Digital Industry and Government of Bangladesh

Background With the affiance of authoritative this country into “Digital Bangladesh” the government of Bangladesh alien its aboriginal anthology to ambition the articulation of the bodies of Bangladesh who can`t allow to buy a cher big name laptop. Doel is the aboriginal Netbook fabricated in Bangladesh by Telephone Shilpa-Songstha Limited, which is anchored in Tongi, Gazipur. Named afterwards the civic bird, Doel is the aboriginal anytime laptop cast to be accumulated in Bangladesh, which is believed to revolutionise the aerial tech industry of the country. With the aim to arch the advice gap amid our bodies and ICT, by accouterment laptops at an affordable rate, this action provides scopes to body capacity, alternation bounded manpower and strengthen the country’s ICT expertise. At present, Shilpa Songsthe Limited has bogus four altered classes of Netbooks: The Basic DOEL Netbook, DOEL Primary Netbook, DOEL Standard Netbook and DOEL Advanced Netbook Charge for Research: To apperceive and acquire our canton as abeyant bazaar for laptop computers I charge to apperceive what chump and abeyant customers’ acumen appear a Bangladesh fabricated laptop. Would it be advantageous industries for laptop accomplishment will depend on how acquire Doel as a Bangladeshi laptop brand. Should alternative home developed brands appear up with band of laptops for accepted people. Problem Definition: Prospect of Doel the aboriginal anthology fabricated in Bangladesh Objectives * Apperceive Acumen appear Bangladeshi laptop cast Doel amid laptop users * Assess Prospect of ascent industry surrounding laptop/notebook computers in Bangladesh * Find out the Factors that Influence bodies to buy anthology /laptops Assay Design The assay will be done by administering assay on users and abeyant laptop users in Bangladesh. The assay will additionally awning the articulation of bodies who cannot allow laptops but ability be benefitted by it. That agency rural businessman, students, SME owners etc. Abstracts Collection To conduct the assay we charge abstracts and statistics of assorted kinds. Abstracts will be calm from both primary and accessory sources Primary source: sample assay on users and abeyant laptop users of Bangladesh Interview Accessory sources: News accessories Publications on ICT industry in Bangladesh Websites Blogs Abstracts Assay Abstracts assay will be done application statistical software spss.

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