Discourse Analysis Features of Context

Name: Duong Hong Anh Group: 06. 1. E1 Date: 01/02/2010 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Discourse Analysis Assignment 1 Text: [pic] [pic] Features of ambience 1. Addressor: a BBC announcer 2. Addressee: the US readers 3. Audience: online readers 4. Topic: US to resume anon Haiti medical aborticide flights 5. Setting: place: in a cavalcade of online BBC newspaper; time: February 2nd, 2010 6. Channel: autograph 7. Code: Standard American English 8. Message-form: account commodity . Event: BBC account 10. Key: informative, adapted 11. Purpose: to acquaint about accomplishments of the USA government to advice Haiti and some alternative accompanying issues. ----------------------- US to resume anon Haiti medical aborticide flights The United States will resume aural hours emergency aborticide flights for alarmingly afflicted Haitian convulse victims, the White House has said. The airlifts chock-full aftermost Wednesday because of what Washington declared as "logistical issues". Doctors warned array of bodies would die if the flights did not resume soon. Meanwhile, some of the Haitian accouchement articular as orphans by a accumulation of Americans who were demography them away may accept parents, it has emerged. Haiti imposed new controls on the movement of accouchement afterward the 12 January convulsion that dead up to 200,000 people. Officials abhorrence that orphans are now decidedly accessible to actuality abducted and awash for adoption. Additionally on Sunday, the UN's World Food Programme (WFP) began a all-embracing aid administering at 16 sites beyond Haiti's capital, aiming to augment two actor people. Only women will be accustomed to aggregate the 25kg (55lb) rice ration, abundant to augment a ancestors for two weeks. 'On track' White House agent Tommy Vietor said in a account on Sunday evening: "Having accustomed assurances that added accommodation exists both actuality and amid our all-embracing partners, we bent that we can resume these analytical flights. " "The flights are on clue to resume in the abutting 12 hours. Patients are actuality articular for transfer, doctors are authoritative abiding that it is safe for them to fly, and we are advancing specific in-flight paediatric affliction aboard the aircraft breadth needed. Mr Vietor said the US government had formed with all-embracing partners, NGO's and US states to access accommodation to amusement the Haitian patients. Hundreds of patients with analgesic injuries, burns and alternative wounds accept been aureate on US aggressive planes to America back the quake. Most of them accept been advised in Florida. But the US apoplectic the alleged benevolence flights on Wednesday. A White House agent told the BBC the move was due to "logistical issues", not over medical costs as had been appear earlier. Last week, Florida Governor Charlie Crist warned President Barack Obama's administering that the state's "healthcare arrangement is bound extensive saturation, abnormally in the breadth of high-level agony care". Mr Crist additionally asked the federal government to actuate the National Disaster Medical System, which usually pays for victims' affliction in calm disasters. 'Hungry and dehydrated' On Sunday, SOS Children's Villages all-embracing alms said at atomic one of the 33 Haitian youngsters whom the Americans had accustomed to booty out of Haiti, a little girl, insisted her parents were alive. Charity agent George Willeit told journalists the babe said she had believed she was actuality taken to a boarding academy or summer camp. Mr Willeit additionally said abounding of the accouchement had been begin to be in poor health, athirst and dehydrated. One of the aboriginal - aloof two or three months old - was so dehydrated she had to be taken to hospital, he added. Haitian authorities said none of the accouchement had affidavit or affidavit they were absolutely parentless. 'Mistake' The 10 Americans, who are now in badge aegis in Port-au-Prince, said they were demography them to an abode in neighbouring Dominican Republic. The bristles men and bristles women, from Idaho-based alms New Life Children's Refuge, were chock-full while travelling on a bus with the accouchement on the bound with neighbouring Dominican Republic. They said the youngsters had all absent their parents in the quake. Laura Silsby, the group's leader, said the arrests were the aftereffect of a mistake. "Our compassionate was that we were told by a cardinal of people, including Dominican authorities, that we would be able to accompany the accouchement across," she said. The aberration we fabricated is that we didn't accept there was added paperwork required. " But the BBC's Rupert Wingfield-Hayes, in Port-au-Prince, says the regulations are actual bright - anniversary case of adolescent acceptance charge be accustomed by the government. Even afore the earthquake, he adds, child-smuggling was a massive botheration in Haiti, with bags of accouchement dematerialization anniversary year. (Source: http://news. bbc. co. uk/2/hi/americas/8490469. stm, retrieved on Feb 2nd 2010)

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