Unit 11 Mini-Analysis Consider the afterward accepted and semi-log plots from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Both graphs appearance the anticipation (in decimal form) that an Australian woman of age x will die aural the abutting year. | | Remember to use complete sentences on anniversary of the questions below, rounding to four decimal places area appropriate. Save the consistent certificate in either Word or PDF anatomy and resubmit to the D2L dropbox. Your aftermost name should arise in the name of the file. 1. The accepted artifice on the larboard appears exponential. However, by analytical the semi-log artifice on the right, we see that alone a allocation of the abstracts is absolutely exponential. For what ages would you achieve that the anticipation (in decimal form) of dying in the abutting year is about exponential? Explain. I do not accept the question. The ages that are about exponential are 22-90 on the appropriate blueprint because these curve assume to anatomy a beeline line, agnate to exponential growth. 2. Assuming that the credibility (44, -3) and (70, -2) are on the beeline allocation of the semi-log plot, actualize a beeline action for Y=log? y) as a action of x. Make abiding to appearance your work. -2+3/70-44 = 1/26 y=. 0384615385x+b y = . 0385x – 2. 5 3. Rewrite your semi-log artifice blueprint from #2 so that it now shows the exponential action that we can appearance on the accepted plot. Make abiding to appearance your work. Y = . 0385x + -2. 5 y = 10^. 0385x * 10^-2. 5 1. 0926^x * . 0032 4. What percent does an Australian female’s anticipation of afterlife (within the abutting year) access every year? The anticipation of women’s afterlife in Australia increases by 9. 26% anniversary year.

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