Different Issues About Sex Education


Sex apprenticeship is possibly one of the best talked-about capacity nowadays, abnormally amid anxious citizens and the government. Sex is a accustomed affair for all of us and it is aloof appropriate for the advisers as able-bodied as the readers to apperceive and apprentice added about it. But the catechism is, is it appropriate for sex apprenticeship to be accomplished in primary schools?

This assay cardboard tackles the altered issues about sex education. It contains the pros and cons of teaching sex apprenticeship in primary schools. Opinions from altered abandon such as agents in primary and accessory schools are considered. With such divisions, the clairvoyant can almost their own apperception of the affair and appropriately accord agency to abetment the primary acceptance apropos this matter.

In this assay paper, the advisers would like to appearance the readers the accent of teachers’ acumen on teaching sex apprenticeship in primary schools. The advisers are assertive that this cardboard will be of abundant amount to acceptance and teachers.

Conceptual Framework

Sex Education





Statement of the Problem

The abstraction aimed to acquisition out the teachers’ appearance on teaching sex apprenticeship in primary schools.

What is the accustomed contour of the respondents in agreement of:


Civil Status


Subject teaching

What are the teachers’ angle of teaching sex apprenticeship in primary schools?

What are the issues/concerns of agents in the teaching of sex apprenticeship primary schools?

Is there a cogent aberration on how the agents appearance the teaching of sex apprenticeship back compared by primary and accessory schools?


There is no cogent aberration amid the perspectives of the agents from primary and accessory schools.

Assumptions of the Study

The advisers accept that the questionnaires broadcast to the respondents are answered candidly and truthfully, and that all abstracts that will be aggregate is reliable to the study. The advisers additionally accept that the claimed ethics may affect the respondent’s acknowledgment to the questions accustomed and claimed adventures may access the acknowledgment to the question.

Research Locale

The abstraction will be conducted in Southville All-embracing Academy and Colleges amid at 1281 Tropical Ave. cor. Luxembourg St., BF International, Las Piñas City, Philippines. The academy will be the focus of the abstraction because it is added acceptable to the researchers, it has a big citizenry and it is ill-fitted for the study.

Significance of the study

Parents: They will be guided on authoritative the accommodation of absolution their accouchement abstraction sex apprenticeship in the academy breadth their accouchement are studying.

Students: They will accept an abstraction about what they can get from acquirements sex education. They will be acquainted that the absolute affection of this affair is for their future.

Scope and Limitations:

The assay focused on the perceptions of the agents arise teaching sex apprenticeship in primary schools. The respondents are the agents in primary and accessory akin of academy year 2010-2011, from Southville All-embracing Academy and Colleges.

Definition of Terms

Curricula- are the courses offered by an educational institution. It is additionally a set of courses basal an breadth of specialization.

Mandatory- can additionally be compulsatory the teaching of sex apprenticeship is obligatory.

Optional- the teaching of sex apprenticeship for boyish bodies is not compulsory.

Perception- is a aftereffect of perceiving, observation, a brainy image, or concept.

Primary school- includes grades one to six.

Secondary school- a academy usually including years 7 to 10.

Sexuality- is an announcement of animal action or absorption abnormally back excessive.

Sex wise- it is a 12 allotment alternation which discussed sex education, ancestors action education, contraception, ancestors action education, contraception and parenting.

Sex Education- is an apprenticeship about animal animal anatomy, reproduction, and action and alternative animal animal behaviour.

Young people- are additionally referred to as teenagers or accouchement ages amid to 10 to 12.

Review of Accompanying Literature

Sex Education

It is sometimes alleged female apprenticeship or sex and relationships education, is the action of accepting advice and basal attitudes and behavior about sex, animal identity, relationships and intimacy. Sex apprenticeship is additionally about developing boyish people’s abilities so that they accomplish abreast choices about their behavior, and feel assured and competent about acting on these choices. It is broadly accustomed that boyish bodies accept a appropriate to sex education. This is because it is a agency by which they are helped to assure themselves adjoin abuse, exploitation, adventitious pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV and AIDS. It is additionally argued that accouterment sex apprenticeship helps to accommodated boyish people’s rights to advice about affairs that affect them, their appropriate to accept their needs met and to advice them adore their female and the relationships that they form.

It aims to abate the risks of potentially abrogating outcomes from animal behavior, such as exceptionable or adventitious pregnancies and infection with sexually transmitted diseases including HIV. It additionally aims to accord to boyish people’s absolute acquaintance of their female by acceptable the affection of their relationships and their adeptness to accomplish abreast decisions over their lifetime. Sex apprenticeship that works, by which we beggarly that it is able is sex apprenticeship that contributes to both these aims appropriately allowance boyish bodies to be safe and adore their sexuality. (http://www.avert.org/sex-education.htm, 2010)


Young bodies can be apparent to a advanced ambit of attitudes and behavior in affiliation to sex and sexuality. These sometimes arise adverse and confusing. For example, some bloom letters accent the risks and dangers associated with animal action and some media advantage promotes the abstraction that actuality sexually alive makes a actuality added adorable and mature. Because sex and female are acute subjects, boyish bodies and sex educators can accept able angle on what attitudes bodies should hold, and what moral framework should administer people’s behavior – these too can sometimes assume to be at odds. Boyish bodies are absolute absorbed in the moral and cultural frameworks that bind sex and sexuality. They generally acceptable opportunities to allocution about issues breadth bodies accept able views, like abortion, sex afore marriage, lesbian and gay issues and contraception and bearing control. It is important to bethink that talking in a counterbalanced way about differences in assessment does not advance one set of angle over another, or beggarly that one agrees with a accurate view. Allotment of exploring and compassionate cultural, religious and moral angle is award out that you can accede to disagree.

Effective sex apprenticeship additionally provides boyish bodies with an befalling to analyze the affidavit why bodies accept sex, and to anticipate about how it involves emotions, account for one cocky and alternative bodies and their feelings, decisions and bodies. Boyish bodies should accept the adventitious to analyze gender differences and how ethnicity and female can access people’s animosity and options. They should be able to adjudge for themselves what the absolute qualities of relationships are. It is important that they accept how bullying, stereotyping, corruption and corruption can abnormally access relationships. . (As additionally declared at the website: http://www.avert.org/sex-education.htm, 2010)

Sex apprenticeship worldwide


Sex apprenticeship in Africa has focused on stemming the growing AIDS epidemic. Best governments in the arena accept accustomed AIDS apprenticeship programs in affiliation with the Apple Bloom Organization and all-embracing NGOs. These programs were attenuate decidedly by the Global Gag Rule, an action put in abode by President Reagan, abeyant by President Clinton, and re-instated by President Bush. The Global Gag Rule “…required nongovernmental organizations to accede as a action of their cancellation of Federal funds that such organizations would neither accomplish nor actively advance aborticide as a adjustment of ancestors planning in alternative nations.” The Global Gag Rule was afresh abeyant as one of the aboriginal official acts by United States President Barack Obama. The incidences of new HIV transmissions in Uganda decreased badly back Clinton accurate a absolute sex apprenticeship access (including advice about contraception and abortion). According to Ugandan AIDS activists, the Global Gag Rule debilitated association efforts to abate HIV prevalence and HIV transmission.



In Filand, animal apprenticeship is usually congenital into assorted binding courses, mainly as allotment of assay acquaint (in lower grades) and after in a advance accompanying to accustomed bloom issues. The Citizenry and Ancestors Welfare Federation accommodate all 15-year-olds an anterior animal amalgamation that includes an advice brochure, a condom and a animation adulation story.

England and Wales

In England and Wales, sex apprenticeship is not compulsatory in schools as parents can debris to let their accouchement booty allotment in the lessons. The chic focuses on the changeable system, fetal development, and the concrete and affecting changes of adolescence, while advice about contraception and safe sex is arbitrary and altercation about relationships is generally neglected. Britain has one of the accomplished boyish abundance ante in Europe and sex apprenticeship is a acrimonious affair in government and media reports. In a 2000 abstraction by the University of Brighton, abounding 14 to 15 year olds appear disappointment with the agreeable of sex apprenticeship acquaint and acquainted that abridgement of acquaintance prevents teenagers from allurement agents about contraception.


In France, sex apprenticeship has been allotment of academy curricula back 1973. Schools are accepted to accommodate 30 to 40 hours of sex education, and canyon out condoms, to acceptance in grades eight and nine. In January 2000, the French government launched an advice attack on contraception with TV and radio spots and the administration of bristles actor leaflets on contraception to aerial academy students.


In Germany, sex apprenticeship has been allotment of academy curricula back 1970. Back 1992 sex apprenticeship is by law a authoritative duty.

It commonly covers all capacity apropos the growing-up process, anatomy changes during puberty, emotions, the biological action of reproduction, animal activity, partnership, homosexuality, exceptionable pregnancies and the complications of abortion, the dangers of animal violence, boyish abuse, and sex-transmitted diseases, but sometimes additionally things like sex positions. Best schools action courses on the absolute acceptance of contraception.

A sex assay by the Apple Bloom Organization apropos the habits of European teenagers in 2006 appear that German teenagers affliction about contraception. The bearing amount amid 15- to 19-year-olds was absolute low – alone 11.7 per 1000 population, compared to the UK’s 27.8 births per 1,000 population, and-in aboriginal place-Bulgaria’s 39.0 births per 1,000.


In the Western point of view, sex apprenticeship in Poland has never absolutely developed. At the time of the People’s Republic of Poland, back 1973, it was one of the academy subjects; however, it was almost poor and did not accomplish any absolute success. After 1989, it about vanished from the academy action – it is currently an absolute accountable (called wychowanie do życia w rodzinie/family action apprenticeship rather than edukacja seksualna/sex education) in several schools their parents charge accord accord to the headmasters so their accouchement may attend. It has abundant due to the able argument adjoin sex apprenticeship of the Catholic Church; the best affecting academy in Poland.

It has, however, been afflicted and back September 2009 sex apprenticeship will become an binding accountable in the cardinal of 14 per academy year – unless parents do not appetite their accouchement to be taught. Objecting parents will accept to address appropriate disagreements.

North America

United States

Almost all U.S. acceptance accept some anatomy of sex apprenticeship at atomic already amid grades 7 and 12; abounding schools activate acclamation some capacity as aboriginal as grades 5 or 6. However, what acceptance apprentice varies widely, because chic decisions are so decentralized. Abounding states accept laws administering what is accomplished in sex apprenticeship classes or acceptance parents to opt out. Some accompaniment laws leave chic decisions to alone academy districts.

Two capital forms of sex apprenticeship are accomplished in American schools: absolute and abstinence-only. Absolute sex apprenticeship covers abnegation as a absolute choice, but additionally teaches about contraception and abstention of STIs back sexually active. A 2002 abstraction conducted by the Kaiser Ancestors Foundation begin that 58% of accessory academy principals call their sex apprenticeship chic as comprehensive.

Abstinence-only sex apprenticeship tells teenagers that they should be sexually abstinent until alliance and does not accommodate advice about contraception. In the Kaiser study, 34% of high-school principals said their school’s capital bulletin was abstinence-only.

The aberration amid these two approaches, and their appulse on boyhood behavior, charcoal a arguable subject. In the U.S., boyish bearing ante had been bottomward back 1991, but a 2007 address showed a 3% access from 2005 to 2006. From 1991 to 2005, the allotment of adolescence advertisement that they had anytime had sex or were currently sexually alive showed baby declines. However, the U.S. still has the accomplished boyhood bearing amount and one of the accomplished ante of STIs amid adolescence in the automated world. Accessible assessment acclamation conducted over the years accept begin that the all-inclusive majority of Americans favor broader sex apprenticeship programs over those that advise alone abstinence, although abnegation educators afresh appear poll abstracts with the adverse conclusion.

On the alternative hand, proponents of abstinence-only sex apprenticeship article to curricula that abort to advise their accepted of moral behavior; they advance that a chastity based on sex alone aural the bound of alliance is “healthy and constructive” and that value-free ability of the anatomy may advance to immoral, unhealthy, and adverse practices. Aural the aftermost decade, the federal government has encouraged abstinence-only apprenticeship by council over a billion dollars to such programs. Some 25 states now abatement the allotment so that they can abide to advise absolute sex education. Allotment for one of the federal government’s two capital abstinency-only allotment programs, Title V, was continued alone until December 31, 2007; Congress is debating whether to abide it accomplished that date.

The appulse of the acceleration in abstinence-only apprenticeship charcoal a question. To date, no appear studies of abstinence-only programs accept begin constant and cogent affairs furnishings on dabbling the access of intercourse. In 2007, a abstraction ordered by the U.S. Congress begin that average academy acceptance who took allotment in abstinence-only sex apprenticeship programs were aloof as acceptable to accept sex (and use contraception) in their boyish years as those who did not. Abstinence-only advocates claimed that the abstraction was awry because it was too attenuated and began back abstinence-only curricula were in their infancy, and that alternative studies accept approved absolute effects.

According to a 2007 report, Boyhood pregnancies in the United States showed 3% access in the boyhood bearing amount from 2005 to 2006, to about 42 births per 1,000.


Virginia uses the sex apprenticeship affairs called, The National Attack to anticipate boyhood and adventitious pregnancy. The National Attack was created in 1996. The affairs focuses on preventing boyhood and adventitious pregnancies of boyish adults. The National attack set a ambition to abate boyhood abundance amount by 1/3 in 10 years. The Virginia Administration of Bloom ranked Virginia 19th in boyhood abundance bearing ante in 1996. Virginia was additionally rated 35.2 boyhood births per 1000 girls age-old 15-19 in 2006. The Healthy bodies 2010 ambition is a boyhood abundance amount at or beneath 43 pregnancies per 1000 females age 15-17.


The accompaniment of sex apprenticeship programs in Asia is at assorted stages of development. Indonesia, Mongolia, South Korea accept a analytical action framework for teaching about sex aural schools. Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand accept adjourned boyish changeable bloom needs with a appearance to developing adolescent-specific training, letters and materials. India has programs aimed at accouchement age-old nine to sixteen years. In India, there is a huge agitation on the chic of sex apprenticeship and whether it should be increased. Attempts by accompaniment governments to acquaint sex apprenticeship as a compulsatory allotment of the chic accept generally been met with acrid criticism by political parties, who affirmation that sex apprenticeship “is adjoin Indian culture” and would mislead children. (Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal and Pakistan accept no accommodating sex apprenticeship programs.)

In Japan, sex apprenticeship is binding from age 10 or 11, mainly accoutrement biological capacity such as menstruation and ejaculation.

In China and Sri Lanka, sex apprenticeship commonly consists of account the reproduction area of assay textbooks. In Sri Lanka they advise the accouchement back they are 17-18 years. However, in 2000 a new five-year activity was alien by the China Ancestors Planning Association to “promote changeable bloom apprenticeship amid Chinese teenagers and bachelor youth” in twelve burghal districts and three counties. This included altercation about sex aural animal relationships as able-bodied as abundance and HIV prevention.

The All-embracing Planned Parenthood Federation and the BBC Apple Service ran a 12-part alternation accepted as Sexwise, which discussed sex education, ancestors action education, contraception and parenting. It was aboriginal launched in South Asia and again continued worldwide.

Acrimonious Agitation over Sex Apprenticeship in the Philippines

The educational bore “Adolescent Animal Health,” admitting not yet appear to all aerial schools in the Philippines, has already fatigued abundant criticism from the Roman Catholic Church, pro-life activists, and some parents.

“The way it is actuality accomplished lacks the reverence, the clarification that the accountable amount demands,” said Jo Imbong, acknowledged administrator of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines. Deciding back to advise accouchement about sex should be larboard to their parents, he said.

But Professor Corazon Raymundo, administrator of the University of the Philippines’ Citizenry Institute (UPPI), said sex apprenticeship in schools is all-important because it is not in the nation’s ability for parents to altercate sex with their children.

The apprenticeship department, which presented the bore as a acknowledgment to the nation’s booming citizenry growth, emphasized it is not a sex chiral but rather a teaching adviser ambidextrous with ancestors planning, changeable health, and the dangers of aboriginal and pre-marital sex. According to a UPPI survey, 23 percent of Filipinos ages 15-24 affianced in pre-marital sex in 2002, up from 18 percent in 1994. The prevalence of high-risk animal behaviors amid adolescents rose from 20 percent in 1994 to 27 percent in 2002. Further, this age accumulation now accounts for 17 percent of all induced abortions in the nation.

“It’s aerial time that the benightedness of adolescents be addressed in a way that will acquiesce them to accomplish an abreast choice,” said Solita Monsod, above bread-and-butter planning secretary.

Now, however, apprenticeship admiral accept responded to the criticism by abandoning the bore “for added communications amid stakeholders.” Afore it is alternate to schools, some sections will be revised, said Lolita Andrada, the module’s editor and the administrator of the Bureau of Accessory Education. In particular, the area on safe sex, which some beheld as a advance of promiscuity, will be rewritten, Andrada said. (http://www.thebody.com/content/news/art23803.html, 2010)

Dep.Ed. sued over sex apprenticeship plan

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATE) – The above acknowledged administrator of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines on Monday sued the Administration of Apprenticeship for accumulation sex apprenticeship in the chic of elementary and aerial academy students.

In an interview, advocate Jo Aurea Imbong said she filed the case in account of 30 anxious parents who against the sex apprenticeship plan. She declared the sex apprenticeship affairs as a anatomy of “contraceptive imperialism” that assaults moral sensibilities and ethics of boyish bodies and absolutely encourages animal promiscuity.

“We accept advised the modules actuality acclimated by DepEd and begin that it promotes ancestors planning, changeable bloom and demographic development in capacity such as Mathematics, Science and English. It is accurately advised to transform the attitudes, behavior and amusing norms of boyish bodies based on a adopted model,” she told abs-cbnNEWS.com.

Imbong said the chic clothing aims to stop DepEd from implementing Memorandum No. 26, which integrates sex apprenticeship in the chic for clandestine and accessible schools. She said the affairs changes the attitudes and ethics of accouchement abnormally in Christian families.

Imbong said sex apprenticeship was already actuality implemented in the basal apprenticeship chic 12 years ago, and the new DepEd announcement alone updates the modules.

She said adopting the sex apprenticeship plan will fast-track moral adulteration amid boyish bodies who are apparent to sex at an aboriginal age. “While concern is accustomed for boyish people, it is still the primary albatross of the parents and families to acquaint their accouchement about sex,” she said.

She additionally acclaimed that the sex apprenticeship affairs is accepting allotment from the United Nations Fund for Citizenry Activities (UNFPA).

In response, Apprenticeship Secretary Mona Valisno said the sex apprenticeship affairs is still actuality pilot-tested and that the discussions will focus on the science of reproduction, concrete affliction and hygiene, absolute ethics and the norms of interpersonal relations to abstain premarital sex and boyish pregnancy.

She said the Deped consulted altered sectors about the affairs including the CBCP and the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas. She said parents who were consulted about the affairs were absolute blessed with it abnormally back it provides accordant advice to children.

She additionally questioned why a cloister case was filed abnormally back the affairs does not belie the authorization of DepEd to assure children’s rights to affection education.

“Our chic doesn’t allocution about condoms and such. It’s alone acknowledgment to the accouchement to the appropriate advice in adjustment for them to accomplish the appropriate decision…Kung hindi natin kailangan, again the new secretary of apprenticeship can change it,” she told ANC.

She said the sex apprenticeship plan seeks to action the aerial allotment of baseless pregnancies in the country, which is one of the 10 accomplished in the world, and anticipate dropouts as a aftereffect of boyish pregnancies.

She said the capacity chip into the modules will be accurate and advisory and are not advised to amuse blue interest.

In Science, sex apprenticeship capacity will awning the changeable system, genitalia of the body, changeable cycle, and puberty.

Under Edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan (EPP), able behavior amid and amid aeon of altered genders will be discussed.

In Bloom classes beneath MAPEH (Music, Arts, PE and Health), claimed hygiene and changeable bloom will be allotment of the lessons.

In Heograpiya, Kasaysayan, at Sibika (HEKASI) classes, altercation will accommodate the position of adoration on premarital sex and the norms back bodies of adverse sex interact.

In Math classes, abstracts on issues like premarital sex, boyish pregnancy, and sexually transmitted infections will be acclimated in belief algebraic assay and statistics. (Dizon, 2010)

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