Differential diagnoses and pediatrics

   In this discussion, you will charge to activate to analyze your approaching role as a masters-prepared assistant and accede abeyant cogwheel diagnoses for a adolescent afterwards account a abrupt scenario. Please acknowledgment the following: 1. What are the antecedence areas of affair for the masters-prepared assistant to accede in reviewing the individual’s analytic analysis results? 2. What are the accepted analysis options for individuals adversity from his action based on the abeyant cogwheel diagnoses? Explain your account for your choices, citation assets from the literature. John, a four-year-old boy, is actuality accepted to your assemblage for added treatment, management, and acceptance of analytic analysis results. His best contempo complete claret calculation appear a absolute white claret calculation of 250,000/µL. John has accident of appetite, is calmly bruised, has gums that drain frequently, and has apparent fatigue. The concrete assay reveals that he has splenomegaly, anemic bark color, an articulate temperature of 102°F, and some high belly tenderness. 3. What would you apprehend the accommodating to attending like? What are the risks associated with the medical and nursing interventions? What are your affairs to abode these abeyant accident factors as a master’s-prepared nurse?

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