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   Judaism, Christianity, and Islam allotment abounding similarities that are both actual and geographical. Yet, admitting their actual similarities, these religions accept additionally had actual conflict. Clashes over the Gaza band and Islamic abandonment accept placed appropriate accent on these religions and the interactions amid cultures that convenance them, you are challenged to accede how your accepted ability of the amount credo and practices of anniversary adoration can bland cultural misunderstandings and put accepted contest in a added objective, beneath reactionary context. Consider how the media portrays the accepted contest accident in the Middle East from a religious perspective. Reflect on how your ability of the similarities amid the religions of Abraham helps you to bigger accept the Middle East conflict. Compose a 2- to 3-paragraph do the following: Explain one accurate accepted accident or affair in the Middle East in which the religion(s) of the breadth affect alternative people’s perceptions of that adoration in a abrogating way. Contrast your perceptions of this affair and the religions complex afore this advance with your perceptions now that you apperceive added about the religion(s) involved. Has annihilation changed? Why or why not? Conclude with what you can do with your ability of these religions to put Middle Eastern contest into a added cold angle for yourself and for others. . · Kurtz, L. R. (2016). Gods in the all-around village: The world’s religions in sociological angle (4th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Chapter 8, “Religion and Social Battle ”“The Politics of Heresy” (pp. 293–324)

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