanction alliance to a commoner, she absitively not to ally at all. It is added acceptable that the accommodation was political, however. Had Elizabeth married, she would accept sacrificed around all of her ability and a ample allocation of her wealth. In the aperture arena of A Midsummer’s Night Dream, Hermia refuses the suitor her ancestor Egeus has called for her. Theseus outlines her alternatives in no ambiguous terms: “Either to die the death, or to abandon For anytime the association of men.” (Act I, Arena 1, Lines 65-66). Any macho autocrat (married or not) would accept had to a mistress, and no questions would accept been asked. The affectionate double-standard would accept fabricated any appointment on Elizabeth’s allotment a political disaster, however. Furthermore, Renaissance conventions appropriate that a wife be unquestioningly accountable to her husband’s authority. Back this would accept had cogent political consequences, it was in Elizabeth’s best interests (as able-bodied as England’s) for her to abide a virgin. On one hand, the comedy would assume to be analytical of Elizabeth in her abnegation to abide to macho authority, and yet there is article admirable in Hermia’s defiance, accommodating to accident all for the one she loves. In the aftermost arena of the 1999 blur Elizabeth, the Queen declares that she is “married – to England. ” Whether it was claimed appetite and admiration for power, or a accurate adulation for and faculty of assignment against the nation, the actuality charcoal that had Elizabeth married, Britain would never accept become an empire, and the apple would be a abundant altered abode today.

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