Diagnostic Approaches

I charge advice to address a cardboard in third being from the afterward vignette. Use 4 bookish resources.  Annie is a 13-year-old Asian American girl; the youngest adolescent in a ancestors of four earlier siblings. Her parents are both aerial academy agents and came to United States from India to appear academy and backward to accession a ancestors together. They biking as a ancestors to India several weeks of every year to be with continued family. Annie understands some phrases in the accent announced by her continued family, but she and her sisters consistently allege to their parents in English. Back Annie was 5 years old, she was ailing for three weeks for a austere illness. Since that time, she has been in acceptable health, but has struggled with her fears and anxiety. Annie is acutely shy and avoids situations in which she needs to collaborate with new bodies or ample groups. She worries about authoritative mistakes in her schoolwork and becomes acutely abashed back demography tests. Sometimes, she becomes so abashed that her affection races; she begins to flutter and has adversity breathing. Annie is additionally abashed of the aphotic and does not appetite to be abandoned in her allowance at night. She generally requires the attendance of one of her parents or earlier sisters until she avalanche asleep. As her oldest three sisters accept larboard home to accompany their apprenticeship and careers, the ancestors is award Annie's charge for advance added burdensome. ––––––––– Part I: Examining Three Models of Psychopathology Review anniversary of the three models of abnormality—biological, psychological, and sociocultural—and administer key attempt from anniversary archetypal to anatomy what is accident to Annie and her family. Analyze how anniversary archetypal explains the factors arch to Annie's presenting behaviors. Part II: Appraisal Instruments to Aid in Diagnosis Formulate a culturally acute appraisal action application a aggregate of at atomic two measures listed beneath (and affiliated in Resources) to abetment with the appraisal of Annie and her family. Describe how the assessments will be administered and interpreted application bookish sources to abutment the strategy. DSM-5: Appraisal Measures: Parent/Guardian-Rated DSM-5 Level 1​ Cross Cutting Symptom Measure. ​DSM-5: Cultural Formulation: ​Cultural Formulation Interview. Hamilton and Carr's "Systematic Review of Self‐Report Ancestors Appraisal Measures." Part III: Systemic Angle for Diagnosis With an appraisal action established: Analyze how the DSM and ICD may augment advice for alive with families from a systemic perspective. Describe the Z cipher or codes that apply, acquainted the limitations and risks of application these codes for Annie and her family.

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