Differentiation & Math and the Bible

Topic: Differentiation In her book, How to Differentiate Apprenticeship in Mixed-Ability Classrooms (2005), Carol Ann Tomlinson advocates that “in a differentiated classroom, the abecedary proactively affairs and carries out assorted approaches to content, process, and artefact in apprehension of and acknowledgment to apprentice differences in readiness, interest, and acquirements needs” (p. 7).   Select a algebraic affair and account 4 means that you could differentiate the agreeable (what is accomplished or what one expects acceptance to learn), the action (opportunity for learners to action the agreeable or ideas), and the artefact (assignments that advice acceptance rethink, use, and extend what they accept abstruse over a continued aeon of time).   Tomlinson, C. A. (2005). How to differentiate apprenticeship in mixed-ability classrooms (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc. Topic: Algebraic and the Bible   Write a abrupt assignment of how you would accommodate the Bible while teaching a algebraic concept. Make abiding to accommodate an action for the acceptance and one that you will do with them. Provide details! For anniversary thread, you charge abutment your assertions with at atomic 1 commendation in accepted APA format. Anniversary acknowledgment charge adduce at atomic 1 antecedent as well. Acceptable sources accommodate peer-reviewed journals, articles, the chic textbook, and the Bible. Anniversary cilia should accommodate 250 words. 

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