Discovering Reliable Resources

  Assignment 1: Discovering Reliable Resources Discussion Rules of Engagement: Be affable and professional. Keep an accessible mind. Keep claimed advice personal. Issue complaints privately. Be patient. Be honest. Before You Begin… To auspiciously complete your assignment, you should accept completed the afterward tasks: From your textbook, Keys to able learning: Study abilities and habits for success, read: Appendix A: Guide to library and Internet research Review abstracts beneath the affair of “Researching Tips” Review abstracts beneath the affair of “Content Integrity” The Internet is a admirable cosmos of information. But not all of it is trustworthy, or credible, for use in college-level bookish research. Using the Internet for research, analyze at atomic one academically aboveboard website for anniversary of the afterward topics: Plagiarism or bookish citation Study skills Time management Stress management Budgeting or claimed finance Note:  It is important that your sources are aboveboard websites apropos anniversary of the topics. Wikipedia is not a aboveboard antecedent of information.  Prepare a account of the aboveboard websites you found. For anniversary of the bristles capacity above, accede the following: What were the challenges you faced in researching the topics? Did any affair prove to be added difficult to research? What methods did you use to analyze abeyant accurate resources? What fabricated you anticipate that anniversary of the sites called was academically credible? By the due date assigned, column your acknowledgment in the Discussion Area. Review and animadversion on at atomic two peers’ responses. Complete your accord in this appointment through the end of the module. Grading CriteriaMaximum PointsQuality of antecedent posting, including accomplishment of appointment instructions16Quality of responses to classmates12Frequency of responses to classmates4Reference to acknowledging readings and alternative materials4Language and grammar4Total:40 

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