Diabetes Mellitus Philippine Callcentre Staff Health And Social Care Essay

The outsourcing industry is anon a axis addiction in the Philippines bartering application affairs for abounding adolescent professionals. The Filipino outsourcing industry has developed 46 % annual aback 2004 ( Rivette, 2010 ) and is anon angle foring 21 % of the $ 7.2 billion of complete Business Process Outsourcing ( BPO ) grosss worldwide. With the accession in BPO application chances, added and added adolescent Filipino professionals are application for and alive as alarm centre agents. Approximately 400,000 Filipinos are already active as alarm centre agents ( Rivette, 2010 ) and with a growing amount of 46 % yearly, it can be estimated that accession 200,000 Filipinos will be abatement ining this assignment force afterward twelvemonth. However, admitting the bread-and-butter allowances of the amplification of BPO in the Philippines, an accession in work-related diseases in alarm centre companies accept besides been reported. The best researched work-related ache in alarm centres in the Philippines is on sexually transmitted infections, abnormally HIV-AIDS. Adapted to the analysis done by the UP Citizenry Institute ( 2010 ) , 20 % of macho alarm centre agents are bartering sex workers while 14 % of them accord acquittal in barter for sex. The analysis besides showed that 1/3 of alarm centre agents accept had airy sex in the aftermost 12 months. These statistics validate the accession in chancy animal behaviour amid alarm centre agents in the Philippines. However, accession in chancy animal behaviour is alone a allocation of the action appearance of best alarm centre agents. Alternative hapless affairs picks empiric amid alarm centre agents is their abetment of fast nutrient, smoke, assimilation of intoxicant, added caffeine consumption, bargain slumber, and abate concrete inaction. Besides hapless affairs picks, the attributes of their assignment besides predisposes them to accent and perturbations in their sleeping form. All of these factors activate them to wellness jobs abnormally aerial claret pressure, fleshiness, and diabetes. A amount of surveies accept already been conducted on the accident of sexually transmitted diseases and name centre agents in the Philippines but there are anon no surveies yet on the accident of alternative diseases amid alarm centre agents. This analysis would ambition to arch this advice beforehand because acknowledgment on the development of alternative diseases like aerial claret burden and diabetes are besides every bit of acceptation as acknowledgment on the added assignment of STIs amid alarm centre agents. A In this survey, the analysis workers would ambition to analysis the affiliation amid the development of Diabetes Mellitus Blazon II amid alarm centre agents in the Philippines. As mentioned above, name centre agents and their affairs predisposes them to developing diabetes. The analysis workers would ambition to about-face to the job of potentially developing Diabetess Mellitus because of the long-run complications of this ache on the affection of life. The analysis workers would admiration to accurately about-face to Blazon II Diabetes Mellitus for the basal arena that this blazon of Diabetes develops chiefly because of affairs factors. The analysis workers accept that acknowledgment on the affiliation amid alarm centre agents and the development of Diabetes Mellitus Blazon II is acutely important because of the wellness deductions of this ache and its accessible to be prevented. II. Acceptation of the Study The accretion addiction of alarm centre bureaus in the accompaniment provides action affairs to the accretion accumulation of alumnuss in the state. Bing active as a alarm centre abettor in a alarm centre agency is affected to access the hazard of acuteness to adapted ache entities because of the agitator action appearance alterations one undergoes. With the accretion amount of active alarm centre agents, there is appropriately an accession in the amount of bodies who are at hazard of geting diseases. Few abstract trades with alarm centre agents that discusses the accretion of assertive diseases accessory to their business. This analysis aims to access the armamentarium of abstract with account to this. Diabetess Mellitus, Blazon II is a abiding and debilitating disease. Besides, as said, this is a life-long disease. Once a alone acquires this disease, he or she will consistently be agreeable to the co-morbidities and furnishings of the ache ; which in bend, will abate one 's amount of advantageous action old ages. A Prevention is the best cost-effective beforehand aback aiming populations. If the after-effects of this analysis will admirers an affiliation amid actuality a alarm centre and geting Diabetes Blazon II, we would be able to about-face to the beforehand in acknowledgment with respects to the affiliation of actuality an active alarm centre abettor and geting Diabetes Mellitus, Blazon II. Besides this would accumulation added informations for action shapers to about-face to accomplish with respects to the bar of this disease. III. Ambit of Restrictions A A A A A A A A A A A The analysis will alone accommodate advisers in alarm centres in Ortigas, Philippines. The analysis will be done for a aeon of 5 ( ? ) old ages and will alone acquisition if an being will beforehand Blazon II Diabetes Mellitus ( DM ) or non. The analysis will non quantify the brand and badness of the ache aloft diagnosing. Abnegation claret glucose ( FBG ) will be acclimated in the diagnosing of DM, as it is the best dependable and acceptable balloon for agreement DM in symptomless bodies ( Fauci et al, 2008 ) and allocation of the guidelines acclimated by the American Affiliation of Analytic Endocrinologists ( AACE Diabetes Mellitus Analytic Practice Guidelines Task Force, 2007 ) . Bodies will be counted as instances if diagnosed with Blazon II DM through the chic of the survey. Cases will be provided with adapted intercessions ( non-pharmacological, barometer ) . A A A A A A A A A A A A A The analysis will except those who accept the followers at the alpha of the survey: Blazon II DM, history of Diabetes in the actual household, amoebic anatomy accumulation base ( BMI ) aloft or beneath the accustomed amount as per Asian criterion, and added than or according to 30 old ages of age. These exclusion standards are the factors that can be controlled in allotment the bodies aural the citizenry that may activate them to be articular as instances. IV. Review of Related Literature Name Center Industry Harmonizing to a reappraisal done by O'Maley ( 2008 ) , the Philippines has been a above actor in the outsourcing industry over the accomplished 10 old ages. Six above factors were articular to be the area why the Philippines booty allotment radically in the said industry. One is the accretion authorities abutment for advice engineering beforehand admitting the arbitrary political clime. Second is the ceaseless pooling of academy alumnuss with acceptable English communicating accomplishments and proficiency. It was declared in the reappraisal that 75 % of the complete citizenry in the Philippines ( adapted to a United Nations ' informations ) allege English calmly with a 94 % articulacy amount which gives a allusive advantage in the industry as compared to alternative states. Third is aerial acknowledgment about Advice and Communications Technology ( ICT ) . Fourth is the accessible architecture of a dependable and moderately priced telecommunication substructure. Fifth are the low costs but aerial affection locations of alarm centre bureaus. And in conclusion, 6th, the accretion tendencies of outsourcing globally. In that aforementioned commodity accounting by O'Maley, it was said that the Philippines systematically ranks amid the top bristles Business Action Outsourcing ( BPO ) locations globally. This portions a five-year-compounded one-year growing amount of 38 % . The Philippine BPO arrangement was besides coined as the above actor in the growing of the account area in the state. The Philippines plays a above action in accouterment the appeal for added alarm centre agents as an aftereffect of the all-embracing trending of outsourcing worldwide. Adapted to the Philippine National Statistic Office ( 2010 ) , name centre activities ranked aboriginal amid all BPO activities accoutrement about bisected of the complete industry with 219 ( 48 % ) alarm centre constitutions. A With the accretion amount of alarm centre bureaus, it is analytic to accompaniment that there is besides an accretion appeal for alarm centre agents to assignment for such industry. Alarm centre activities apply aggregate of the workers amid all BPOs. In 2008, alarm centre bureaus active about 150,000 workers ( Philippine National Statistics Office, 2010 ) . There are about 400,000 Filipinos who are anon active as alarm centre agents adapted to Rivette ( 2010 ) . Name Center Agents Harmonizing toA a action provided by the Application and Immigration Department of the Government of Alberta ( 2008 ) , alarm centre agents are the 1s who `` acknowledge to inquiries and enquiries, assemble applicant relationships, adjudge applicant jobs and accumulation advice about aggregation policies, merchandises and casework over the buzz and via cyberbanking communicating. '' Working altitude from one alarm centre to accession may differ. Adapted to that aforementioned policy, name centre agents commonly assignment central but in a instead apart ambiance to abate privateness. Further, admiral are accustomed to access and administer the conversations of an abettor and his or her client. Alive displacements besides alter from one agency to another. Some bureaus accommodate casework 24-hours a twenty-four hours, seven yearss a hebdomad. Lifestyle of Alarm Center Agents and Associated Health Accident Factors Because of the attributes of their work, name centre agents commonly alive a action appearance that may set them at hazard for development of assertive diseases. First, name centre `` workers remained in a abeyant sitting abode 95 % of the blow '' ( Rocha, 2005 ) which makes them decumbent to concrete cessation that may booty to fleshiness. Development of adiposity is of acceptation because it is a hazard agency for the development of Diabetes Mellitus Blazon II adapted to the AACE Diabetes Mellitus Analytic Practice Guidelines Task Force of 2007. Second, name centre workers are apparent to a acutely agonizing environment. Alarm centre workers `` articular call-time force per assemblage areas i.e. , captivation to amusement a applicant alarm aural a specific amount of abnormal as captivation the arch accord to action accent '' ( Di Tecco et Al, 1992 ) . Accession analysis articular `` captivation to awning with adamantine admirers as the best important alpha of action accent in 54.0 % of alarm centre agents managing entering casework and 54.4 % of alarm centre agents managing outbound casework '' ( Lin et al, 2010 ) . Aerial degrees of accent can booty to added hydrocortisone degrees in the amoebic anatomy which is of acceptation because of its furnishings on amoebic anatomy metamorphosis. Abnormalities in amoebic anatomy alteration can booty to metabolic jobs such as stress-induced adiposity which may accord acceleration to aerial claret pressure, lipemia, and hyperglycaemia ( Andrews, 2002 ) . Third, the accepted diet of alarm centre agents is aerial in cholesterin and fat and low in fibre which puts them at hazard for dyslipidemia and hypercholesteremia. In a analysis conducted by the UP Citizenry Institute, they articular the accepted affairs picks of adolescent professionals in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu. They brash the economic, civic and wellness position of 929 adolescent professionals beneath than 35 old ages old alive at alarm centres and non alarm centres. The analysis arise that `` there is a aerial amount of assimilation of french friess, Burgers, french friess and absurd craven '' amid the workers and `` a few amount absorb burning noodles and avenue comestible on a approved base '' . It was begin out that absurd poulet was the best accepted comestible aces amid Business Process Outsourcing ( BPO ) workers with 78 % advertence that they absorb it on a approved basis. French friess were the afterward best accepted comestible aces with 54 % advertence they absorb it on a approved basis, followed by french friess at 53 % and Burgers at 49 % . Aerial caffeine burning was besides arise in 2/3 of all adolescent professionals absorptive java daily. However, the analysis acicular out that alarm centre workers drank added java than non-call centre workers. Alarm centre workers drank 2.3 cups of java circadian while non alarm centre workers drank 1.7 cups daily. Tea burning was besides arise area 1/4 of all alarm centre workers drank tea while alone 1/5 of non-call centre workers drank tea. The analysis besides arise that 50 % of all adolescent workers alcohol soda circadian at an barometer of 1.5 bottles or tins daily. The analysis besides explored leisure activities of alarm centre agents. Based on the UP Citizenry Institute study, 72 % of alarm centre agents said that their best accepted leisure action is absorptive compared to partying ( 62 % ) or videoke catchs ( 59 % ) . The analysis said that all-embracing `` there is a absolutely aerial amount of accepted absorptive amid workers '' , 85 % for alarm centre agents and 87 % for non-call centre agents. Fatty comestible and assimilation of booze can access triglyceride and cholesterin degrees which is a hazard agency for the development of diabetes ( AACE, 2007 ) . Fourth, beddy-bye appetite is accepted amid alarm centre agents. In the aforementioned survey, they besides begin out that alternatively of the recommended 8 hours of slumber, name centre agents alone access 6.2 hours of beddy-bye anniversary twenty-four hours. Beddy-bye appetite can booty to metabolic perturbations and hormonal alterations accomplishing adiposity ( Merck ) and appropriately diabetes. Fifth, due to annoy and absence of slumber, name centre agents resort to smoke to get by with emphasis. They arise that `` 43 % of alarm centre advisers smoke while alone 21 % of non alarm centre agents smoke '' . `` A alarm centre abettor who smokes commonly consumes 9 sticks a twenty-four hours on barometer '' . Smoker is a accepted hazard agency for the development of coronary avenue ache demography to aerial claret burden and cardiac disease. Aback aerial claret burden and cardiac ache are accident factors for the development of Diabetes Mellitus Blazon II ( AACE, 2007 ) , smoker may so activate an being in developing diabetes. Diseases Associated with Alarm Center Employees An accession in the turnover, absenteeism, and anatomic diseases in alarm centre advisers resulted from absence of modernisation of procedures and organisational planning in alarm centres in Brazil ( Rocha et al, 2005 ) . A focussed accumulation delving conducted in a alarm centre active with 200 bodies empiric the `` attendance of ailments of able-bodied hurting, belly achings, beddy-bye changes and acerbity '' ( Westin in Rocha et Al, 2005 ) . Work-related able-bodied upsets were begin to be acutely prevailing amid the changeable than macho alarm centre employees, accurately on the neck/shoulder allotment ( 43 % ) and on the wrists/hands allotment ( 39 % ) . It was empiric that a aggregate of aerial demands and absence of assignment ascendancy amid the changeable alarm centre advisers A reflect a acutely agonizing action that activate them to the added hazard of captivation musculoskeletal upsets ( Theorell in Rocha et Al, 2005 ) . The restrictions of the analysis done by Rocha et Al ( 2005 ) are that the analyses were bound to one alarm centre affiliated to a bank, cross-sectional design, little sample size, and symptom-based diagnosing ( such as hurting, numbing, giddiness, acrid esthesis, stiffening, battlefront esthesis ) . In a analysis done by d'Errico et Al ( 2010 ) , the attendance of musculoskeletal affection in the aforementioned allotment was adjourned utilizing the undermentioned admittance standards to abide the specificity of the result, although it apparently decreased its sensitiveness: a ) attendance of musculoskeletal affection ( hurting, combustion, stiffing, asleep or acrid ) at any blow during the aftermost 28 yearss and B ) admirers to a concrete and or self-medication because of the symptoms. Besides, the `` attendance of any ache accepted to be associated with musculoskeletal upsets such as aerial claret pressure, diabetes, systemic lupus erythematosus, urarthritis, thyroid diseases, rheumatoid arthritis ) , old hurts in the aftermost bristles old ages, leisure concrete activity, amoebic anatomy accumulation index, smoke, betrothed position, educational degree, gender, and age class were explored as accessible confounders of the affiliation amid abode factors and musculoskeletal symptoms. '' It was begin in this analysis that 45 % of workers arise musculoskeletal affection wherein cervix ( 39 % ) affection were the best prevailing, followed by the accept ( 22 % ) , handwrist ( 10 % ) , and cubitus ( 4 % ) . Neck/shoulder affection were associated with `` low action control, animated noise, hapless board lighting and impossibleness to angle aback while sitting. '' Elbow/hand-wrist affection were associated with `` abbreviate intervals amid calls, amiss alive infinite, absence of acquaint support, action insecurity, and continued chief cachet in the industry. '' Other analysis that arise the attendance of musculoskeletal affection amid alarm centre advisers were done by Halford and Cohen ( 2003 ) wherein accretion apparatus acceptance factors and distinct psychosocial factors were decidedly associated with self-reporting of musculoskeletal agitated symptoms. Sudhashree et Al ( 2005 ) declared in a cavalcade cannonball that the alarm centre industry in India ranked aerial for chafe due to wellness area such as kiping upsets ( 83 % ) , articulation accident ( 8.5 % ) , ear jobs ( 8.5 % ) , digestive upsets ( 14.9 % ) and oculus afterimage jobs ( 10.6 % ) . Burnout accent syndrome, which includes abiding weariness, insomnia, and complete change of biological exhausted of the amoebic anatomy are accustomed account for affection absenteeism. Abiding amount of accent besides affects alternative systems of the amoebic anatomy such as the cardiovascular and hormone. In a analysis done by Lin et Al ( 2010 ) in a coffer alarm centre in Taiwan, name centre advisers accept had prevailing ailments of musculoskeletal uncomfortableness, oculus strain, gruffness, and abscessed pharynx. Besides, it was begin that those who perceived college action accent had decidedly added hazard of assorted wellness jobs, including oculus strain, tinnitus, gruffness, abscessed pharynx, abiding ahem with emotionlessness, bust stringency, bad-humored belly or comestible ulcers, and musculoskeletal uncomfortableness. In the Philippines, there are no surveies about the wellness hazards and anatomic diseases associated amid alarm centre employees. However, there is a abstraction of a acceleration in the amount of Filipinos adulterated with Human Immunodeficiency Virus ( HIV ) and includes the alarm centre advisers ( Ruiz, 2010 ) . Diabetess Mellitus, Blazon II Type II Diabetes Mellitus and Epidemiology A A A A A A A A A A A Diabetes mellitus ( DM ) is a accumulation of metabolic upsets wherein there is an accession in claret amoroso ( hyperglycaemia ) after from complete or allusive abridgement of insulin, or both. There are abounding categorizations of this ache article based on the afflicted action that leads to hyperglycemia. In Blazon II DM, hyperglycaemia resulted from a ambit of preponderantly insulin action with allusive insulin abridgement to a preponderantly insulin secretory birthmark with insulin action ( Fauci et al, 2008 ) . It commonly occurs amid the earlier age accumulation ( & gt ; 30 old ages old ) but there is an accretion diagnosing in the adolescent accumulation ( Tidy, 2009 ) . `` Best affection of diabetes arise absolutely tardily in the appearance of the disease. A accumulation of diabetics do non authority affection aback their claret sugars are animated for the aboriginal blow '' ( National Objectives for Health, 2005 ) . A A A A A A A A A A A There is a affecting accession in the prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus worldwide, from ~30million instances in 1985 to 177 actor in 2000. Blazon II DM is accretion added bound because of `` accretion adiposity and decreased action degrees as states become added industrialised, '' as in the instance of abounding developing states in Asia ( Fauci et al, 2008 ) . A civic prevalence abstraction in the Philippines by the Department of Health showed that four ( 4.1 % ) out of one 100 Filipinos are diabetics, and the prevalence was college in burghal ( 6.8 % ) than in rural ( 2.5 % ) countries. The World Health Organization estimates that there will be a acceleration of prevalence of diabetes in Southeast Asia every bristles to ten old ages. Application this as premise, the prevalence of diabetes in the Philippines is about 8 to 16 per centum ( National Objectives for Health, 2005 ) . Besides, the curtains amount in diabetes has risen from 4.3 per 100,000 citizenry in 1984 to 7.1 per 100,000 citizenry in 1993. It is of acceptation to beam that there is underreporting of deceases due to diabetes, as apparent by bounded surveies, because of misclassification as deceases due to cardiovascular or nephritic ache both of which are abiding complications of DM ( National Objectives for Health, 2005 ; Fauci et Al, 2008 ) . Type II Diabetes Mellitus Accident factors and Nosologies Harmonizing to the American Affiliation of Analytic Endocrinologists ( AACE ) Medical Guidelines for Analytic Practice for the Management of Diabetes Mellitus ( AACE Diabetes Mellitus Analytic Practice Guidelines Task Force, 2007 ) , there are several hazard factors to developing prediabetes and Diabetes Mellitus. Such hazard factors are ( a ) domiciliary history of diabetes, ( B ) cardiovascular disease, ( amount Celsius ) ample or beefy province, ( vitamin D ) desk action style, ( vitamin E ) Latin american or Latino, Non-Hipic black, Asiatic American, Native American, or Pacific Islander ethnicity, ( amount Fahrenheit ) advanced articular broken glucose altruism or broken abnegation glucose, ( g ) aerial claret pressure, ( H ) added degrees of triglycerides, low concentrations high-density lipoproteins cholesterin, or both, ( I ) history of gestational diabetes, ( J ) history of bringing of an babyish with a bearing weight & gt ; 9 lbs, ( K ) polycystic ovary syndrome, and ( cubic decimeter ) psychiatric unwellness. To name Diabetes Mellitus, any one of the three standards is acceptable in diagnosing the accommodating adapted to the AACE. These standards are: ( a ) affection of diabetes such as polyuria, polydipsia, alien weight accident and airy claret glucose absorption of greater than or according to 200 mg/ deciliter, ( B ) abnegation claret glucose absorption of greater than or according to 126 mg/ deciliter, and ( amount Celsius ) 2-hour postchallenge glucose absorption of greater than or according to 200 mg/ deciliter during a 75-gram accepted glucose altruism trial. A Diabetess Mellitus Prevention A analysis done by the Diabetes Prevention Program ( DPP ) showed that accelerated alterations in action style, quantified as diet and appliance for 30min/day bristles times/week in bodies with broken glucose altruism ( IGT ) delayed the development of Blazon II DM by 58 % . ( Harrison 's, 2008 ) . It was besides begin out that Metformin slowed bottomward the blooming beforehand or apoplectic the development of Blazon II DM by 31 % compared to placebo. Peoples with a able acuteness to diabetes due to domiciliary history or broken glucose altruism or broken abnegation glucose ( IFG ) , are acerb brash to accumulate a accustomed BMI and arraign in approved exercising. Harmonizing to the contempo ADA Consensus panel, bodies with IFG and IGT who are at a aerial hazard for blooming beforehand to diabetes ( age & lt ; 60 old ages, BMI & gt ; 35 kg/m2, domiciliary history of diabetes in the first-degree, animated triglycerides, bargain HDL, aerial claret pressure, or A1C & gt ; 6.0 % ) could be acquainted for Metformin action but non alternative medicines. Acute complications of DM The astute complications of diabetes are diabetic diabetic acidosis ( DKA ) and hyperglycemic hyperoslomar arena ( HHS ) . Both upsets are associated with complete or allusive insulin lack, aggregate depletion, and acid-base abnormalcies. These may booty to austere complications if non bound remedied. Diabetic Ketoacidosis The accepted marks and affection of DKA are A affection and emesis, hyperglycaemia, hypotension, Kussmaul respirations, fruity Oder on the accommodating 's breath, disproportionate thirtst, and polyuria. DKA is characterized by hyperglycaemia, ketonemia, and metabolic acidosis that is accompanied by accessory metabolic abnormalcies. Hyperglycemic Hyperosmolar State HHS may commonly be apparent in an age-old being with Blazon II DM, with affection of polyuria, weight loss, and lessened accepted burning that preceded brainy abashing or coma. Concrete analysis shows abstruse aridity and hyperosmolarity with concomitat hypotension, tachycardia, and adapted brainy province. In adverse to DKA, HHS does non present with sickness, purging, belly affliction and Kussmaul marks. Chronic complications of DM The chronicity of the ache brings about systemic assurance that affects assorted agency systems. Complications may be disconnected into nonvascular and vascular complications. Nonvascular complications accommodate gastroparesis, awning alterations, and cataracts. Vascular complications can be further subdivided into micro and macrovascular. Microvascular alterations, which aftereffect from continued continuing hyperglycaemia accommodate retinopathy, neuropathy, and nephropathy. Macrovascular alterations accommodate coronary arteria ache and borderline arterial diseases. ( NIkki, I 'll absolute you my bill of exchange. di ko break kung tama. I Ca n't accomplish the archetypal here. ) Figure 1.Conceptual Model V. Aims A A A A A A A A A A A With the attributes of the assignment and ambiance in a alarm centre industry, the analysis aims to acquisition if alive in a alarm centre predisposes an being to the development of Blazon II diabetes mellitus ( DM ) . Specifically, it aims: a. A A A A A A A To acquisition the accident of Blazon II Diabetes Mellitus aural the aeon of survey. b. A A A A A A A To acquisition the etiologic factors associated with the development of Blazon II Diabetes Mellitus. VI. Mentions AACE Diabetes Mellitus Analytic Practice Guidelines Task Force ( 2007 ) . American affiliation of analytic endocrinologists medical guidelines for clincial arrangement for the administration of diabetes mellitus. Endocrine Practice. 13:3-68 Andrews, R.C. , O. Herlihy, D.E.W. Livingstone et Al. ( 2002 ) . Abnormal hydrocortisone alteration and tissue admiration to cortisol in patients with glucose intolerance. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology 87 ( 12 ) : 5587-5593. Di Tecco, D. , Cwitco, G. , Arsenault, A. , Andre, M. ( 1992 ) . Operator Accent and Monitoring Practices. Appl Ergon 23, 147-53. d'Errico, A. , Caputo, P. , Falcone, U. , Fubini, L. , Gilardi, L. , Mamo, C. , Migliardi, A. , Quarta, D. , and Coffano, E. ( 2010 ) . Hazard factors for high addendum musculoskeletal affection amid alarm centre employees. Journal of Anatomic Health. 52:115-124. Employment and Immigration. ( 2008 ) . Alberta Anatomic Profiles: Name Centre Agent. Government of Alberta. Retrieved September 10, 2010 from A hypertext alteration protocol: //alis.alberta.ca/occinfo/Content/RequestAction.asp? aspAction=GetHTMLProfile & A ; format=html & A ; occPro_ID=71002991 Fauci, AS. , Braunwald, E. , Kasper DL. , Hauser, SL. , Longo, DL. , Jameson, JL.. , and Loscalzo, J. ( 2008 ) . Harrison 's Principles of Internal Medicine. 17th arrect dysfunction. A USA: The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Halford, V. , and Cohen, HH. ( 2003 ) . Technology acceptance and psychosocial factors in the self-reporting of musculoskeletal agitated affection in alarm centre workers. Journal of Safety Research. 34 ( 2 ) :167-173 Lin, YH. , Chen, CY. , HONG, WH. , and Lin YC. ( 2010 ) . Perceived action accent and wellness ailments at a coffer alarm centre: comparing amid entering and outbound services. Industrial Health. 48:349-356 Merck Manuals Online Medical Library ( 2010 ) . Obesity. Retrieved September 11, 2010 from hypertext alteration protocol: //merck.com/mmhe/sec12/ch156/ch156a.html National Objectives for Health. ( 2005 ) . Retrieved 9 September 2010 from hypertext alteration protocol: //www2.doh.gov.ph/noh/3-2-3.pdf National Statistics Office. ( 2010 ) . 2008 Annual Analysis of Philippine Businesss and INdustry: Business Process Outsourcing Activities. Manila Philippines. Retrieved September 10, 2010 A from hypertext alteration protocol: //www.census.gov.ph/data/sectordata/aspbi08_bpotx.html O'Maley, R. ( 2008 ) . Particular Report -- Alarm Centres in the Philippines. Retrived September 10, 2010 from: www.callcentrehelper.com/special-report-in-the-philippines-2231.htm Rivette, D. ( 2010 ) . The Emerging Philippine Amount Proposition. Trestle Accumulation Consulting. Retrieved September 11, 2010 from hypertext alteration protocol: //www.bpap.org/bpap/publications/ TG_SDS_PhilippineValueProposition_March2010 % 5B1 % 5D ( 2 ) .pdf Rocha, LE. , Glina, DMR. , Marinho, MdF. , and Nakasato, D. ( 2005 ) . Hazard factors for musculoskeletal affection amid alarm centre operators of a coffer in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Industrial Health. 43:637-646 Ruiz, J. ( 2010 ) . HIV instances arise amid Filipino yuppies, name centre workers. ABS-CBN News. Retrieved 10 September 2010 from hypertext alteration protocol: //www.abs-cbnnews.com/lifestyle/01/27/10/hiv-cases-soar-among-filipino-yuppies-call-center-workers Sudhashree, VP. , Rohith, K. and Shrinivas, K. ( 2005 ) . Issues and apropos of wellness amid alarm centre employees. Indian Journal of Anatomic and Ambiance Medicine. 9 ( 3 ) : 129-132 Tidy, C. ( 2009 ) . Diabetes mellitus. Filipino Medics. Retrieved 10 September 2010 from hypertext alteration protocol: //www.philippinemedics.com/diabetes-mellitus/ UP Citizenry Institute ( 2010 ) . Lifestyle, Health Cachet and Behavior of Young Workers in Call Centers and Alternative Industries: Metro Manila and Metro Cebu. Retrieved 11 September 2010 from hypertext alteration protocol: //www.abs-cbnnews.com/lifestyle/08/05/10/call-center-workers-diet-fast- food-caffeine-and-alcohol

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