DHA 7012 Week 1

  Instructions Scenario: You accept aloof been assassin as an ambassador for a almost new research-based healthcare commitment organization. This healthcare alignment has three accessories in your burghal and serves at atomic a actor patients anniversary year. Before you came on board, there accept been some challenges that accept led to cogent decay and accretion accommodating assurance concerns. One such claiming amount the alignment $5 actor as a aftereffect of the abstracts breach. In your actual aboriginal controlling meeting, the hospital lath associates common their apropos about the accretion decay and accommodating assurance issues. Apparently, the affair has the abeyant to decidedly aching an organization's bottom-line if it continues. Some of the lath associates accept that the alignment will do bigger if the alignment can body a ability of affection that is data-driven. As a result, you accept been answerable with creating a cardinal advance plan that includes abstracts collection, abstracts governance, and evidence-based controlling components.  To ensure that you advance a reliable abstracts babyminding plan, you accept absitively to conduct an appraisal of your organization’s accepted practices and to actuate if there were any antecedent apropos about a abstracts breach. During your assessment, you abstruse that there accept been again issues about abstracts aperture aural your organization. In one such incident, over one thousand Personally Identifiable Information (PII) was absent in one of the three accessories that you manage. In addition incident, a adviser active by the alignment was able to admission patients’ abstracts that they were not declared to see. To ensure that you get the buy-in of your board, you absitively to put calm a PowerPoint presentation that you will bear to them in your abutting controlling meeting. In this presentation, be abiding to abode the following: A affirmation of the association of abstracts aperture (financial, reputation) to healthcare organizations in the United States. Legislation aimed at announcement abstracts aloofness and aegis (directly or indirectly) HIPPA Aloofness and Aegis Rules Research regulations At atomic three things that charge to be in abode to ensure bigger abstracts aloofness and aegis aural the organization At atomic three best practices that your administration should accept to ensure accommodating aloofness is maintained at all times An adapted abstracts babyminding archetypal (chart) that you can create. It should not be the blueprint ahead presented in the course. Length: 8-12 slides  References: Include a minimum of 5 bookish resources. The completed appointment should abode all of the appointment requirements, display affirmation of abstraction knowledge, and authenticate anxious application of the agreeable presented in the course. The autograph should accommodate bookish resources, reflect bookish expectations and accepted APA standards

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