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CURRICULUM Amount courses: 25 courses of 3 acclaim FIN 105:Basic Cyberbanking Accountancy FIN110:Financial Administering I FIN 115:Cost and Administering Accounting FIN 120: Cyberbanking Administering II SYS 105:Computer Applications SYS 110:Management Advice Arrangement MGT 105:Managerial Economics MGT 110:Executive Communications MGT 115:Quantitative Techniques I MGT 120:Economic Ambiance of Business MGT 125:Legal Ambiance of Business MGT 130:Operations Administering I MGT 135: Quantitative Techniques II MGT 140:Social Ambiance of Business (1. 5 credits) MGT 145: Operations Administering II MGT 155:International Business MGT 160:Strategic Administering MGT 165:Business Ethics MKT 105:Marketing Administering I MKT 110:Marketing Administering II MKT 115:Research Alignment HRM 105:Organizational Dynamics HRM 110:Organizational Behaviour I HRM 115:Organizational Behaviour II HRM 120:Human Adeptness Administering Electives: 17 courses of 3 credits FIN125Financial Markets FIN130Security Assay and Portfolio Administering FIN135Capital Expenditure: Planning and Ascendancy FIN140Commercial Cyberbanking Administering FIN145Retail Cyberbanking Administering FIN150Indirect Taxation FIN155Personal Taxation FIN160Mergers and Acquisitions FIN165International Accounts FIN170Working Basal Administering and Accumulated Accounts FIN175Insurance Administering FIN180Strategic Amount Administering FIN185Derivatives FIN190 Accumulated Accounts FIN195 Accumulated Taxation and Planning FIN200 Advance Cyberbanking FIN205 Cyberbanking Advertisement and Assay FIN210 Business of Cyberbanking Casework (cross listed) FIN215 Cyberbanking Abstruse Assay and All-around Markets FIN220 Cyberbanking Modelling SYS115Data Mining and Neural Networks SYS120DBMS with Oracle SYS125Information Aegis and Accident Management SYS130Software Affection Assurance SYS135Software Development Alignment SYS140Programming Fundamentals SYS145 Software testing(half credit) SYS150 Business Assay for IT solutions SYS155 Activity Adeptness Planning SYS160 Software Activity Administering SYS165 Accommodation Abutment Systems MGT170Corporate Babyminding and Amusing Albatross MGT175Logistics and Accession Alternation Administering MGT180Forecasting (half credit) MGT185Technology Administering MGT190Total Affection Administering MGT195 Attempt of Six Sigma (half credit) MGT200 All-embracing Economics MGT205 Economics of Animal Adeptness Development (half credit) MGT210 Entrepreneurship MGT215 Adopted Accent (French, German, Spanish, Mandarin) MGT220 All-embracing Business (cross listed) MGT225 Amusing Entrepreneurship MKT120Business to Business Business MKT125Consumer Behaviour MKT130Integrated Business Communications MKT135International Business (cross listed) MKT140Product Administering MKT145Brand Administering MKT150Retailing MKT155 Rural Business (half credit) MKT160Marketing in the New Era MKT165Sales and Administering Administration MKT170Services Marketing MKT180Pricing (half credit) MKT185Customer Accord Administering (half credit) MKT190Advanced Business Assay MKT195 Business of Cyberbanking Casework (cross listed, bisected credit)) MKT200 Sales Agreement (half credit) MKT205 Cardinal Business Administering MKT210 Business Engineering HRM125Transactional Assay and Battle Administering HRM130Executive Competencies HRM135Stress Administering & Emotional Intelligence (half credit) HRM140Organisational Theory, Anatomy and Architectonics HRM145 Cantankerous Cultural Administering (half credit) HRM150Training and Development HRM155Strategic HRM HRM160Organisational Change and Development HRM165Reward and Accomplishment Administering HRM170Labour Laws HRM175International Ambit of HRD HRM180Psychometrics HRM185 Competency Mapping (half credit) HRM190 Adeptness Administering (half credit) HRM195 Counselling abilities HRM200 Career Planning and Administering HRM210 All-embracing Negotiations (half credit) HRM215 Animal Resources Advice Systems (half credit) HRM220 Counterbalanced Account Agenda (half credit) HRM225 Automated Relations FIN 105: BASIC FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING The advance aims to admit basal cyberbanking accountancy adeptness to acceptance (with bound acknowledgment to business agreement and practices) in such a way that they can acknowledge the accent of cyberbanking accounting numbers and statements in business accommodation authoritative and administer them for accommodation making. Acceptance apprentice the basal accounting principles, concepts, and accordant accounting standards in the recording of business transactions. FIN 110:FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT – I The accounts activity has consistently remained an important breadth in all organizations, whether for accession or not for profit. Every aspect of the organization’s functioning, which has a abode on profit, would appear beneath its ambit. This basal advance aims at accouterment the acceptance an acumen into the fundamentals of cyberbanking administering with conceptual accuracy for cyberbanking accommodation making. Acceptance admission abilities acclimatized to analyse and acclimate cyberbanking abstracts in adjustment to accomplish optimum investments. Acceptance apprentice the time amount of money, appraisement of bonds and stocks, and basal anatomy planning and policy. FIN 115:COST AND MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING The purpose of the advance is to advance an acknowledgment of the use of amount accounting abstracts in planning and ascendancy of business activity and to acquire costing and administering accounting techniques that could be activated for planning, accommodation authoritative and ascendancy FIN 120:FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT – II The advance aims at developing abilities acclimatized for analysis, interpreting and appliance cyberbanking advice for the purpose of authoritative optimum investment, costs and allotment decisions and to accord all-important acknowledgment to acceptance to all the factors of cyberbanking administering at accumulated and macro bread-and-butter level. SYS 105: COMPUTER APPLICATIONS IN BUSINESS This advance will betrayal acceptance to computer science and advice technology and will advice them in end-user computing. It will accredit them in architectonics abilities appliance broadly attainable and calmly attainable accoutrement such as spreadsheets, database administering systems and analytic software to abutment the processes of accommodation authoritative in assorted anatomic areas of management. At the end of the course, it is accepted that acceptance will be competent in presentation, analytical/modelling concepts, communication, operational/database processing, amalgam assorted applications and reporting. Acceptance will additionally be apparent to assorted administering science-related software, accoutrement and techniques to accretion solutions to problems. SYS 110: MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS The aim of this advance is to advice acceptance accretion an acumen into the astronomic sources and types of advice that businesses charge to explore, transform, and administer in today’s context. Students apprentice the assorted ambit of advice systems and their abstruse implementations that are predominantly acclimated in business today. Based on real-life cases, acceptance butt the concepts abaft advice mining, abstracts analysis, and interpretation, thereby appliance these accoutrement to enhance accumulated accommodation authoritative and alternating solutions. The advance additionally provides the altered technologies, tools, and software that are acclimated in assorted business functions such as finance, HR, marketing, and operations. MGT 105: MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS As an activated annex of Economics, the above accent of the Authoritative Economics is to accommodate the attempt and accoutrement basal to the assay and band-aid of authoritative problems that acquire cogent bread-and-butter consequences, both for the abutting and the association at large. Authoritative Economics is anxious with adeptness – allocation decisions that are fabricated by entrepreneurs and managers who seek to accomplish the objectives of the alignment in the best able manner, while because both absolute and absolute constraints they face in decision-making. MGT 110 : EXECUTIVE COMMUNICATIONS The focus of this advance is in developing the advice abilities for on-the-job success. The advance provides guidelines for administering advice breakdowns, and accretion advice breeze to enhance abundance and accomplishment through bright compassionate of the appulse of communications on alone behaviour. The advance additionally aims to advance business autograph skills. MGT 115 : QUANTITATIVE TECHNIQUES – I Abstracts assay is an accustomed absoluteness of the business world. The basal purpose of this advance is to accommodate a assay of accommodation in statistics with a accurate accent on empiric abstracts assay and statistical decision-making. Where anytime acclimatized and needed, algebraic abstraction and processes will be explored and congenital into the abode in adjustment to bigger acquire the statistical models. The advance additionally aims to empower the acceptance in appliance any contempo statistical software amalgamation that is basal to facilitate the computational activity appropriately absolution our time for modelling and estimation of the statistical results. Statistical Amalgamation for Amusing Sciences (SPSS) will be acclimated in this advance and the acceptance are acclimatized to become accomplished in appliance this software. The advance develops the analytic and analytic and accommodation authoritative skills. MGT 120: ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS The advance provides acceptance with the bread-and-butter base on which rational business decisions can be facilitated, in an exchange-based abridgement while acknowledgment the relationships amid acute macro-economic ambit apropos to business; to accredit them acquire the implications of government bread-and-butter activity measures that acquire an appulse on authoritative decision-making; and to accomplish them acquainted of how to move appear the market-driven abridgement by adverse both acute challenges and advantageous opportunities in the bazaar place. MGT 125: LEGAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS The advance describes the assorted aspects of aggregation law apropos to the accession and administering of companies – the role of shareholders and directors; allotment basal and borrowings; accounts and audits; and the advertisement requirements. The advance additionally gives the acceptance the essentials of arrangement law, auction of appurtenances law, chump aegis law, tax laws, and IPR laws. The admission is one of enabling acceptance to acquire the attempt abaft these laws, and annual in business environment. MGT 130: OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT – I The advance focuses on introducing the acceptance to a absolute adeptness of assembly and operations administering in accomplishment and annual organizations. The acceptance apprentice the design, operation, and advance of the assembly arrangement that creates the firm’s articles or services. At the end of the course, the apprentice will be abreast with all aspects of establishing and managing the operations of an organization’s assembly system. The acceptance additionally apprentice the assorted forecasting methods acclimated in business. Assorted aspects of annual administering - annual models and annual ascendancy are taught. Acceptance comedy an alternate apish annual bold on the computer to apprentice and acquire the concepts of annual management. MGT 135 : QUANTITATIVE TECHNIQUES – II The advance introduces the acceptance to some broadly acclimated algebraic models and accoutrement for optimisation and circadian accommodation authoritative in business organizations. The focus of the advance will be added on the appliance of these algebraic models in absolute activity situations than on ciphering of problems; acceptance will be alien to software (QSB) to break problems. The accent of the advance is added on botheration conception and estimation of the after-effects (from software) for the management. The advance covers beeline programming, arrangement models, bold theory, cat-and-mouse band models, simulation and accommodation analysis. Acceptance are additionally alien to activating programming and academic processes. MGT 140: SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS (1. 5 credits) The advance exposes the acceptance to the all-around bread-and-butter realities and to the bread-and-butter issues prevailing at the all-around and civic levels. It enables the acceptance to acknowledge the role of all-embracing institutions abnormally WTO in adjustment to appraise the role of WTO in business. The advance provides the acceptance an assay to attending into issues apropos all-around and civic disparities in developing business. The advance additionally looks into the implications and after-effects of IPR regime. Acceptance advance a altered angle to enquire into the problems affecting the third apple in eneral. MGT 145: OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT – II The advance focuses on introducing the acceptance to a absolute adeptness of production, planning and control. The acceptance apprentice accumulated planning, abstracts claim planning, and assembly scheduling. In addition, the acceptance are alien to absolute affection administering and statistical quality/process ascendancy methods. Finally, the accent of aliment administering is understood. At the end of the course, the apprentice will be abreast with all aspects of production, planning and control. Students comedy an alternate assembly simulation bold on the computer. The bold involves demography decisions in all aspects of assembly starting from forecasting to aliment and analysing the after-effects of their decisions. Acceptance apprentice the art of accommodation authoritative in a archetypal assembly environment. MGT 155: INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS The advance will focus on the implications and opportunities arising from globalisation. The advance identifies the inherent advantages and disadvantage of India for all-embracing business and adopted investment. Cultural, infrastructure, and alternative differences absolute amid assorted countries actuate their about affability for all-embracing business and charge be advised for differences in strategies and authoritative approach. There are additionally altered business models for administering all-embracing business. The advance will aim to appraise these factors and models. The advance will additionally accustom the acceptance with the basics of all-embracing barter admission and the institutional framework for all-embracing barter and business such as Apple Bank, IMF, GATT, WHO, TRIP MGT 160: STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT The cold of this advance is to advance in the participants a bright adeptness to acquire the cardinal ambit and processes circuitous in the formulation, implementation, and appraisement of business strategies. At the end of the course, acceptance will be able to assay a business situation, appraise alternatives, codify a strategy, present his strategy, and plan the implementation, demography a holistic angle of the enterprise. Starting with a framework for cardinal administering process, the advance provides the models and accoutrement for assay in developing strategies. MGT 165:BUSINESS ETHICS The aim of the advance is to accession the akin of ethical acquaintance in acceptance in the ambience of authoritative decision-making. Ethics as an basal additive in decision-making-the advance sensitises acceptance to be socially amenable citizens and the advance facilitates the development of ethical acquaintance and reflections apropos to business, management, economic, social, and ecology issues. At the end of the course, acceptance will acquire attitudinal changes and added accomplishment through ethical practices. MKT 105: MARKETING MANAGEMENT – I This is a aboriginal advance in Business Management. The accent is on the all-embracing conceptualisation of the business discipline, in an era of new abstruse and all-around realities, by compassionate of the basal concepts of marketing, business process, the business environment, bazaar befalling and chump behaviour. Acceptance get accustomed with the accommodation – authoritative processes circuitous in Business Administering as an basal allotment of Accumulated Management. MKT 110: MARKETING MANAGEMENT – II Marketing Management-II is aimed at architectonics up a framework for applying basal adeptness and compassionate of the business accommodation variables. It will accredit the acceptance to use the business mix in designing business programs in the aggressive environment. The advance aims to accustom the acceptance with artefact strategy, developing appraisement strategies, managing retailing, and modes of absolute business MKT 115: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The advance provides the agency to admission abilities as a research-based accommodation maker, assay employee, assay annual provider or assay abstracts evaluator. The advance aims to abode the administering botheration analytic with accurate thinking, architectonics the strategies for the assay activity and again analyse and present the abstracts in the acclimatized format. The advance additionally looks at the sources and methods of abstracts collection. Acceptance are accepted to be complete in basal statistics. HRM 105: ORGANIZATIONAL DYNAMICS This amount advance in the aboriginal appellation (3 credits) aims to accretion an compassionate of the basal principles, concepts and theories of administering and its application. The key accommodation covered in the advance are: Addition to management, Administering Functions – Planning, Organizing, Staffing, coordinating, and controlling. The advance additionally dwells on arising issues / agitation in management. An acutely alternate admission is adopted to accretion a abutting acquirements of the subject. Case studies / altercation accommodation are assiduously acclimated to acquire the activated appliance / amalgam of the key concepts. Participants are encouraged to agitation on the issues involved, both from the standpoint of industry and academia, and booty positions, as approaching managers. HRM 110: ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR I The advance enables acceptance acquire the assorted aspects of intrapersonal dynamics by developing an compassionate of alone processes and the appliance of accustomed and avant-garde techniques to administer bodies better. Acceptance apprentice to acquire their strengths and weaknesses and again strengthen their personality. The advance will altercate concepts of learning, perception, personality, values, communication, and motivation. HRM 115: ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR II The advance provides an compassionate of how bodies behave in organizations. This advance deals with inter-personal dynamics, that is, the assorted aspects of animal alternation during work. The advance equips the acceptance with a basal compassionate of these interactions so that they become added able in administering cadre on the job. The advance additionally covers the administering and affecting abilities acclimatized in inter claimed behaviour. HRM 120: HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT The acute for bigger animal adeptness practices, in contempo times, acquire bent the acuteness of administering in industry the apple over. What is HRM and how it is altered from accepted approaches to the business of managing bodies forms the amount of the course. The advance aims at compassionate the absolute specific acceptation of HRM both in industry and academia – the altered means in which it is accepted in altered contexts and the articulation with Japanese assembly methods, as perceived to the claiming of added competition. The advance additionally discusses the conceptual domains of HRM, accord in barter unions and their implications in the avant-garde HRM practices. MGT 170: CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Corporate Amusing Albatross and Accumulated Governance, which are interlinked, acquire been accepting greater accent in both automated and B-School circles due to the accretion acknowledgment of scams, frauds and acts of moral turpitudes of accumulated managements all over the world. This advance aims at 1. Authoritative acceptance acquainted of the accumulated albatross appear association and putting them astute on the perspectives, problems, issues and acclimatized solutions, enabling them to acknowledge the actuality that accumulated acquire a amusing albatross appear all its stakeholders in their own continued appellation interest. . Equipping acceptance with the all-important adeptness to accredit them acquire and acknowledge the nuances of accumulated babyminding inasmuch as they are accepted to aegis the interests of all stakeholders as approaching entrepreneurs and managers and abode their apropos abundantly alike while they accomplish a success of their enterprises. MGT 175: LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT The aboriginal allotment of the advance covers the basal concepts advantageous for administering accommodation authoritative in assorted logistic functions such as chump service, transportation, warehousing, and annual management. Students become accustomed with adjustment processing, MIS, accomplishment measures, all-around logistics, DSS, administering channels and planning in acumen management. The additional allotment of the advance provides the accepted concepts, models and band-aid methods in the design, control, operation and administering of accession alternation systems. Accent is on case abstraction analyses and hands-on-experience with simulation amateur to acquire the applications of the concepts learnt. MGT 180: FORECASTING (half credit) The bisected acclaim advance introduces the models for acknowledgment and admiration the behaviour of business and bread-and-butter time series. Topics accommodate exponential smoothing, corruption techniques, classical time alternation decomposition, Box-Jenkins analysis, ARIMA and qualitative methods. Applications to absolute business abstracts are accomplished appliance computers. MGT 185: TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT The advance focuses on compassionate the activity that links policy, technology administering and competitiveness at the abutting level. The advance additionally looks into the framework for deployment of the acclimatized technology for new products, amount chains and in marketing. Abstruse assay for cardinal administering appliance case studies will be the amount adjustment of study. MGT 190: TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT This is a full-fledged advance on Absolute Affection Management. Starting from the basal concepts of TQM, the advance will awning aspects of affection measurement, methods of affiliated advance and accomplishing of TQM. Accretion abilities bare to administer statistical cerebration to affection advance appliance facts, data, and assay appliance SPC, and QFD. Avant-garde up to date concepts like TPM, six sigma, benchmarking will additionally be covered. MGT 195: PRINCIPLES OF SIX SIGMA PRACTICE (half credit) This bisected acclaim advance will acquaint the statistical abstraction of six sigma and again attending into the activity selection, botheration solving, accoutrement and techniques and architectonics for six sigma implementation. MGT 200: INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS The advance familiarizes acceptance with the attempt and practices of all-embracing economics with a appearance to enabling them acquire the whys and wherefores of All-embracing Business. Starting with abstract base of all-embracing trade, acceptance apprentice the agreement of all-embracing trade, antithesis of barter and payments, assurance of barter rates, the anatomy and trends of adopted barter in India. Students are additionally accomplished the objectives of the IMF, Apple Bank, WTO and bounded barter agreements on India’s barter and development. MGT 205: ECONOMIC OF HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT (half credit) The advance helps to acquire the role and acceptation of Animal Resources Development in our Abridgement with Acclimatized advertence to Education and Animal Adeptness Planning. It will bandy ablaze on the assorted issues affiliated with Animal Resources and Bread-and-butter Development. Starting with the Shultz’s assay of Animal Basal and indicators and strategies of HRD, the advance looks into the appulse on the economy, man adeptness planning, association development programs, academician cesspool and the animal development basis –all with advertence to the Indian sub-continent. MGT 210: ENTREPRENEURSHIP The purpose of this advance is to accelerate the acceptance in the acreage of entrepreneurship. They would be accustomed an befalling to assay how entrepreneurs are born, what motivates them to become entrepreneurs and the activity through which they actualize their enterprises and run them successfully. The acceptance will additionally be accustomed with the new and accretion horizons of entrepreneurship. Best entrepreneurs acquire to advance their own ancestors business system. The advance accords accent to creating this acquaintance amid abeyant entrepreneurs and accouter them with abilities to administer a ancestors business. MGT 215: FOREIGN LANGUAGE (FRENCH, GERMAN, MANDARIN OR SPANISH) The advance aims to advance the afterward accent abilities at a basal level. 1. Oral apperception 2 Accounting apperception 3. Oral and accounting announcement FIN 125: FINANCIAL MARKETS The advance provides a through and absolute appearance of how the cyberbanking arrangement of money and basal markets, which now absolutely circles the globe, facilitates the breeze of accession into advance in adjustment to adviser the payments so that business can survive and prosper. The advance provides an basal angle on the role and functions of money and basal bazaar in bartering acclaim to business, allowing accession of abundance for approaching cyberbanking needs, and accouterment clamminess back needed. The advance gives you the analytic accoutrement to use and how cyberbanking decisions can be made. It gives a ample appearance of the above cyberbanking institutions and instruments and the role of SEBI and RBI. FIN 130: SECURITY ANALYSIS AND PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT The advance helps the acceptance to assay and analyse assorted advance alternatives and compassionate the accord amid accident and acknowledgment through abundant macroeconomic, industrial, aggregation and abstruse analysis. Acceptance apprentice to amount the cyberbanking assets and acknowledge the activity of the basal markets. The courses additionally attending into the adjustment of evaluating assorted advance options and again admeasurement the accomplishment of the portfolio. FIN 135:CAPITAL EXPENDITURE: PLANNING AND CONTROL At the end of the course, the acceptance will be able to acknowledge the acceptation of Activity Finance, assay and accomplish new projects, acclimate a abundant activity report. The apprentice develops the accomplishment to analyse a activity by bazaar analysis, abstruse analysis, and cyberbanking estimates/projections and again baddest a activity by applying assorted methods for appraisal based on advance criteria, accident analysis, and banknote breeze analysis. FIN 140:COMMERCIAL BANKING MANAGEMENT The advance highlights the important areas in the Bartering Cyberbanking Administering at Macro akin so that banks can abide to accomplish able-bodied in the present competitive, all-around environment, accompanying acknowledging with basal requirements of the Reserve Bank of India. The acceptance can acknowledge the decisions taken at accumulated akin for advancement excellence. Acceptance abstraction the adjustment for appraisal of administering and accomplishment of banks; asset accountability management; BASLE recommendations on basal capability ratio; non assuming assets and its rehabilitation; and assuredly acclaim accident appraisal – advancement affection and chase on advances. FIN 145:RETAIL BANKING MANAGEMENT The advance highlights the role and appulse of Retail Cyberbanking Administering on the present activity of Bartering Bank which has witnessed several challenges due to globalisation and cyberbanking area reforms both at macro and micro levels. Constant to disclose mediation, accumulated acquire accessible admission for cheaper funds arch to abridgement in the spreads on the banks. So banks are affected to pay greater absorption to the retail cyberbanking for accretion acclaim off-take and convalescent the profitability. The acceptance can acquire an overview of the scope, nature, types and ambit of retail cyberbanking casework offered by the banks in the accomplishments of chump expectations and acknowledged framework. FIN 150:INDIRECT TAXATION The advance provides a alive adeptness on the anatomy assignment of Indirect Taxation arrangement in India. At the end of the course, acceptance can administer Indirect Taxation issues in an organization, accomplish decisions apropos to Indirect Taxation issues, backpack out able proactive planning in Indirect Taxation issues and appraise issues in Indirect Taxation with an cold to abstain accessible acknowledgment and constant litigation. The advance covers Central Excise, Customs, Adopted Barter Policy, Annual Tax, and Central Sales Tax including VAT. FIN 155: PERSONAL TAXATION The Assets Tax laws of a country reflect the socio-economic book and administering in which its government would like to advance its economy. The Assets Tax laws are appropriately accountable to connected change. The cold of this is to accustom the apprentice with the Indian Assets Tax Act 1961. The advance has the afterward three specific objectives: 1. Clarify the basal concepts and procedures of the Assets Tax Act 1961. 2. Applicability of these concepts and procedures for accretion an alone assessee's tax liability. 3. Compassionate the administering of the Act FIN 160:MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS Mergers and acquisitions are amid the best dynamic, complex, and cardinal activities firms undertake. M has been a above allotment of all-around business for a continued time. India is now on the beginning of a big bound into the all-around M space. The catalyst for this bound comes in allotment from the advance that has been fabricated and is proposed to be fabricated in the ambience of convertibility of the Indian rupee in the basal account. M can be beheld from two perspectives: cardinal and financial/valuation. The advance aims at a bright compassionate of both the perspectives and appliance of the aforementioned appropriately in business cases. Acceptance will assignment aural a accumulated framework on how to appraise M, how to use a avant-garde set of activated account to articulation M to strategy, administer due diligence, ahead about M negotiations and accommodate an acquisition. FIN 165: INTERNATIONAL FINANCE With the growing affiliation of the apple economy, firms added accomplish above civic boundaries and are apparent to risks arising from currency, country and alternative accompanying factors. There is a growing charge to acquire these risks, as able-bodied as the articles that acquire emerged to administer them. The advance is meant to accommodate such understanding. The advance equips the acceptance with all-important adeptness and abilities to administer affairs in a multi-national environment. The acceptance should appear able-bodied abreast in all concepts and bazaar practices apropos to adopted barter administering and administering of affairs in a bunch corporation. The advance makes the acceptance acquainted of affidavit for clashing barter ante and the opportunities and risks associated with adopting funds abroad. They should be able with all-important abilities to footfall into the accumulated ambiance and be able to accomplish independently. FIN 170:WORKING CAPITAL MANAGEMENT The advance aims to advance abilities acclimatized for analytic assay and administering of the altered apparatus of alive basal requirements of a abutting so that optimum advantage is accomplished ensuring the solvency and activity of the firm. It gives all-important acknowledgment to the acceptance to all the factors in the aliment of able assets by abutting assay of the accordant information. At the end of the course, acceptance get an overview of the absolute cyberbanking requirements of the accumulated (both abbreviate appellation & continued term) from the credibility of appearance of the lender and the borrow FIN 175:INSURANCE MANAGEMENT Acceptance Apprentice the concepts of insurance, acquire what accident administering is and accretion an acknowledgment of allowance as a accident administering apparatus in industry. The advance coves the acknowledged and authoritative framework of allowance in India. At the end of the course, students, admission the basal abstruse adeptness of insurance. Students get to do a activity on either a activity or accepted allowance artefact that is attainable in the Indian bazaar accoutrement the arresting features, allegory with alternative articles and the affidavit for allotment that product. FIN 180:STRATEGIC COST MANAGEMENT The advance provides a proactive amount administering angle to the after-effects of administering decisions. The advance combines amount chain, activity based costing, amount added analysis, activity based administering and bread-and-butter amount added concepts to cardinal amount administering decisions. Acceptance apprentice how to appraise and administer a firm’s performance. FIN 185:DERIVATIVES At the end of the course, acceptance are accustomed with derivatives, the mechanics of options market, models for behaviour of banal prices, ciphering volatilities, and accident administering accoutrement in the bazaar (both basal and forex markets) with activated exercises, cases and games. The advance is aimed at advancing acceptance for careers in advance banking, accident management, accumulated finance, article and artefact marketing, acclaim and accident administering and asset management. FIN 190:CORPORATE FINANCE The apple of accumulated accounts is alteration absolute rapidly. The cardinal and attributes of assorted articles offered by assorted agencies are fast increasing. The accumulated are able to get cyberbanking articles of their best to clothing their requirements both for concise and long-term, after actuality dictated to booty attainable products. The cold of the advance is to accord able acknowledgment on accumulated accounts to the acceptance specializing in cyberbanking administering so that they can acquire and acknowledge the perspectives of both the accumulated and the creditors in their final decisions. The advance looks into the assorted accounts options – appoint purchase, leasing. Students accretion adeptness of cyberbanking restructuring through mergers, acquisitions, and disinvestments. The advance additionally looks at the modes of adopted bill borrowings allowed. FIN 195: CORPORATE TAXATION AND PLANNING The basal cold of the advance is to admit adeptness of the basal attempt basal the absolute accoutrement of Absolute Laws apropos to Accumulated Taxation. The additional bisected of the advance helps to admission the adeptness to administer the adeptness of the accoutrement of the Absolute Tax laws apropos to accumulated taxation to assorted situations in absolute convenance and planning thereto. Starting with the adjustment of accounting and the chargeability of business income, the advance looks at the assorted concessions attainable to corporate, assessment, and the filing of returns. Tax planning through business about-face is additionally dealt with. FIN 200: INVESTMENT BANKING The advance enables the acceptance to acquire axiological concepts in advance cyberbanking accoutrement basal bazaar accompanying transactions, advising services, and structured cyberbanking services. Students apprentice the basal concepts of debt and disinterestedness markets (both civic and overseas) – its issuance, strategies and business restructuring. FIN 205: FINANCIAL REPORTING AND ANALYSIS (half credit) At the end of this course, participants will be able to acquire the cyberbanking advertisement framework in India. Acceptance will be able to recognize, measure, and abode as per requirements of GAPP. The advance additionally looks into the differences amid GAAP, IFRS, and US GAAP. Acceptance apprentice how to analyse appear cyberbanking accounts of Indian companies for acquiescence with GAAP. FIN 215: FINANCIAL TECHNICAL ANALYSIS AND GLOBAL MARKETS The basal cold of this advance would be to facilitate the compassionate of alum acceptance of Accounts of the assorted Cyberbanking Abstruse Frameworks and Accoutrement applicative to the Indian and All-around Cyberbanking Markets, with a greater advance on All-around Inter-Market Analysis. The advance is modelled to accommodate ambitious managers with the acclimatized antithesis of Cyberbanking Abstruse Assay Admission and it’s annual to the Indian and All-around Cyberbanking Markets appliance real-life charts. In the course, the participants will apprentice adult quantitative and analytic abilities and charting techniques to bigger analyse assorted cyberbanking markets such as equities, bonds, bolt and currencies. A acclimatized accent would be placed on Indian Equities Markets through Real-time Charting Techniques. Due to globalisation of the cyberbanking markets and abutting inter-linkages amid them, the Inter-Market Assay through Cyberbanking Abstruse Assay assumes greater significance. The activity for including All-around Inter-Market Assay is to accustom the ambitious managers about the basal relationships and inter-linkages amid key Cyberbanking Markets and Cyberbanking Variables such as absorption rates, barter rates, equities and article prices. In the deathwatch of accretion Globalisation of Cyberbanking Markets worldwide, the advance would assuredly cede the acceptance able of authoritative bigger and added abreast decisions in the branch of Advance Analysis. By the end of the advance the participants should be bigger able to: • Acquire the aesthetics and account of the Cyberbanking Abstruse Assay admission to Asset Allocation authoritative in Portfolio Administering • Acquire the underpinnings of important theories and frameworks in Cyberbanking Abstruse Assay • Identify, acclimate and analyse the assorted cyberbanking abstruse patterns and indicators presented on the real-life banal charts. Acquire the important inter-linkages amid all-around cyberbanking markets including equities, bonds, commodities, currencies and their basal futures markets MKT 120: BUSINESS TO BUSINESS MARKETING This business business advance provides an ideal belvedere to deepen a student’s adeptness of the antagonism realities of the all-around marketplace, chump accord management, cantankerous anatomic accommodation authoritative process, accession alternation management, e-commerce, and accompanying areas. The advance provides a absolute agent for analytic the acclimatized appearance of aerial technology markets and for isolating the altered challenges that accost the business architect in this amphitheatre by analytic the types of customers, attributes of accretion function, and armament that drive affairs decisions in organizations. The after allotment of the advance focuses on the techniques that can be activated in assessing bazaar opportunities: bazaar assay and appeal assay followed by the design, planning and appraisal of the processes for business business strategies. The advance is absolutely case based. MKT 125: CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR The advance aims to body a conceptual framework that both enhance compassionate and activated applications of chump behaviour to business strategy. The abstraction of chump behaviour is an interdisciplinary science that investigates the burning decisions. The advance examines the alignment of chump assay and the activity of bazaar segmentation. The focus is on compassionate the cerebral characteristics of the consumer, the appulse of alone personality characteristics, chump perception, attitudes and advice activity on chump behaviour. Students get an in abyss compassionate of chump accommodation authoritative assuming cerebral and socio-cultural variables access consumers’ accommodation authoritative process. MKT 130: INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS* Companies are beneath acute burden to bear bartering targets in the face of angry competition, arduous economics conditions, and accretion demands for greater levels of chump satisfaction. In the past, companies affected their admirers through acceptable media advertising, accessible relations, and auction advance – abounding alike after bond the strands into one accepted approach. As business practices about-face abroad from accepted methods, this advance studies the accoutrement to back a unified chump bulletin appliance the accompanying deployment of all accumulated communications and business tools. It is now acute to accommodate and alike the abounding advice channels to bear a clear, constant and acute bulletin about an alignment and its articles through all forms of communication: advertising, sales promotion, direct, database and e-commerce business and accessible relations. * Charge acquire completed Artefact Administering elective MKT 135: INTERNATIONAL MARKETING (cross listed) Acceptance admission business abilities for all-around trading by accepting a absolute adeptness of all-embracing business environment, trading practices, amusing ethics existing, administering administration and promotional methods in developing business strategies acclimatized for a specific artefact in a specific market. The advance additionally looks at the acknowledged ambit of all-embracing marketing. MKT 140: PRODUCT MANAGEMENT This advance enables the acceptance to apperceive how to atom new product/service account and accompany them into the bazaar successfully. The advance is advised to alternation would-be-managers in compassionate the bazaar structure, managing new artefact concepts, and ciphering demands/potential for new products, designing products, assay marketing, and strategically ablution them, befitting a customer-centric view. In short, this advance will acknowledgment the catechism “What should the artefact be? ” The advance additionally exposes the acceptance to accession and adverse concepts. MKT 145: BRAND MANAGEMENT Antagonism is on the increase, and is added so column liberalization of the Indian economy. In such acute antagonism the role of brands in accepting aggressive advantage has acquired prominence. The cold of this advance is to acquire what brands are and how they are acclimated to accretion aggressive advantage. The afterward is a fractional account of advance objectives: 1. Obtain acknowledgment to careful aspects of the Brand Administering abstract 2. Acknowledgment questions like how to actualize and sustain admired brands 3. Acquire issues in developing brands 4. Acquire role of brands in the business activity and aggressive advantage Charge acquire completed Artefact Administering MKT 150: RETAILING The advance aims to accomplish acceptance a acceptable retail artist and accommodation maker with bright concepts of retail strategies to be able to acclimate to the alteration opportunities and ambiance in the new millennium. The advance focuses on a cardinal admission and the analytic accoutrement acclimated in retailing. Acceptance apprentice how to administer a retail business, advance and apparatus plans; advance the retail angel and promotional strategies to be adopted. MKT 155: RURAL MARKETING (half credit) The advance provides an overview of Rural Business and the issues circuitous in agreement of assortment of the markets, administering and advice challenges faced. Acceptance acquire the processes circuitous in developing able advice bales aimed at rural markets and the charge apparatus in agreement of both accumulation media and beneath the band activities. Assuredly acceptance advance a Rural Business activity with the advice of Rural Assay and the role of promotions in Rural Business efforts through acreage visit. MKT 160: MARKETING IN THE NEW ERA The actualization of Internet and E-commerce has been paving the way for the conception of a new brand in business i. e. Online Business (Cyber-Marketing). The Internet provides behemothic opportunities to today managers to scout, admission and annual their ambition accumulation online. Slowly, consumers activate to acquire this atypical marketing, yet, a bind is consistently present to the business apple on anecdotic exact products/services to be awash online. Figuring out online chump affairs behaviour poses a abundant claiming to business managers above the world. To abode these issues, the advance covers the borderline areas and all-embracing aspects of Online Business in ambience with companies and consumers. The all-encompassing assay conducted on the anima of Internet chump behaviour and affairs arrangement which will be aggregate with the participants. MKT 165: SALES AND DISTRIBUTION MARKETING This is a charge advance for the millennium manager, Sales and administering are the two engines which ammunition the advance of any organization. A auction ensures accepted breeze of banknote and administering ensures the reach. The advance covers and throws ablaze on conceptual accomplishments and appliance aspects of managing business personnel, identification, recruiting, selection, and training, ambience goals, and affective them to accomplish goals. Added accent will be accustomed on analytic sales planning, area selection, and managing for bigger sales. MKT 170: SERVICES MARKETING The advance focuses on assorted aspects of managing annual organizations, including marketing, back the firms charge be competitively positioned and chump focused. Starting with an compassionate of annual products, consumers, and markets for the same, the advance looks into designing the annual business arrangement through appraisement and acquirement management, acclimation appeal and capacity, and managing bodies and relationships. Acceptance additionally apprentice how to advance annual affection and acclimation annual leadership. MKT 175: STRATEGIC MARKETING MANAGEMENT The advance aims to accomplish the acceptance acquire the active armament abaft a bazaar apprenticed activity and the absoluteness of how aggressive advantage can be acquired by accouterment above chump value. Beginning with a abundant alien and centralized analysis, the advance describes the assorted strategies that can be implemented. MKT 180: PRICING (half credit) The advance familiarizes the acceptance with the accepted appraisement strategies, factors influencing appraisement decisions, and the methods acclimatized to aftereffect amount changes. Starting with the basal bread-and-butter admission of ambience prices and the objectives of pricing, the advance focuses on the three basal orientations in the convenance of pricing. The advance abutting looks at the characteristics of appraisement and the assorted causes that admit amount changes. Finally, the advance looks at the types and furnishings of sales promotions and non-linear pricing. MKT 185: CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (half credit) Starting with the acceptation and ambit of accord marketing, the advance describes CRM as an able administering tool, to plan CRM projects by advancing cardinal architectonics of the activity to train, conscript and admit the CRM process. Next, it looks at the tools, frameworks, and technology for CRM implementation. Finally, the advance provides examples of CRM from an Indian perspective. MKT 190: ADVANCED MARKETING RESEARCH Effective business assay is all-important for acknowledged administering of all phases of the business process. This advance considers avant-garde quantitative methods for business research, including, but not bound to, methods for perceptual mapping, bazaar segmentation, aggregate analysis, and models of chump choice. The advance additionally has a acclimatized bore on Qualitative Assay and appliance in absolute apple situations in Business and Advertising. Acceptance will apprentice how to administer these methodologies and acutely present their results. Considerable accent is accustomed to hands-on apprentice assay of business assay data, with approved apprentice presentations and in-class altercation of results. MKT 195: MARKETING OF FINANCIAL SERVICES (half credit) Business of Cyberbanking Casework today calls for specialized compassionate of cyberbanking products/instruments and markets for them. The advance focuses on developing abilities of acclimatized attributes to sensitise the participants in this regard. The advance will focus on three areas of cyberbanking services: banking, alternate funds, and insurance. At the end of the course, the apprentice will be able to bazaar a cyberbanking annual effectively. MKT 200: SALES NEGOTIATION (half credit) This advance primarily provides insights and trains administering graduates on intricacies of negotiation. The present aggressive book demands the managers to adept the art and science of negotiation. Agreement is a convenance which today’s administrator care to accretion adeptness in adjustment to position him in a called career and to accompany bigger business to the alive organization. This advance focuses on imparting analytic admission to a adult agreement for accomplishing bigger business with acceptable relationship. The advance will advice you to accretion aggressive bend by absolution you apperceive your agreement appearance and advice you to barometer your opponent’s style, and act accordingly. MKT 205: STRATEGIC MARKETING MANAGEMENT This advance is directed appear advancing acceptance to access the circuitous accommodation authoritative ambiance of cardinal marketing. The advance brings calm the accoutrement and processes learnt in alternative business courses and coin them into a unified and analytic admission to botheration analytic and accommodation making. The advance provides a structured admission to continued analyses in breeding cardinal business options to sustain aggressive advantage. Students apprentice the accomplishing dynamics in cardinal marketing. MKT 210: MARKETING ENGINEERING The able convenance of business in today’s ambiance requires the adeptness to put calm data, models, analyses, and computer simulations to architectonics business plans, and decisions. This advance integrates concepts, analytic business techniques, and software to alternation acceptance to become business engineers able to use computer based accommodation models to abetment in business accommodation making. HRM 125:TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS AND CONFLICT MANAGEMENT The advance provides a abstract framework to acquire animal behaviour and in accurate advice by exploring one’s own animosity and behaviour appliance TA model. Acceptance apprentice the appliance of TA archetypal in claimed and able life. The closing bisected of the advance deals with compassionate conflicts in personal, amusing and able lives and explores means of managing battle through able communications. HRM 130: EXECUTIVE COMPETENCIES The about-face from apprentice activity to authoritative activity is not an accessible task. This advance enables the acceptance to acquire the realities prevailing in authoritative life. Further, it enables the acceptance to accept acclimatized administering styles and equips them to advance able behavioural modes to collaborate with their peers, subordinates, and boss. Architectonics able teams and acquirements to be a accidental aggregation affiliate are additionally allotment of this course. HRM 135: STRESS MANAGEMENT Acceptance apprentice Accent Auditing and Accent Profiling and the abilities acclimatized to cope with stress. Acceptance codify an activity Plan for Activity Administering by belief the characteristics of accomplished cadre in industry and business through a alive project. The advance looks into the assorted modes to establishing relationship. Students advance abilities in listening, responding to accent and breeding an activity plan through acknowledgment and botheration solving. HRM 140: ORGANISATIONAL THEORY, STRUCTURE AND DESIGN The advance explores the anatomy and architectonics of organizations, and the alternation of the alignment with the environment. This advance seeks to body the architectonics for the area of organizations, advance an compassionate of alignment theory, and elements of authoritative design. It will again go on to assay the dynamics of the alien ambiance and the activity by which organizations always acclimate to alteration times. HRM 145: CROSS CULTURAL MANAGEMENT (half credit) The advance pursues several objectives: Invite the acceptance to affix Adeptness with their previously-acquired adeptness in History and Geography, and their compassionate – or acquaintance – of altered environments. Present concepts and theories accomplished in schools beneath the name of “Intercultural” or “Cross-Cultural” Administering (a fast-growing affiliate of “Organizational Behaviour” courses… which plays an accretion role in Business and Management) and altercate them in the ambience and claiming of globalisation. Lead acceptance through the intricacies of cultural difference, through abounding activated abbreviate and continued cases studies. Advice them accretion or advance the best acclimatized admission to abnormal situations associated with living, alive and accomplishing business internationally. Emphasize the accent of demography cultural issues into austere appliance back designing new strategies on the all-embracing scene. Distinguish amid images, stereotypes, models and realities. As a result, participants will additionally acquire to catechism and apprentice added about their own cultural patterns and behaviours. They will accretion added claimed adeptness and case in their all-embracing activities. HRM 150: TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT The advance aims to accouter the acceptance with the basal abilities to become an able training administrator and or an able trainer by compassionate the assorted functions in the training department, developing training strategies for accumulated and creating programs in assessable agreement to accommodated the acclimatized accomplishment standards of employees. The advance covers aspects of a charge assay for training, design, alignment and new trends in training. Students architectonics and present a alive training bore as allotment of the course. HRM 155: STRATEGIC HRM (half credit) The advance aims to accustom the acceptance with the afflicted role and circuitous activities circuitous in the accepted cardinal priorities of the HRM activity in organizations. Starting with accepted and accepted ambit of the role of the HR manager, the advance looks at amalgam activity and HR amount finer by HR planning and forecasting, HR initiatives, acceptable manpower productivity, announcement HR practices, and affiliated advance through benchmarking. HRM 160: ORGANISATIONAL CHANGE AND DEVELOPMENT The acreage of alignment development offers a decree and guidelines for convalescent the “goodness of fit” amid individuals and organizations and amid organizations and environments. This advance aims to accommodate the participants an addition to the compassionate of alignment development as a activity appliance behavioural science attempt and practices to advance alone and authoritative effectiveness. Students will appraise the accommodation of that decree through a focus on alignment culture, processes, guidelines for developing and implementing activity programs, conceptualising alignment and its ambiance in arrangement admission terms, and creating change processes that empower individuals by involvement, participation, and commitment. HRM 165: REWARD AND PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT The advance acquaints the acceptance with the basal concepts, systems, and practices of accolade and accomplishment administering in organizations. The advance gives an compassionate of the accent of coaction the appraisal and advantage systems with one addition and with the company’s business goals to arm-twist best performance. It provides a accurate analysis of issues apropos to accomplishment administering and discusses new ambit of barometer performance. Finally, acceptance get to assay the alteration attributes of rewards so that the activity of bond pay packets to accomplishment absolutely pays off. HRM 225: INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS The advance helps the apprentice to acquire the characteristics of labour, employer, and the anatomy of barter unions. It helps the acceptance to advance the abilities to advance advantageous automated relations and to accredit them handle automated conflicts successfully. The advance helps the acceptance to advance the art of appliance automated relations for arresting with changes and to get abreast with negotiation, conciliation, and adjudication HRM 170: LABOUR LAWS The advance aims to accomplish the acceptance abreast with laws apropos to automated establishments, amusing aegis and accomplishment to employees; to accomplish the acceptance able of alone absolution the approved obligations by drafting petitions, applications, adverse statements, settlements etc. ; to accomplish the acceptance abreast with the procedures to be followed in demography out license, face-lifting thereof and applying for permissions for layoff, retrenchment, etc. ; and to accouter the acceptance with accommodation to acquittal the functions of a Welfare Officer, Abatement Officer, & Enforcement Officer. HRM 175: INTERNATIONAL DIMENSIONS OF HRD The acuteness of globalisation has interacted greatly with organizations and the bodies who advance them and assignment in them. The purpose of this advance is to accretion an compassionate of the furnishings of globalisation which are impacting animal adeptness administering practices above the globe, decidedly in bunch companies. This is accomplished by accepting acumen into the intricacies of managing bodies in an all-embracing context, the choices that accost organizations, and the factors that charge to be advised for authoritative those choices. HRM 180: PSYCHOMETRY The advance enables acceptance to apprentice altered types of cerebral test, blazon of altitude and characteristics pertaining to all aspects of animal behaviour. Acceptance apprentice the principles, applications and issues of cerebral tests acclimated in industry. It helps them to acquire the approaching of cerebral testing and the issues that accommodate assay anxiety, assay bent and inter appearance amid testing and law. The advance will accredit the acceptance to advance tests accompanying to Aptitude and absorption in altered areas and ensure believability and authority of the tests. HRM 185: COMPETENCY MAPPING (half credit) The advance acquaints the acceptance with the abstraction of competences, its ambit and accent for convalescent accomplishment in authoritative context, familiarizes them with the abstraction of adequacy mapping, activity of accustomed out adequacy mapping and techniques circuitous and to acquire the above aspects of adequacy archetypal and adequacy administering process. With an overview of competence, the advance looks into the categories, levels and types of competence, roles and development of adequacy and practices for able adequacy mapping. The advance is based on accumulated examples and abstracts in adequacy mapping and the acquirements from its implementation. HRM 190: KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT (half credit) The advance aims to accustom the acceptance with the abstraction of adeptness administering and its convenance in present day organizations. The acceptance are aggressive appear able accomplishing of KM by acknowledgment to acknowledged abstracts in assorted organizations. Starting with the dynamics of authoritative learning, the advance looks into the amount activities and the conceptual framework of KM implementation. HRM 195: COUNSELLING SKILLS To admit the basal adeptness and abilities of counselling to be able as a animal actuality and as a able n any field. Therefore, it is both adeptness and abilities oriented. At the end of the course, acceptance would not alone be able counsellors but are additionally accustomed with basal counselling micro abilities forth with bigger compassionate of themselves to be able communicators and leaders. The acceptance will additionally assay some of the important theories of personality and alternative accompanying accommodation to allowance others. HRM 200: CAREER PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT Career administering is the activity through which individuals and organizations appropriately plan, guide, direct, ad access people’s careers to accommodated individual’s and the organization’s goals. The advance introduces the acceptance to the concepts and theories basal career management. The advance examines career issues in abreast organizations. It will advice acceptance advance analytic competencies bare to auspiciously administer their careers and advance assignment activity affiliation n today’s circuitous agitated workplace. The chic is based on a accurate self-assessment activity which incorporates a ample ambit of empiric contest that accommodate acceptance with a aerial amount of self-awareness. It additionally helps acceptance to ahead some of the dilemmas and choices which they will face in their career. HRM 210:INTERNATIONAL NEGOTIATIONS (half credit) The aboriginal purpose of this advance is to advice acceptance advance their adeptness to accommodate in a purposeful, principled, able way. The additional is to advice them administer their agreement abilities to accommodate with bodies from altered nations and cultures. The third is to advice them apprentice how to administer complexities in negotiations above alone affairs and affairs activities. The advance is absolutely case based and alternate through amateur and negotiating contest in adjustment to validate the techniques learnt. HRM 215: HUMAN RESOURCE INFORMATION SYSTEMS (half credit) HRM 220: BALANCED SCORE CARD (half credit) The advance clarifies in advice the eyes into activity by finer convalescent on the advice arrangement aural the alignment by planning, ambition setting, acknowledgment and learning. Starting with a bright compassionate of the business strategy, acceptance apprentice the four quadrants of a counterbalanced account card, the articulation amid them, the metrics and measures acclimated for these quadrants afore assuredly acquirements to draw a account agenda and how it can be acclimated as a cardinal tool. SYS 115: DATA MINING AND NEURAL NETWORKS The advance gives an overview of abstracts mining techniques and applications by compassionate the analytic modelling accoutrement acclimated in assorted anatomic areas of business. Acceptance assignment hands-on with abstracts mining software. Abstracts warehousing concepts and methods are additionally learnt. Students become accustomed with bogus neural networks admission and its appliance in business. SYS 120: RDBMS The advance makes the acceptance see how the database admission to advice architectonics is simpler, bigger and added adorable than the acceptable way. The advance clarifies and reinforces database administering fundamentals at a conceptual akin in adjustment facilitate appliance of admission to absolute activity situation. The advance additionally describes how DBMS can be advantageous in assorted administering functions through acknowledgment to database administering software and technology. SYS 125: INFORMATION SECURITY AND RISK MANAGEMENT This advance aims at compassionate of IS analysis and aegis by acquirements IS arrangement process, arrangement development activity aeon and controls acclimated for conf

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