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  1. Find contempo account accoutrement issue(s) accompanying to declining accumulated babyminding mechanism(s) at a specific aggregation (WSJ, Bloomberg, Forbes would be the recommended sources to search) and: a) briefly explain the attributes of the affair (what happened, why and what are the implications to the shareholders and alternative stakeholders in the company). b) your proposed band-aid to this issue. What can be done in the approaching to abstain agnate problems? 2. In general, what would you acclaim to advance accumulated babyminding in the US in general? More adjustment from the government or let the markets fix it (via actor activism, able advantage models etc.)?  Before you codify your response, booty a attending at the following: a. Accepted trends in Accumulated Babyminding in 2018 (from Harvard Law School blog) --- CG_Trends_2018 b. Increasing pay of Directors (WSJ). Contempo trends in tweaking BoD's advantage --- Pay for Directors - WSJ c. What is CG? This is an earlier article, but an accomplished and simple account of accumulated babyminding and some statistics on CG in the US --- About CG - WSJ 

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