Diagnostic Essay

  / 2 English 151 Diagnostic Essay 5% Name: ____________________________ Instructions :   • In our chic on ____________ we will be autograph an In-Class Autograph Analytic Essay.   • Whenever we activate the action of learning, it is important to barometer area we are in order to bigger support, learn, and advance our skills. In this in-class autograph diagnostic, you will be responding to the autograph alert or your best below. This will accord both of us an abstraction of area your strengths are as a biographer and acquaint how I can best abutment your learning aural this course. • You will be able to address your article by hand. Do not use the Internet during writing. Do not use your adaptable buzz or any alternative cyberbanking accessories during the writing. Electronic translators cannot be used; you may accompany a book dictionary. • Your ambition is to baddest one of the autograph prompts beneath and provide a bright argument, at atomic three credibility in abutment of your argument, and ethically and clearly incorporate two (2) quotes and/or paraphrases from one (1) of the accessories matched to anniversary Article Alert listed below, or from a analysis antecedent of your own choice. You charge accede your use of the analysis source. • Use the spaces beneath to address bottomward any addendum and account for your essay, or write down your two (2) called quotes and/or paraphrases from the articles.    • You will not be able to accompany in any alternative addendum besides this appointment sheet; you are accustomed to accompany in a PRINTED archetype of your called analysis source. Essay Prompts to accept from :   1. Yes or no, and why: parents should lie to their accouchement about Santa Claus existing. • Eleanor Cummins, “Should parents lie to kids about Santa Claus? We asked the experts”, Popular Science https://www.popsci.com/how-to-talk-to-your-kids-about-santa-claus • Ana Swanson, “What psychologists absolutely anticipate about you lying to your kids about Santa” The Washington Post https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/ 2016/12/21/whether-you-should-worry-about-lying-to-your-kids-about-santa-according- to-psychologists/?utm_term=.d6bc2b2223a2 Plz address a analytic about the aboriginal affair “Should parents lie to kids about Santa Claus?  Please chase the instructions and use reference. i am all-embracing student, so address a little bit simple. about 350 words  thx  

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