Digital Investigation II HW3

  A above federal intelligence bureau has tasked your computer  forensics aggregation with assuming a alien acquisition, appropriate to do  real-time forensics assay of a accessible agitator corpuscle operating at  one of their accessory offices.  The intelligence bureau does not appetite the suspects to be acquainted of the  ongoing investigation, so you are to analyze in the presentation how  the investigator will access the alien doubtable after compromising  the investigation. In addition, analyze the real-time forensics  procedures and absolute accoutrement (e.g., Encase Enterprise) acclimated for computer  imaging, angel analysis and affidavit over the network. Before  performing the real-time forensics activity, the intelligence advance would  like a presentation on how the forensics aggregation will assassinate this  investigation.  Provide the argumentative real-time accretion action in a presentation  so the intelligence advance will accept the accoutrement and processes acclimated  in the investigation. Make abiding to accommodate the afterward in your  presentation: Assignment Guidelines A appellation folio   A presentation including the following:    A appellation accelerate   A Topics of Discussion Accelerate (Introduction) account the above credibility of the presentation   How the investigator will access the alien doubtable after compromising the analysis   An identification of the real-time forensics procedures and  actual accoutrement (e.g., Encase Enterprise) acclimated consisting of computer  imaging and image analysis and affidavit over the network.   A conclusion to the presentation restating the all-embracing action   A reference accelerate in APA architecture   Speaker addendum that supplement your presentation slides. 

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