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Consumers as able-bodied as brands acquire their own personalities. Consumers generally baddest and advance brands whose appearance is agnate to their own self-concept (actual self-concept, ideal self-concept or other’s self-concept). Kotler and Keller (2016) altercate "five key cerebral processes — motivation, perception, learning, affections and anamnesis — fundamentally access customer responses" (p. 72). For this assignment, you will chronicle your own personality to the cast personality of a contempo acquirement you made. In a Microsoft Word document, abode a abode allegory one of your best contempo purchases of a car, computer, furniture, or accouterment and altercate your action for the purchase. Be abiding to abode the afterward questions: Did any being or business advice from the cast access your purchase? What does the acquirement say about your own self-concept ideas? How would you ascertain the personality of the purchased cast as compared to the definitions declared in the affiliate by Stanford’s Jennifer Aaker (p. 71) and is it constant with your own? Ensure your cardboard incorporates the following: A minimum of two pages (not including awning page, table of contents, etc.) Double-spaced lines 12-point chantry admeasurement text APA autograph style

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