Direct manipulation – Human computer interaction

  Use the arbiter and/or alternative adapted bookish sources. Do not use Wikipedia, user-answer sites, bulletin boards, or agnate sources. Instead, attending for affection assignment able by able professionals. When in doubt, ask your assistant about the account of a source. Appropriately adduce your sources in APA appearance on the agreeable slides appliance in-text citations, and accommodate abounding APA entries on the advertence slide. The agreeable of your presentation charge be as follows: Accelerate 1: Cover accelerate with a title, the advance and assemblage numbers, and your aboriginal and aftermost names For anniversary of the following, accommodate (1) a analogue in your own words, (2) assorted forms and/or uses of the element, (3) a accepted example, and (4) for slides 2–5 add a screenshot of your archetype and appraisal of the accomplishing — Does the apparatus assignment able-bodied for what it advised for? Could it be improved? Would a altered apparatus assignment better? Present the advice in bulleted lists. Anniversary accelerate charge accept at atomic 35 words. All diction charge be your own (no quotes, no copying). Accelerate 2: Direct manipulation Accelerate 3: Long lists Accelerate 4: Pop-up menus Accelerate 5: Toolbars Accelerate 6: Virtual reality Color plays an important role in applications and websites. Acquisition an archetype of an appliance or a website area the blush is able-bodied done and adds to the readability and account of the site. Then acquisition an archetype area the blush detracts and/or makes it added difficult to read. For anniversary accommodate (1) Name of the armpit or application, (2) account of why the blush arrangement is acceptable or bad, and (3) any improvements you would make. Accelerate 7: Acceptable use of color Accelerate 8: Poor use of color Finish the presentation with: Accelerate 9: Your thoughts on what makes an able user interface. What accoutrement do you anticipate accommodate the best user acquaintance for account and why? What colors do you anticipate should be acclimated and why? Accelerate 10: References in APA format. Accelerate 11: Credit the antecedent of the PowerPoint arrangement you used. Accommodate the name of the site, the name of the template, and the abounding URL arch anon to the folio area you downloaded it. Note: Do not use APA architecture for this slide. Present the advice as you ability for a abode presentation.

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