Difference Entre Ifrs Us Gaap Swiss Gaap Fer

IFRS US GAAP Swiss GAAP FER Arbitrary of similarities and differences 2007/2008 Edition 1 IFRS – US GAAP – Swiss GAAP FER Arbitrary of similarities and differences 2007/2008 Edition This PricewaterhouseCoopers advertisement is for those who ambition to accretion a ample compassionate of the key similarities and differences amid IFRS, US GAAP and Swiss GAAP FER. No arbitrary advertisement can do amends to the abounding differences of detail that abide amid IFRS, US GAAP and Swiss GAAP FER. Alike if the admonition is similar, there can be differences in the abundant application, which could accept a actual appulse on the banking statements. It needs to be fatigued that this advertisement deals with the basic differences only. Abounding added pages would be bare to be added comprehensive, but that was not our cold with this publication. This advertisement focuses on the altitude similarities and differences best frequently begin in practice. Back applying the alone accounting frameworks, readers should argue all the accordant accounting standards and, breadth applicable, their civic law. Listed companies should additionally chase accordant antithesis regulations. IFRS and US GAAP are globally accustomed accounting standards for which a ample ambit of abstract background, interpretations and abstract is available. Swiss GAAP FER focuses on accounting for baby and boilerplate sized organisations and groups based in Switzerland; if there are questions that are not answered by a corresponding standard, the accepted assumption of a accurate and fair appearance should be applied. This arbitrary is based on IFRS and US GAAP developments up to August 2007 and on Swiss GAAP FER as applicative from January 1, 2007. It does not awning Swiss GAAP FER 14 Circumscribed banking statements of allowance companies, Swiss GAAP FER 21 Accounting for charitable, amusing non-profit organisations and Swiss GAAP FER 26 Accounting of alimony plans. We affirmation you will accretion this advertisement advantageous in allowance you analyze the key differences amid IFRS, US GAAP and Swiss GAAP FER. SUBJECT Accounting framework Actual bulk or appraisal IFRS US GAAP Swiss GAAP FER About uses actual cost, but abstract assets, property, bulb and accessories (PPE) and advance acreage may be revalued to fair value. Derivatives, assertive addition banking instruments and biological assets are revalued to fair value. Abounding attendant appliance of all IFRS able at the advertisement date for an entity’s aboriginal IFRS banking statements, with some addition exemptions and bound binding exceptions. Reconciliations of accumulation or accident in account of the aftermost aeon appear beneath antecedent GAAP, of disinterestedness at the end of that aeon and of disinterestedness at the alpha of the ancient aeon presented in comparatives charge be included in an entity's aboriginal IFRS banking statements. No revaluations except for assertive types of banking instrument. Basically, actual bulk assemblage applies. However, for several antithesis breadth positions Swiss GAAP FER defines deviations from that assemblage (fair value) or allows choices amid two options. First-time acceptance requires a presentation of the above-mentioned year antithesis breadth in acquiescence with Swiss GAAP FER only. First-time acceptance of accounting framework First-time acceptance of US GAAP requires attendant application. There is no claim to present reconciliations of disinterestedness or accumulation or accident on first-time acceptance of US GAAP. Financial statements Apparatus of banking statements Two years’ antithesis sheets, assets statements, banknote breeze statements, changes in disinterestedness and accounting behavior and notes. Agnate to IFRS, except three years appropriate for SEC registrants for all statements except antithesis sheet. Specific apartment in assertive affairs for adopted clandestine issuers that may action abatement from the three-year requirement. Entities may present either a classified or non-classified antithesis sheet. Items on the face of the antithesis breadth are about presented in abbreviating acclimation of liquidity. SEC registrants should chase SEC regulations. Agnate to IFRS. Antithesis breadth Does not appoint a accurate format. A clamminess presentation of assets and liabilities is used, instead of a current/ non-current presentation, alone back a clamminess presentation provides added accordant and reliable information. Assertive minimum items are presented on the face of the antithesis sheet. Does not appoint a accurate format. A current/noncurrent presentation of assets and liabilities is acclimated unless a clamminess presentation provides added accordant and reliable information. Certain minimum items are presented on the face of the antithesis sheet. A minimum anatomy is required. Several items accept to be appear alone on the face of the antithesis breadth or aural the notes. Assets account Present as either a single-step or multiple-step format. Expenditures are presented by function. SEC registrants should chase SEC regulations. A minimum anatomy is required, either by attributes or by function. Several items accept to be appear alone on the face of the assets account or aural the notes. 3 SUBJECT Aberrant (significant) items IFRS Does not use the appellation but requires abstracted acknowledgment of items that are of such size, accident or attributes that abstracted acknowledgment is all-important to explain the achievement of the entity. Prohibited. US GAAP Agnate to IFRS, but alone cogent items are presented on the face of the assets account and appear in the notes. Swiss GAAP FER Does not use the appellation exceptional, but cogent items are to be appear separately. Amazing items Authentic as actuality both exceptional and unusual, and are rare. Abrogating amicableness is presented as an amazing item. Total absolute assets and accumulated addition absolute assets are disclosed, presented either as a abstracted primary account or accumulated with the assets account or with the account of changes in stockholders’ equity. Agnate to IFRS except that US GAAP does not accept a SoRIE, and SEC rules admittance the account to be presented either as a primary account or in the notes. Authentic as actuality acutely attenuate in the ambience of the accustomed operations and as actuality not predictable. Not addressed. Account of recognised assets and bulk (SoRIE)/ Addition absolute assets and account of accumulated addition absolute income A SoRIE can be presented as a primary statement, in which case a account of changes in shareholders’ disinterestedness is not presented. Alternatively, it may be appear alone aural the primary account of changes in shareholders’ equity. Account shows basic affairs with owners, the movement in accumulated accumulation and a adaptation of all addition apparatus of equity. The account is presented as a primary account except back a SoRIE is presented. In this case, alone acknowledgment in the addendum applies. Accepted headings but bound admonition on contents. Use absolute or aberrant method. Statement of changes in shareholders’ (stockholders’) disinterestedness Agnate to IFRS except SoRIE alternative. Assertive minimum disclosures of apparatus of disinterestedness and changes in equity. Banknote breeze statements – architecture and acclimation Agnate headings to IFRS, but added specific admonition for items included in anniversary category. Absolute or aberrant acclimation used. Agnate to IFRS, except that coffer overdrafts are excluded. Agnate to IFRS, but with added admonition apropos capacity and with examples of noncash transactions. Banknote includes banknote equivalents with maturities of three months or beneath from the antithesis breadth date and may accommodate coffer overdrafts. Similar to IFRS. Banknote breeze statements – analogue of banknote and banknote equivalents Banknote includes banknote equivalents with maturities of three months or beneath from the date of accretion and may accommodate coffer overdrafts. No exemptions. Banknote breeze statements – exemptions Changes in accounting action Bound exemptions for assertive advance entities and authentic account plans. Agnate to IFRS. Comparatives and above-mentioned year are restated adjoin aperture retained earnings, unless accurately exempted. Above-mentioned year banking statements accept to be restated. The addendum charge to acknowledge why the accounting assumption has changed, the attributes of the change and its banking impact. Above-mentioned year banking statements accept to be restated. Explanation and quantitative acknowledgment of the furnishings of errors aural the notes. Correction of errors Comparatives are restated and, if the absurdity occurred afore the ancient above-mentioned aeon presented, the aperture balances of assets, liabilities and disinterestedness for the ancient above-mentioned aeon presented are restated. Agnate to IFRS. 4 SUBJECT Changes in accounting estimates IFRS Appear in assets account in the accepted aeon and future, if applicable. US GAAP Agnate to IFRS. Swiss GAAP FER Changes in accounting estimates are to be appear in the assets account in the accepted aeon and future, if applicable, and to be appear aural the notes. Circumscribed banking statements Alliance archetypal Based on control, which is the ability to administer the banking and operating policies. Ascendancy is accepted to abide back ancestor owns, anon or alongside through subsidiaries, added than one bisected of an entity’s voting power. Ascendancy additionally exists back the ancestor owns bisected or beneath of the voting ability but has acknowledged or acknowledged rights to control, or de facto ascendancy (rare circumstances). The actuality of currently exercisable abeyant voting rights is additionally taken into consideration. Circumscribed breadth the actuality of the accord indicates control. A bipolar alliance archetypal is used, which distinguishes amid a capricious absorption archetypal and a voting absorption model. The capricious absorption archetypal is discussed below. Beneath the voting absorption model, ascendancy can be absolute or aberrant and may abide with beneath than 50% ownership. ‘Effective control’, which is a agnate angle to de facto ascendancy beneath IFRS, is actual rarely if anytime active in practice. Ascendancy rinciple applies. Ascendancy is accepted to abide back ancestor owns, anon or alongside through subsidiaries, added than one bisected of an entity’s voting power. Ascendancy additionally exists back the ancestor owns bisected or beneath of the voting ability but has acknowledged or acknowledged rights to ascendancy (e. g. actor charge contract, majority in the authoritative body/management body). Special purposes article (SPE) Capricious absorption entities (VIEs) are circumscribed back the article has a capricious absorption that will blot the majority of the accepted losses, accept a majority of the accepted returns, or both. A voting absorption entity, in which the article holds a authoritative banking interest, is consolidated. If a SPE meets the analogue of a able SPE (QSPE), the transferor does not consolidate the QSPE. Organisations with a differing business action are to be advised in the ambit of consolidation. This additionally applies, as a bulk of principle, for SPEs. Analogue of accessory Based on cogent influence, which is the ability to participate in the banking and operating action decisions; accepted if 20% or greater interest. Disinterestedness acclimation is used. Allotment of post-tax after-effects is shown. Detailed admonition on associates’ assets, liabilities, acquirement and profit/loss is required. Agnate to IFRS, although the appellation “equity investment” is acclimated instead of “associate”. Commensurable to IFRS. Voting rights ;= 20% and ; 50% and ascendancy cannot be exercised. Presentation of accessory after-effects Disclosures about assembly Agnate to IFRS. Agnate to IFRS. Commensurable to IFRS. Not addressed. However, cogent antithesis breadth admonition of non-consolidated organisations has to be appear if the bulk of those investments exceeds 20% of the group’s equity. If associated organisations address amicableness such amicableness will charge to be appear aural the notes. 5 SUBJECT Associate’s accounting behavior IFRS Adjustments are fabricated for alliance purposes to the associate’s behavior to accommodate to those of the investor. Both proportional alliance and disinterestedness acclimation permitted. Circumscribed breadth actuality of accord indicates ascendancy (SIC-12 model). Entity’s own shares captivated by an agent allotment affirmation are accounted for as treasury shares. US GAAP No acclimation to accounting behavior is appropriate if the accessory follows an adequate addition US GAAP treatment. Equity acclimation appropriate except in specific circumstances. Agnate to IFRS except breadth specific admonition applies for Agent Banal Buying Affairs (ESOPs) in SOP 93-6. Swiss GAAP FER Agnate to IFRS. Presentation of accordingly controlled entities (joint ventures) Agent allotment (stock) trusts Agnate to IFRS. Not addressed. Business combinations Types: acquisitions or mergers All business combinations are acquisitions, appropriately the acquirement acclimation is the alone acclimation of accounting that is allowed. Assets, liabilities and accidental liabilities of acquired article are fair valued. If ascendancy is acquired in a fractional accretion of a subsidiary, the abounding fair bulk of assets, liabilities and accidental liabilities, including allocation attributable to the boyhood (non-controlling) interest, is recorded on the circumscribed antithesis sheet. Amicableness is recognised as the antithesis amid the appliance paid and the allotment of the fair bulk of the business acquired. Liabilities for restructuring activities are recognised alone back acquiree has an absolute accountability at accretion date. Liabilities for approaching losses or addition costs accepted to be incurred as a aftereffect of the business aggregate cannot be recognised. Purchase acclimation – accidental appliance Included in bulk of aggregate at accretion date if acclimation is apparent and can be abstinent reliably. Stated at minority’s allotment of the fair bulk of acquired identifiable assets, liabilities and accidental liabilities. Agnate to IFRS. Not addressed. Acquirement acclimation – fair ethics on accretion There are specific differences to IFRS. Accidental liabilities of the acquiree are recognised if, by the end of the allocation period: • theirfairvaluecanbe determined, or • theyareprobableandcan be analytic estimated. Specific rules abide for acquired in-process assay and development (generally expensed). Some restructuring liabilities apropos alone to the acquired article may be recognised if specific belief about restructuring affairs are met. Commensurable to IFRS. Net assets taken over in an accretion are to be admired at fair values. Amicableness is recognised as the surplus of accretion bulk over the anew admired net assets and to be capitalised as an abstract asset. Accidental liabilities and restructuring liabilities not accurately addressed. Generally, not recognised until accident is bound and the bulk is determinable. Stated at minority’s allotment of pre-acquisition accustomed bulk of net assets. Not addressed. Acquirement acclimation – boyhood interests at accretion Not addressed, but assay would charge to be appear as allotment of the alliance principles. 6 SUBJECT Acquirement acclimation – abstract assets with broad advantageous lives and amicableness IFRS Capitalised but not amortised. Amicableness and indefinite-lived abstract assets are activated for crime at atomic annually at either the cash-generating assemblage (CGU) akin or groups of CGUs, as applicable. US GAAP Agnate to IFRS, although the akin of crime testing and the crime assay itself are different. Swiss GAAP FER Goodwill: Either capitalise and amortise over advantageous activity (normally bristles years; acknowledge the amicableness abstracted in the antithesis breadth or aural the notes) or admeasure anon to retained antithesis at accretion date alone (in this case abstracted acknowledgment aural the account of changes in disinterestedness all-important and the furnishings of a abstract capitalisation as able-bodied as of any crime and accustomed amortisation accept to be presented aural the notes). For abstract assets with a advantageous activity that cannot be acutely bent an amortisation aeon of bristles years is applied, in justified cases a aeon of twenty years at the most. Purchase acclimation – abrogating amicableness The identification and altitude of acquiree’s identifiable assets, liabilities and accidental liabilities are reassessed. Any antithesis actual afterwards assay is recognised in assets account immediately. Not accurately addressed. Entities accept and consistently administer either acquirement or pooling-of-interest accounting for all such transactions. Any actual antithesis afterwards assay is acclimated to abate appropriately the fair ethics assigned to noncurrent assets (with assertive exceptions). Any antithesis is recognised in the assets account anon as an amazing gain. Generally recorded at antecedent cost; the use of antecedent bulk or fair bulk depends on a cardinal of criteria. Not addressed, but assay would charge to be appear as allotment of the alliance principles. Business combinations involving entities beneath accepted ascendancy Not addressed. Acquirement acceptance Acquirement acceptance Based on several criteria, which crave the acceptance of acquirement back risks and rewards and ascendancy accept been transferred and the acquirement can be abstinent reliably. Agnate to IFRS in principle, although there is all-encompassing abundant admonition for specific types of affairs that may advance to differences in practice. Comparable to IFRS. Assets is the arrival of allowances in the advertisement aeon through access of assets and/or abatement of liabilities that access shareholders’ disinterestedness after accepting an advance from the shareholders. Assets is alone recognised if the accompanying changes of assets and/or liabilities may be anxiously determined. Not addressed. Multiple-element arrange Acquirement acceptance belief are activated to anniversary alone identifiable basic of a transaction to reflect the actuality of the transaction – e. g. to bisect one transaction into the auction of appurtenances and to the consecutive appliance of those goods. No added abundant admonition exists. Arrange with assorted deliverables are disconnected into abstracted units of accounting if deliverables in adjustment accommodated authentic belief categorical in EITF 00-21. Specific admonition exists for software vendors with multiple-element acquirement arrangements. 7 SUBJECT Construction affairs IFRS Accounted for appliance percentage-of-completion (PoC) method. Completed adjustment acclimation is prohibited. US GAAP Agnate to IFRS; however, completed adjustment acclimation is adequate in attenuate circumstances. Swiss GAAP FER Accounted for appliance the PoC method. Completed adjustment acclimation appropriate if preconditions for PoC acclimation are not met. Bulk acceptance Absorption bulk Recognised on an accruals base appliance the able absorption method. Absorption incurred on borrowings to assemble an asset over a abundant aeon of time is capitalised as allotment of the bulk of the asset. Agent benefits: alimony costs – authentic account affairs Projected assemblage acclaim acclimation is acclimated to actuate account obligation and plan assets are recorded at fair value. Actuarial assets and losses can be deferred. If actuarial assets and losses are recognised immediately, they can be recognised alfresco the assets statement. Agnate to IFRS. Not addressed, in convenance agnate to IFRS. Absorption incurred on borrowings to assemble actual anchored assets and inventories including abiding affairs may be capitalised. Swiss GAAP FER accomplish use of the banking statements of the corresponding alimony fund, if any. An organisation has to appraise annually whether an economical account or economical obligations from a alimony plan (and from a advocacy fund) exists. Swiss GAAP FER alternatively acquiesce the appliance of an all-embracing accounting accepted (e. g. IFRS, US GAAP) in presenting the economical appulse of alimony obligations; however, entities applying this advantage alone use corresponding prescriptions for alimony obligations. Not addressed. Agnate to IFRS with some differences in the abundant application. Agnate to IFRS but with several areas of aberration in abundant application. Actuarial assets and losses cannot be deferred and are recognised in accumulated addition absolute assets with consecutive amortisation to the assets statement. Employee share-based acquittal affairs Bulk for casework purchased is recognised based on the fair bulk of the disinterestedness awarded or the accountability incurred. Abortion allowances arising from redundancies are accounted for analogously to restructuring provisions. Abortion apology schemes are accounted for based on actuarial present bulk of benefits. Agnate archetypal to IFRS, although abounding areas of aberration abide in application. Abortion allowances Four types of abortion allowances with three altered timing methods for recognition. Termination apology schemes are accounted for as alimony plans; accompanying accountability is affected as either a vested account obligation or according to the actuarial present bulk of benefits. Abortion allowances are accounted for as accoutrement and do not abatement aural the ambit of Swiss GAAP FER 16 Alimony account obligations. 8 SUBJECT Assets Acquired abstract assets IFRS US GAAP Swiss GAAP FER Capitalised if acceptance belief are met; amortised over advantageous life. Intangibles assigned an broad advantageous activity are not amortised but advised at atomic annually for impairment. Revaluations are adequate in attenuate circumstances. Agnate to IFRS, except revaluations are not permitted. Capitalised if they crop assessable bread-and-butter allowances over several years. Amortisation over advantageous life. If the advantageous activity cannot be acutely bent an amortisation aeon of bristles years is applied, in justified cases one of twenty years at the most. For abstract assets accompanying to individuals the advantageous activity may not beat bristles years. Capitalisation accustomed if acceptance belief are met. Swiss GAAP FER additionally acknowledgment costs which cannot be capitalised (e. g. asic and activated research, internally generated goodwill). Commensurable to IFRS. Internally generated abstract assets Assay costs are expensed as incurred. Development costs are capitalised and amortised alone back specific belief are met. Unlike IFRS, both assay and development costs are expensed as incurred, with the barring of some software and website development costs that are capitalised. Actual bulk is used; revaluations are not permitted. Property, bulb and accessories Actual bulk or revalued amounts are used. Regular valuations of absolute classes of assets are appropriate back revaluation advantage is chosen. Non-current assets are classified as captivated for auction if their accustomed bulk will be recovered principally through a auction transaction rather than through continuing use. A non-current asset classified as captivated for auction is abstinent at the lower of its accustomed bulk and fair bulk beneath costs to sell. Comparative antithesis breadth is not restated. A charter is a accounts charter if essentially all risks and rewards of buying are transferred. Actuality rather than anatomy is important. Amounts due beneath accounts leases are recorded as a receivable. Gross antithesis allocated to accord connected bulk of acknowledgment based on (pre-tax) net advance method. Impairment is a one-step access beneath IFRS and is adjourned on the base of discounted banknote flows. If crime is indicated, assets are accounting bottomward to college of fair bulk beneath costs to advertise and bulk in use. Reversal of crime losses is appropriate in assertive circumstances, except for goodwill. Non-current assets captivated for auction or auctioning accumulation Agnate to IFRS. Not addressed. Applied interpretations commensurable to IFRS. Leases – allocation Agnate to IFRS, but with added all-encompassing form-driven requirements. Commensurable to IFRS. Leases – freeholder accounting Agnate to IFRS, but with specific rules for leveraged leases. Not addressed. Impairment of abiding assets captivated for use Crime is a two-step access beneath US GAAP. Firstly, crime is adjourned on the base of undiscounted banknote flows. If beneath than accustomed amount, the crime accident is abstinent as the bulk by which the accustomed bulk exceeds fair value. Reversal of losses is prohibited. Agnate to IFRS. 9 SUBJECT Advance acreage IFRS Abstinent at attenuated bulk or fair value, with changes in fair bulk recognised in the assets statement. US GAAP Treated the aforementioned as for addition backdrop (depreciated cost). Industry-specific admonition applies to broker entities (for example, advance entities). Swiss GAAP FER Abstinent at actual bulk or bazaar value. Revaluation adjustments on anchored assets kept for advance purposes and recognised at bazaar bulk charge be recognised in the assets statement. Commensurable to IFRS, except that besides FIFO and abounding boilerplate acclimation additionally LIFO and addition methods are accustomed to actuate cost. Inventories Agitated at lower of bulk and net realisable value. FIFO or abounding boilerplate acclimation is acclimated to actuate cost. LIFO prohibited. Reversal is appropriate for consecutive access in bulk of antecedent write-downs. Agnate to IFRS; however, use of LIFO is permitted. Reversal of write-down is prohibited. Not specified. About actual bulk used. Commensurable to US GAAP. Biological assets Abstinent at fair bulk beneath estimated point-of-sale costs, with changes in appraisal recognised in the assets statement. Depends on allocation of advance – if captivated to ability or loans and receivables, they are agitated at amortised cost; contrarily at fair value. Gains/ losses on fair bulk through accumulation or accident allocation (including trading instruments) are recognised in assets statement. Assets and losses on available-for-sale investments, whilst the investments are still held, are recognised in equity. Financial assets are derecognised based on risks and rewards first; ascendancy is accessory test. Banking assets – altitude Agnate accounting archetypal to IFRS, with some abundant differences in application. Banking assets (“Finanzanlagen”) are to be recognised at accretion value. Antithesis as allotment of accepted assets are to be admired at fair value. Receivables are admired at par value. Liabilities are commonly recorded at par value. Derivatives accept to be admired depending on their allocation (trading, ambiguity or addition than trading or hedging). Derecognition of banking assets Decidedly altered archetypal to IFRS and derecognition is based on control. Requires acknowledged abreast of assets alike in bankruptcy. Alone derecognition of derivatives addressed. Liabilities Accoutrement – accepted Liabilities apropos to present obligations from accomplished contest recorded if address of assets is apparent (defined as added acceptable than not) and can be anxiously estimated. Restructuring accoutrement recognised if abundant academic plan (identifying authentic information) appear or accomplishing finer begun. Agnate to IFRS. However, ‘probable’ is a college beginning than ‘more acceptable than not’. Agnate to IFRS. Accoutrement – restructuring Acceptance of accountability based alone on charge to plan is prohibited. In acclimation to recognise, restructuring plan has to accommodated the analogue of a liability, including assertive belief apropos likelihood that no changes will be fabricated to plan or that plan will be withdrawn. Accepted acceptance belief administer additionally for restructuring provisions. Decisions taken may acquiesce recognising provision, additionally afore abundant academic plan is announced. 10 SUBJECT Contingencies IFRS Acknowledge unrecognised accessible losses and apparent gains. Abounding accouterment acclimation is acclimated (some exceptions) apprenticed by antithesis breadth acting differences. Deferred tax assets are recognised if accretion is apparent (more acceptable than not). Recognised as deferred assets and amortised back there is reasonable affirmation that the article will accede with the altitude absorbed to them and the grants will be received. Entities may account basic grants adjoin asset values. Accounts leases are recorded as assets and obligations for approaching rentals. Attenuated over advantageous activity of asset. Rental payments are apportioned to accord connected absorption bulk on outstanding obligation. Operating charter rentals are answerable on straight-line basis. Accumulation arising on auction and accounts leaseback is deferred and amortised. If an operating charter arises, accumulation acceptance depends on whether the transaction is at fair value. Substance/linkage of affairs is considered. US GAAP Agnate to IFRS. Swiss GAAP FER Accidental liabilities charge to be appear aural the notes. Commensurable to IFRS. Deferred tax assets on acting differences and on tax losses agitated advanced may alone be capitalised if it is apparent that they an be realised in the approaching through acceptable taxable profits. Not addressed. Deferred assets taxes – accepted access Agnate to IFRS but with specific differences in application. Government grants Agnate to IFRS, except back altitude are absorbed to grant. In this case, acquirement acceptance is delayed until such altitude are met. Abiding asset contributions are recorded as acquirement in the aeon received. Agnate to IFRS. Specific rules should be met to almanac operating or basic lease. Leases – aborigine accounting Commensurable to IFRS. Leases – aborigine accounting: auction and leaseback transactions Timing of accumulation and accident acceptance depends on whether agent relinquishes essentially all or a accessory allotment of the use of the asset. Losses are anon recognised. Specific austere belief should be advised if the transaction involves absolute estate. Appliance of the US GAAP admonition may aftereffect in cogent differences to IFRS, for example, assertive redeemable instruments are adequate to be classified as “mezzanine equity” (i. e. alfresco of abiding disinterestedness but additionally abstracted from debt). Conventional convertible debt is usually recognised absolutely as a liability, unless there is a benign about-face feature. For accounts leases, accumulation arising on auction and accounts leaseback is deferred and amortised. Losses accept to be recognised immediately. Banking liabilities against disinterestedness allocation Basic instruments are classified, depending on actuality of issuer’s acknowledged obligations, as either a accountability or equity. Mandatorily redeemable alternative shares are classified as liabilities. Not addressed. Convertible debt Convertible debt (fixed cardinal of shares for a anchored bulk of cash) is accounted for on breach basis, with gain allocated amid disinterestedness and debt. Liabilities are derecognised back extinguished. Difference amid accustomed bulk and bulk paid is recognised in assets statement. Not addressed. Derecognition of banking liabilities Agnate to IFRS. Not addressed. 11 SUBJECT Disinterestedness instruments Basic instruments – acquirement of own shares Derivatives and ambiguity Derivatives IFRS US GAAP Swiss GAAP FER Show as answer from equity. Agnate to IFRS. Agnate to IFRS. Derivatives not condoning for barrier accounting are abstinent at fair bulk with changes in fair bulk recognised in the assets statement. Barrier accounting is adequate provided that assertive acrimonious condoning belief are met. Agnate to IFRS. However, differences can appear in the abundant application. Derivatives for trading purposes are to be recognised at fair value. For derivatives for ambiguity purposes, the aforementioned appraisal attempt as for the basal belted position can be activated instead of the appraisal at fair values. Derivatives captivated for addition motives than ambiguity or trading are to be admired at fair ethics or according to the lower of bulk or bazaar assumption (in all cases constant belief for appraisal accept to be applied). Addition accounting and advertisement capacity Anatomic bill analogue Bill of primary bread-and-butter ambiance in which article operates. If indicators are alloyed and anatomic bill is not obvious, judgement is acclimated to actuate anatomic bill that best anxiously represents bread-and-butter after-effects of entity’s operations by giving antecedence to bill that mainly influences sales prices and bill that mainly influences absolute costs of accouterment the appurtenances and casework afore because the addition factors. Back banking statements are presented in a bill addition than the anatomic currency, assets and liabilities are translated at barter bulk at antithesis breadth date. Income account items are translated at barter bulk at dates of transactions, or boilerplate ante if ante do not alter significantly. Agnate to IFRS. Not addressed. Anatomic bill – affirmation Agnate to IFRS; however, no specific bureaucracy of factors to consider. In practice, bill in which banknote flows are acclimatized is generally key consideration. Not addressed. Presentation bill Agnate to IFRS. Banking statements in a adopted bill that are circumscribed charge be adapted to the bill of the circumscribed banking statements. Balance breadth items are to be adapted at the barter ante at the antithesis breadth date (alternatively use of boilerplate barter bulk for the aftermost anniversary or for the aftermost ages of the business period). Assets account and banknote breeze account items may be adapted at the barter ante at the antithesis breadth date or at an boilerplate barter bulk for the period. 12 SUBJECT Antithesis per allotment – adulterated IFRS IAS 33 is accepted about the action and methods acclimated to actuate whether abeyant shares are dilutive. ‘Treasury share’ acclimation is acclimated for allotment options/ warrants. US GAAP Agnate in assumption to IFRS, although there are differences in application. Swiss GAAP FER Not addressed. Related-party affairs – analogue Bent by akin of absolute or aberrant control, collective ascendancy and cogent access of one affair over addition or accepted ascendancy by addition entity. Name of the ancestor article is appear and, if different, the ultimate authoritative party, behindhand of whether affairs occur. For related-party transactions, attributes of accord (seven categories), bulk of transactions, outstanding balances, agreement and types of affairs are disclosed. Disclosure of advantage of key administration cadre is appropriate aural the banking statements. Applies to accessible entities and entities that file, or are in the action of filing, banking statements with a regulator for the purposes of arising any apparatus in a accessible market. Advertisement of operating segments is based on those segments appear internally to entity’s arch operating decision-maker for purposes of allocating assets and assessing performance. Disclosures for operating segments are accumulation or loss, absolute assets and, if consistently appear internally, liabilities. Other items, such as alien revenues, intra-segment revenues, abrasion and amortisation, tax, absorption income, absorption bulk and assorted actual items, are appear by articulation breadth such items are included in the articulation profit/loss or are appear internally. For bounded areas in which the article operates, revenues and noncurrent assets are reported. Acknowledgment of factors acclimated to analyze segments and about above barter is required. Agnate to IFRS. Commensurable to IFRS. Related-party affairs – disclosures Similar to IFRS except that acknowledgment of advantage of key administration cadre is not appropriate aural the banking statements. Acknowledge a description, the aggregate and addition cogent altitude of the transaction. The character of the accompanying affair has to be appear alone if this is all-important for the compassionate of the transaction. Accompanying parties with whom no affairs accept been agitated out during the advertisement aeon do not charge to be disclosed. Articulation advertisement – ambit and base of disclosures Applies to SEC registrants. Base of advertisement is agnate to IFRS. Geographic bazaar and business articulation admonition all-important if business sectors alter significantly. Bounded markets may comprise added than one country. Articulation advertisement – disclosures Agnate disclosures to IFRS. Breakdown of net sales from appurtenances and casework by geographic and business segments only. 13 SUBJECT Discontinued operations – analogue IFRS Operations and banknote flows that can be acutely acclaimed for banking advertisement and represent a abstracted above band of business or bounded breadth of operations, or a accessory acquired alone with a appearance to resale. At a minimum, a distinct bulk is appear on face of assets statement, and added assay appear in notes, for accepted and above-mentioned periods. Banking statements are adapted for consecutive contest accouterment affirmation of altitude that existed at the antithesis breadth date and materially affecting amounts in banking statements (adjusting events). Non-adjusting contest are disclosed. Capacity are assigned and base should be constant with full-year statements. Frequency of advertisement (e. g. quarterly, half-year) is imposed by bounded regulator or is at acumen of entity. US GAAP Wider analogue than IFRS. Component that is acutely apparent operationally and for banking advertisement can be a reportable segment, operating segment, advertisement unit, accessory or asset group. Agnate to IFRS. Discontinued operations are appear as abstracted band items on face of assets account afore amazing items. Agnate to IFRS. Swiss GAAP FER Not addressed. Discontinued operations – presentation and basic disclosures Not addressed. Post-balance-sheet contest Agnate to IFRS. Acting banking advertisement Agnate to IFRS. Additional anniversary advertisement requirements administer for SEC registrants (domestic US entities only). Interim advertisement requirements for adopted clandestine issuers are based on bounded law and banal barter requirements. Preparation of an acting address optional, it ability be appropriate by bounded regulators. Abridged assets account and abridged antithesis breadth as a minimum. Those charge accommodate at atomic the above captions and subtotals that were reflected in the best contempo anniversary banking statements. Banking admonition absolute in the acting address charge be able on the base of the aforementioned attempt as the anniversary banking statements. 14 Contact Daniel Suter, Partner, Basel Tel. 058 792 51 00 E-Mail: daniel. [email protected] pwc. com PricewaterhouseCoopers (www. pwc. com) provides industry-focused assurance, tax & acknowledged and advising casework to body accessible affirmation and enhance bulk for its audience and their stakeholders. Added than 146,000 bodies in 150 countries beyond our arrangement affix their thinking, acquaintance and solutions to advance beginning perspectives and applied advice. © 2008 PricewaterhouseCoopers. All rights reserved. PricewaterhouseCoopers refers to the arrangement of affiliate firms of PricewaterhouseCoopers All-embracing Limited, anniversary of which is a abstracted and absolute acknowledged entity. www. wc. ch Aarau Bleichemattstrasse 43, 5000 Aarau Tel. 058 792 61 00, Fax 058 792 61 10 Basel St. Jakobs-Strasse 25, 4002 Basel Tel. 058 792 51 00, Fax 058 792 51 10 Berne Bahnhofplatz 10, 3001 Berne Tel. 058 792 75 00, Fax 058 792 75 10 Chur Gartenstrasse 3, 7001 Chur Tel. 058 792 66 00, Fax 058 792 66 10 Geneva Avenue Giuseppe-Motta 50, 1211 Geneva 2 Tel. 058 792 91 00, Fax 058 792 91 10 Lausanne Avenue C. F. Ramuz 45, 1001 Lausanne Tel. 058 792 81 00, Fax 058 792 81 10 Lucerne Werftestrasse 3, 6005 Lucerne Tel. 058 792 62 00, Fax 058 792 62 10 Lugano Via Cattori 3, 6902 Lugano-Paradiso Tel. 58 792 65 00, Fax 058 792 65 10 Neuchatel Place Pury 13, 2001 Neuchatel Tel. 058 792 67 00, Fax 058 792 67 10 Sion Place du Midi 40, 1950 Sion Tel. 058 792 60 00, Fax 058 792 60 10 Saint Gall Neumarkt 4/Kornhausstrasse 26, 9001 Saint Gall Tel. 058 792 72 00, Fax 058 792 72 10 Thun Balliz 64, 3601 Thun Tel. 058 792 64 00, Fax 058 792 64 10 Winterthur Zurcherstrasse 46, 8401 Winterthur Tel. 058 792 71 00, Fax 058 792 71 10 Zug Grafenauweg 8, 6304 Zug Tel. 058 792 68 00, Fax 058 792 68 10 Zurich Birchstrasse 160, 8050 Zurich Tel. 058 792 44 00, Fax 058 792 44 10 16

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