Disability As A Means Of Innovation

  General Studies 420: Affliction & Society Spring 2019 Assignment #4 “Disability as a Agency of Innovation” Inquiry Paper 10 points For this appointment investigate the afterward topic: The Harbinger Ban Background: There is abundant agitation about the accountable of straws and their appulse on the environment. Within this agitation accept emerged different perspectives of bodies in the affliction community.  You are appropriate to address a two-page paper, bifold spaced, 12 point font, acclamation the afterward credibility and questions. You charge accommodate the area title above anniversary response. Failure to chase formatting guidelines will aftereffect in a accident of 2 points.   ● Introduction - 1 point Opening account of affair area (1 abbreviate paragraph)  ● References & Summaries - 6 points Name the websites, readings, blogs, and/or documentary films you utilized in your inquiry. You should use at atomic 3 acclaimed sources with audible perspectives. Accommodate links to any online sources used. What were the capital credibility or arguments of anniversary source? Address a 1 branch arbitrary of anniversary antecedent (total of 3 paragraphs account 2 credibility each). ● Class Connections - 1 point Which of these axiological areas does this affair blow on? Choose 2 areas. How does the affair chronicle to the areas chosen? Explain. (1 paragraph) ○ Ableism, Social Model of Disability, accessibility, accommodations, advantageous technology, afflatus porn, affliction rights, admiring language, intersectionality ● Reflection - 1 point I acclimated to anticipate that… Why did you anticipate that?  Now I anticipate that… Why do you anticipate that now? What afflicted in your thinking?  (1 paragraph).  ● Closing - 1 point In this context, how is affliction a apparatus or a agency of innovation? How has the harbinger ban debate acquired toward new possibilities as a aftereffect of affliction representation? Or how has it not acquired against new possibilities? Explain. (2-3 sentences)

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